Bang Tao Beach in Phuket – for longstey

Bangtao Beach – an arc of a beach about 7 kilometers long, in the south ends with a small cape where you can see on a hill of green numerous windows and red roofs of the villas. The opposite, that is the northern part of the beach also closes in green hills, but already much less populated.

Almost the entire length of a wide strip of beach frames casuarin grove. In general, the beach atmosphere is relaxed and pacifying. Quiet, uncrowded, spacious. Compared with the next Surin, which is located south of the cape, Bangtao looks rustic and melancholic.

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  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
  • 3 Sun beds and shade
  • 4 Beach Photos
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    • 4.2 Bang Tao middle
    • 4.3 Bang Tao south
  • 5 Infrastructure
  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
  • 7 How to find a beach
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Beach description

Around the cape in the south, usually fishing boats are anchored in the sea, and stones begin right under the hill. The water next to the boat parking is not very clean. There are days before the season when in the water there are very small, with a match head, jellyfish. They burn but not much. It looks like a tingling sensation.

The sand on the beach is rather light, yellowish gray. Bottom a bit muddy, so the water is cloudy, although in itself is clean.

Out of season, that is, in the summer, quite trash because no one cleans, there are practically no people and the view from the beach is a bit deserted. No lounges, no rental scooters, no beach cafes. From about April wave and bad weather comes, shy batch tourist leaves and the beach plunges into its garbage melancholy, driving through the waves fragments of door jambs and smaller debris.

Tourists and infrastructure in the form of lounges under umbrellas, beach merchants, small cafes and shops, appear only to the end of autumn. The sea becomes quiet and tender.

In the mornings, in general, complete calm and grace. Closer to the New Year the beach is blooming, playing all the colors of the outlets with children toys and colorful t-shirts. Spread food, spill drinks – life boils. Garbage in the water sometimes comes across, but in season it exception rather than rule.

It is crowded on the beach near the cluster of hotels adjacent to shore. The greatest density near the hotel Bangtao Beach Resort Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey and the Bliss Beach Club with a little swimming pool, cozy sofas, green lawn and horse prices food and drink.

If you move away from hotels along the beach, you can easily find absolutely deserted places. True, the infrastructure is also not will be. Only casuarina and sand.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have There is a brief overview of all the beaches of Phuket, will help you decide in choosing a beach.

Entry, depth and waves

Sunset in the water is quite smooth, it becomes deep meters through 10. The bottom is quite even and without stones, the children are basically comfortable here. At low tide, you can run through the little water.

The schedule of ebbs and flows here is quite complicated. Closer to the end season, in March-April, there are strong ebbs in the evenings. But this does not happen every day. During the most ebb tide meters 50 you have to go somewhere knee-deep in water, but there is a wave, the sea is turbulent and often windy.

Before the season, in August-September, ebbs occur in the morning, but at In this case, the sea is usually calm. In the summer, out of season, it happens that the sea, on the contrary, surges in such a way that from quite wide to others beach days there is only a thin edge. About a season all summer, swimming here is generally quite difficult – strong and big a wave floating in the water unexpected debris.

Sometime in June, we observed part of a boat that was worn back and forth. on the waves near the shore. But the waves love surfers!

Sun beds and shade

Near the Bliss Beach Club – slender rows of sun beds under the umbrellas. There are four rows in a season. Near the sea for a sun bed they ask for times 150 baht. For the rest – 100 baht.

It often happens that the same people collect fees for sun beds and sell drinks from small stalls or in small beach cafes simple food, with certain communication skills you can to triple your sunbed for free by buying a drink from them.

Casuarin trees grow almost along the entire beach, and in those places where large hotels adjoin the beach come across palm trees. The beach is located so that the sun rises just because of the high strip trees growing along the beach. Some tourists at this time like just doing jogging on the dense sand along the coastline.

The water in the morning is cool, clean and calm, quiet and peaceful. True, to catch all this beauty, you have to get up with the first sun rays, hours at 6-7 in the morning. Already by 10-11 am it becomes very hot and crowded. The shade of the trees almost disappears. On the Sunset the sun sets in the sea so that from a certain point the shadow of umbrella also becomes highly conditional.

Fortunately, it happens almost at sunset, when the sun is no longer roast. And then one of the most beautiful natural phenomena happens. – sunset, one of the advantages of Bang Tao beach.

Beach photo

Bang Tao north











Bang tao middle










Bang Tao south













The most infrastructurally developed is the southern part of the beach. Resorts there is a street with cafes and shops, there are also parking lots taxi drivers who for 100-200 baht carry to the Tesco supermarket and McDonald’s, which is located on a busy road kilometers in one and a half from the coast.

Between this road and the beach – a Muslim village shouting muezzins and chickens, interspersed with expensive villas and small by hotels For the road continues the village and the houses, surrendering to rent. Also, the main road has a pair of 7 11, Superchip and market.

Rows of shops and local cafes stretch along the road Surin. There are two markets. One across from Superchip, about a kilometer away. from McDonalds. Another evening, right behind Tesco towards the beach. They work twice a week each.

Massage on Bang Tao beach at 200-250 baht. Have a ride on longtails, scooters, dive center. In the evenings, drive on the beach little elephant.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Directly located on the beach, either large expensive hotels, or villas for 200 thousand / month. Ordinary houses for rent right on the water almost no stretch. The tsunami of 2004, washed away all the small infrastructure.

For casuarin grove at the beach is a quiet and narrow road, for it often has fields with cows and wastelands with bushes. Still next are the villas and houses of the locals (mostly Thais are Muslims).

Main building in the southern part.

  • новый отель Amin Resort Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey в пяти минутах от пляжа, недалеко есть кафе,taxi stand and shops
  • Bangtao Beach Resort Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey

There are several condo hotels with rooms of 1000-1500 per night, not on the beach, from 200 to 500 m from it. Between the beach and big expensive in a Muslim village a lot of houses for rent or rooms in two-story houses. For the road, you can also rent a house, will cheaper, but far to walk to the sea. On average, about 10-15 thousand for month at a distance of 1-2 km from the beach. Room from 7-9 thousand.

Around the middle of the beach arc is a lagoon, along which there are houses:

  • Laguna Beach Resort Hotel Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey
  • Moevenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey

A very large hotel complex with its own infrastructure and ponds, nearby is the Laguna Phuket Golf Club. In the north there is almost no housing, and indeed quite deserted.

Bang Tao hotels →

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • Amin Resorte Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey
  • Bangtao Beach Resorte Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey
  • Laguna Beach Resort Hotele Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey
  • Moevenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phukee Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longsteyt

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels in Phuket with good rating and reviews.

How to find the beach

From the airport by taxi to the beach can be reached in 20-30 minutes and 600-1200 baht. From Phuket Town in about the same time. With other beaches longer, from 40 minutes. Because you will not have to go along coast, and through the same Phuket Town. Taxi from Phuket Town 500-600 baht You can take a mototaxi, it is cheaper.

On public transport, songteo, with Surin and Kamala can drive for 40 baht, from the rest of the beaches – with a transfer in Phuket Town, from Phuket Town for 80 baht. If you go to the songteo, go out it is necessary at McDonalds.

In the same place there is Tesco, near it there is a parking of tuk-tuks (a motorcycle with trolley) where you can get to five minutes and 100 baht the beach itself. Not in season you can agree on 50 baht, and in season may request 150. By taxi – 200 baht. Walking distance from the road go to a songteo walk about 20 minutes.

You can park your car at the beach as you drive to the beach club. Bliss Beach Club or Beach Street for Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa Bang Tao Beach in Phuket - for longstey. You can stick a bike almost anywhere.

Beach map

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