Thong Tanod Beach – uninhabited island of samui

Thong Tanod Beach is next door to the beach. Tong Krut, in the southwestern part of Samui. Tong Thanod is two kilometers of coastline between the concrete, abandoned pier and Cape Hin Khom (Laem Hin Khom). Like most southern beaches Islands, Tong Tanot is very shallow. However, almost in the center of the beach there is a 300 meter stretch of shore with a deep sea to which calm boats and longtails – Thai boats. Here Tongtanod Pier is located.

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  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
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  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
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Beach description

The sand on the Tong Tanot beach is brown and very large, especially on the central part. The sand consistency varies slightly. closer to the west is Tong Tanota where it becomes lighter and small. On the borders of the beach often come across large boulders and concrete pillars in the water. Clean the beach is maintained — nowhere.

If we sum up the total length of the built-up part of Tong Beach Tanot, it turns out that out of two kilometers only 200 m are occupied houses. Everything else is one big, green wasteland. Therefore the beach is in the wild, polluted and cleaned only in waves.

Three kilometers to the south, the so-called “Coral Islands “, a group of small islands, popular with tourists, lovers of snorkeling and wild beach holiday. This is Taen Island (Koh Taen), Mat Cum (Koh Mat Sum), Wang Nai (Koh Wang Nai), Rab (Koh Rhab) and a few unnamed areas of land. In case Anyone interested in reading about other places, I have a quick overview. all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide in choosing a beach.

Entry, depth and waves

Shoal always strongly influences the quality of a beach holiday, especially at low tide. Tong Tanot in this regard is no different from Bang Kao, Tong Kruta and Nahai. The sea crawls to hundreds of meters to horizon leaving a wet strip of dirty sand on the shore and areas of the bottom covered with silt and stones. Without special shoes in the water go unsafe.

Yes, and in special shoes have to go more than a dozen meters by knee in water with algae and stumbling over cobblestones. Sea on Tong Tanote is unsuitable, either in good weather or bad. With excitement of the sea, in the center of the beach, opposite Tongtanod pier, waves finish off the buildings on the shore, so most owners defended the foundations of the buildings with concrete and stone parapets.

Sun beds and shade

Beach equipment on Tong Tanote not found. Five resorts that are located along the coast do not risk exposing sun beds and umbrellas on a constantly flooded beach, so everything Convenience customers resorts receive in the residence.

For a wild holiday with a personalized beach mat there is a large the number of sources of natural shadow, especially in the western part Tong Tanota. In the center, tall palm trees grow more look great in pictures and do not give normal shelter from sun rays.

Beach photo

plyazh-thong-tanod-04 plyazh-thong-tanod-04

plyazh-thong-tanod-05 plyazh-thong-tanod-05

plyazh-thong-tanod-03 plyazh-thong-tanod-03

plyazh-thong-tanod-02 plyazh-thong-tanod-02

plyazh-thong-tanod-01 plyazh-thong-tanod-01

plyazh-thong-tanod-07 plyazh-thong-tanod-07

plyazh-thong-tanod-06 plyazh-thong-tanod-06


If you have already read the description of Tong Krut Beach, then remember that This is the most deaf of the island. Tong Tanot Beach is even further it is a quiet, forgotten by God and people corner of Samui. With large shopping on Tong Tanote is not very good, with convenience stores for sure the same situation.

There are several tai-shops with beer, chips and noodles, but local longsters do the main grocery purchases in the near to Tesco Lotus Beach, on Lamai. Near Tong Tanota are located attractions worth seeing:

  • Laem Sor Pagoda;
  • The stupa of the Buddha, she is Kao Chedi (Khao Chedi);
  • Kirimat Temple (War Kee Ree Mat);
  • Abandoned concrete pier near the temple;
  • Mangroves with a footbridge;

A large cluster of boats and boatmen, the availability of the necessary equipment for rent and offices that provide professional diving, snorkeling and fishing services allow arrange a private tour to nearby islands or buy snorkeling tour, or just push into the sea, go fishing. On There are several restaurants on the shore with a view of the sea and the freshest. seafood every day.

plyazh-thong-tanod-10 plyazh-thong-tanod-10

plyazh-thong-tanod-09 plyazh-thong-tanod-09

Houses and hotels on the beach

On the cliffs of Cape Hinhom, in the west of Thong Tanot beach, разместился огромный и дорогой Hotel Conrad Thong Tanod Beach - uninhabited island of samui . Despite its price range, its Conrad has no beach. Four or five resorts are located. directly on Thong Tanot Beach, and several resorts and houses scattered between the beach and the road 4170, some of which offer housing for rent.

Two resorts right on the beach, with good reviews, it’s nice on вид и просторный Centra coconut Thong Tanod Beach - uninhabited island of samui и более простой Jinta Beach Samui Thong Tanod Beach - uninhabited island of samui с небольшими хижинами.

The eastern edge of the beach rests on a mountain on which there is nothing except a Buddhist temple and a beautiful observation deck. If you want to book here in advance or search for accommodation in others beaches, I have a selection of hotels on Samui with a good rating and reviews.

Hotels near Thong Tanod →

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • отель Conrad Thong Tanod Beach - uninhabited island of samui
  • Centra Coconut
  • Jinta Beach Samui

How to find the beach

To get to the beach, there is no need to go through private there are plenty of wastelands for free access to water. Take the Ring Road to either of the two exits at road 4170. When you get to the big intersection, where 4170 goes 90 ° and you will see a beautiful Buddhist gate with a pointer to Wat Kirimat – drive through the gate.

Follow the temple and the road will rest on Tongtanod Pier. it middle of Tong Tanot beach.

plyazh-thong-tanod-11 plyazh-thong-tanod-11

plyazh-thong-tanod-12 plyazh-thong-tanod-12

plyazh-thong-tanod-08 plyazh-thong-tanod-08

Beach map

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