The beach of the hotel W-Retreat Koh Samui – bounty for moneybags

Пляж отеля W-Retreat Koh Samui The beach of the hotel W-Retreat Koh Samui - bounty for moneybags расположен на границе между пляжами Мае-Нам и БоPhut and has the shape of the letter “A”. If you get up near the famous photos, a capital “W”, then on the left hand begins Maenam, and on the right is Bo Phut. Since the W-Retreat Koh Samui Hotel is located so well that you can only get to this part of the beach through its territory, or walk along Maenam. From Bo Phut Beach Hotel W-Retreat Koh Samui is protected by rocks and sharp stones.

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  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
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  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
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  • 8 beach map

Beach description

Let me remind you that according to the legislation of the Kingdom of Thailand, all beaches belong to the royal family and no one can close the exit to the water for the citizens of Thailand, and for the rest of the citizens too.

Therefore, if the hotel owns a plot of land before beach, and its fence does not allow to go to the beach to bypass, then anyone has the legal right to go through the closed territory, be it at least three times private. Another question is that the severity of the laws, as in Russia, is compensated by the lack of obligation their performance.

Well, and protection can be very categorical in questions of the admission. But – not the case with W-Retreat Koh Samui.

The beach of this luxury hotel looks like a comb. Perfect flat sand, the same as on all Mae Nam, large, yellow, crumbly. The shore of the beach has some differences in height, and near the rocks on the border with Bo Phut even a small obryvchik, forty centimeters tall.

The beach is perfectly clean. It makes no sense to list places where there is no garbage on the beach W-Retreat Koh Samui, because it is not found anywhere. At all. Absolutely. Given the cost of rooms in the hotel, which starts from 93,000 baht per day, heavenly atmosphere and cleanliness – logical decision of the hotel administration.

Closed area, the cost of the hotel, the isolation of the the beach from the island’s main road – all of this affects the amount people on the beach. There is a surprisingly comfortable neighborhood all year round. a few hotel guests who bask in sun loungers hammocks and massage canopies.

Few of the two-week package tourists know about the laws and opportunities, so come here with your beach mat on rest under the slanting glances of moneybags – one continuous pleasure.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have There is a brief overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide in choosing a beach.

Entry, depth and waves

The sea is deep, with a sharply descending sandy bottom. At low tide the beach almost does not change its appearance and characteristics, but sand bar, the business card of W-Retreat Koh Samui is exposed stronger. The water is turbid even in sunny weather.

The waves here are present regularly in windy weather and especially run amok in winter, which is noticeable on a cliff on the shore. After storms winter 2013 – 2014, the spit was hit hard by the waves, wrapped somewhere off to the side, and most of it was washed away at all. The hotel clerk had to dismantle the “W” logo, which used to be stood on the very edge of the spit, and put it closer to the shore.

Sun beds and shade

The beach is equipped with the latest technology, but all the fun not for you. The only thing not forbidden to use is shadow palm grove, which gives a beautiful shadow to the whole shore.

Beach photo










The beach is located two hundred meters from the Ring Road, between two densely populated busy areas of the island. Along the road there are all necessary services, services, private institutions and financial organizations, water mats, shops – in general, absolutely everything. To Big C from here at hand, or, more precisely, about 10 minutes drive away. In the same place, not far from Big C are Macro and Tesco. Lotus

From nearby attractions within ten minutes availability there is a temple Phu Khao Thong (Wat Phu Khao Thong) and in the depths of the mountains a waterfall Secret Falls. On the beach, entertainment is represented by volleyball. net, massage arbors, bar, rent kayaks. Coral reef near the coast gives the opportunity to snark.





Houses and hotels on the beach

As it was said, Bo Phut and Mae districts do not suffer from lack of housing. Beach Coast is occupied by buildings W-Retreat Koh Samui The beach of the hotel W-Retreat Koh Samui - bounty for moneybags, and at a distance of half a kilometer from him Resorts begin, where you can look after yourself quite budget house, especially in the low season.

Hotels near W-Retreat →

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If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels on Samui with good rating and reviews.


How to find the beach

Beach W-Retreat Koh Samui is not difficult to find. But turn on him from the first time is invisible, especially if you drive from Maenam. Because the pointer with the name of the hotel hides behind the leaves large tree.

Next you have to go all the time straight, drive a couple lying down the police, until you hit the guard with a walkie-talkie. Speak codename “tozebich” and follow in the direction of the wave of the hand. Down below You will be met by another guard and will record the number of the equipment. There is small guest parking for five cars.

ATTENTION! Very steep descent to the beach on a small serpentine. ATTENTION! In the middle, and below the descent, there is a drainage grate, at times it is being pushed by SUVs.





Beach map

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