The beach near the mangrove park (Pran Kiri Beach)

The beach is 20 km south of Hua Hin and is not at all popular. among tourists, both foreign and Thai. The fact, that there is no infrastructure at all, but what about Thais without it? love to eat on vacation. Therefore, they mostly come here only those who love a picnic in nature or those who come to see Mangrove Park, about which I have already written, I will not repeat.

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  • 1 Description of the beach
  • 2 Pran Kiri Beach Photos
    • 2.1 Northern part near the condo
    • 2.2 The southern part of the mangrove park
  • 3 Houses and hotels on the beach
  • 4 Beach on the map

Beach description

Pran Kiri beach is not very cupable, because it is very small. Before the depths go far, if that makes any sense. Its length is about 1 km and part is located, as I said opposite Pranaburi Forest Park with mangroves. The other part (north) goes along swamps and rests on the stone we are about which costs a few high condominiums.

Near the mangrove park grows a casuarin forest, where they stand picnic tables. Great place to spend with family a few hours in the shade and eat food brought with them. Bathe there are rarely, mostly just go to artificial islands, to they can be reached without problems (maximum for the belt of water).

The beach is littered with debris in some places, but not everywhere, especially washed away everything for a long time.

Photos of the beach Pran Kiri

North end near the condo




The southern part of the mangrove park












Houses and hotels on the beach

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Beach on the map

On the map, the point is located at the place where the mangrove park is.

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