Taling Ngam Beach (Taling Ngam Beach) – separation from civilizations

The sunsets of the beach Talin Ngam (Taling Ngam) is the best finish the light day on the island. Five kilometers of narrow beach, which is interrupted by rocks and stones, stretched from the cape, separating Taling Ngam and Lipa Noi, to the shallow beach of Pang Ka

Along the coast, built several expensive hotels and restaurants with overlooking the five islands, here called the “Five Sisters”, and Silhouette of mainland Thailand in the background. When old-timers Islands ask where you can go to Samui island with its atmosphere of isolation from the outside world and uncrowded places, they answer “Taling Ngam”.

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  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
  • 3 Sun beds and shade
  • 4 Beach Photos
  • 5 Infrastructure
  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
  • 7 How to find a beach
  • 8 beach map
  • 9 Caves on Taling Ngame

Beach description

The sand on Taling Ngame is large, yellow-brown, with layers even larger, and of the same color. On the southern outskirts of the beach there areas that consist only of very coarse sand, where grains of sand each the size of a match head. On such a shore difficult to move and the sun he, for some reason, heats up stronger ordinary sand.

Taling Ngam is considered a wild beach, but the order in front of hotels maintained regularly so deposits of debris can be found only in areas that are in the suburbs and between stones. Coast Taling Ngam is very rocky, especially in the south.

Due to the small population of the area around the beach, at Taling Ngame can rarely feel uncomfortable with what is around too many people. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a brief overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entry, depth and waves

Low tide takes the sea to 10 meters from the shore, but Taling Ngam is all equals remains cupable. Fifty meters from the water’s edge depth reaches a meter, to the waist to an adult. But practically throughout the beach the bottom is covered with a large number of stones, debris corals.

There is practically no clean bottom area, since the west coast is still not populated en masse by tourists and the need for clearing like this done on chaweng – no.

Sun beds and shade

Sun beds, beach umbrellas and hammocks can be found on the hotel grounds Taling Ngam. The width of the beach, which is almost tidal hiding under the water, does not allow to leave personal property. But you can often come across a swing or a rope, hanging from a palm tree. Palms on Taling Ngame noble – tall and old ones

Because of their height, they give little shade and are easy to attack. waves, which year after year wash palm roots and little by little overwhelmed the local flora. There is a lot of concentration on this beach. curves palm trees, which are so fond of vacationers.

Beach photo

plyazh-taling-ngam-03 plyazh-taling-ngam-03

plyazh-taling-ngam-04 plyazh-taling-ngam-04

plyazh-taling-ngam-05 plyazh-taling-ngam-05

plyazh-taling-ngam-06 plyazh-taling-ngam-06

plyazh-taling-ngam-07 plyazh-taling-ngam-07

plyazh-taling-ngam-08 plyazh-taling-ngam-08

plyazh-taling-ngam-09 plyazh-taling-ngam-09


Taling Ngam is a truly remote area of Koh Samui. On secondary paths can be found laundry and Thai shops with a limited range, but the main purchases have to do in hypermarkets, by car. Closest big store – Tesco Lotus on Lamai, which is 18 km away, Big C and Macro – 30 km, Samui Airport – 33 km.

To the airport by car to go an hour and a half, if there are traffic jams on Lamai and Chaweng. There is kayak rental on the beach. jet skis, you can also hire a boat for a boat trip or Snorkeling. And outside the beach at Taling Ngam there are a number interesting sights worth seeing:

  • Paradise Park;
  • Buddha’s Magic Garden;
  • the temples of Nara Charoensuk and Kiri Wongkaram;
  • bull fighting;
  • trekking on elephants;
  • Namuang-1 and Namuang-2 waterfalls;
  • Tartaine Falls;
  • Snake farm

plyazh-taling-ngam-10 plyazh-taling-ngam-10

plyazh-taling-ngam-12 plyazh-taling-ngam-12

Houses and hotels on the beach

The Taling Ngama district is thinly built and represents a large green area with industrial reservoirs objects, farms and fields. Accommodation is represented by a number of hotels and resorts scattered along the coast and inside the island. Between groups of buildings remain long distances.

Among the hotels of the beach there are several options with good reviews:

  • The Sunset Beach Resort Taling Ngam Beach (Taling Ngam Beach) - separation from civilizations с размещением в комфортабельных домиках
  • spacious five-star rooms Intercontinental Taling Ngam Beach (Taling Ngam Beach) - separation from civilizations
  • large villa right on the beach – Sibaja Palms Sunset Beach Luxury Apartments Taling Ngam Beach (Taling Ngam Beach) - separation from civilizations

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels on Samui with good rating and reviews.

Taling Ngama hotels →

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • The Sunset Beach Resort Taling Ngam Beach (Taling Ngam Beach) - separation from civilizations
  • InterContinental
  • Olanda Samui Resort Taling Ngam Beach (Taling Ngam Beach) - separation from civilizations
  • Sibaja Palms Sunset Beach Luxury Apartments Taling Ngam Beach (Taling Ngam Beach) - separation from civilizations

plyazh-taling-ngam-11 plyazh-taling-ngam-11

How to find the beach

To find access to the beach 5 km long, there is no need for extra navigation, just come on the road going parallel to the shore and turn off at any favorite passage. A good place with convenient access and beautiful landscapes can be find near the temple with the mummified monk Wat Kiri Wongkaram.

To do this, turn off the ring road in the direction of Taling Ngama on the road number 4170, and when you see the Elephant Gate – ride under them. In five minutes you will arrive at the temple, about which you can throw the technique and go ashore.

plyazh-taling-ngam-01 plyazh-taling-ngam-01 plyazh-taling-ngam-02 plyazh-taling-ngam-02

Beach map

Caves on Taling Ngame

Not yet a promoted place, where slowly became to visit independent tourists. There is a plot on Taling Ngame beach, which is accessible to pedestrians only at low tide. is he begins 200 meters after the descent to the sea past the restaurant near the temple Kiri Wongkram, whose coordinates lie above.

After 200 meters walk you have to jump a little on the rocks, and stroll through the sea, and somewhere in half a kilometer you stumble upon small caves in the stone massif of the coast. Most the big one holds two or three small people.

plyazh-taling-ngam-13 plyazh-taling-ngam-13

And after the caves will be completely empty and the most deserted beach on the island.

plyazh-taling-ngam-14 plyazh-taling-ngam-14

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