Railay Beach or Railay is one of the most beautiful in Krabi

As a rule, tourists come here by boat from the beaches. Aonang (Krabi) or even from other provinces, for example from Phuket. AND This beach is meant when they say “Reilly Beach” or “Railay beach”, although correct, Thai pronunciation will be “Riley” or even Raleigh. In fact, there are two beaches on the peninsula, and both of them are Reilly!

West (West Railay Beach) – cupola, and the second – East (East Railay Beach) – technical, so to speak. By me, West Railay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi province (after Phra Nang).

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  • 1 Description of the beach
  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
  • 3 Sun beds and shade
  • 4 Beach Photos
  • 5 Infrastructure
  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
  • 7 How to find a beach
  • 8 beach map

Beach description

It is very convenient that it is in quick reach from residence of winterers (talking about the village of Ao Nang). Sand is common small, yellowish, and in the surf there are stones, but very little. Even on a weekend, there’s plenty of room wishing, the beach is wide. In the morning there is not too much people, except that tourists settled in local hotels, heap in the shade of the trees.

Entry, depth and waves

The entrance to the sea is relatively fast, and the depth comes meters 10 from the coast. In a low tide, the ability to buy remains, although it will be necessary to go much further and maybe too small. In general, the ebb well changes both appearance and beach wateriness

But with West Riley there is a problem more difficult – already from 9 am on the peninsula rushes many boats with tourists from Ao Nang, so that people in the season on the shore can be very much. Waves happen only in inclement weather.

Sun beds and shade

By the way, with a shadow, like on all the beaches of Krabi, on Railay is good only in the morning and in the afternoon, and then hide from the sun can only be in cafes. The beach is very open, wide and large. length At low tide, the sea goes far away from the shadows and you have to choose between shelter or proximity to water.

Beach photo

west-railay-beach-10 west-railay-beach-10

west-railay-beach-05 west-railay-beach-05

west-railay-beach-04 west-railay-beach-04

west-railay-beach-03 west-railay-beach-03

west-railay-beach-07 west-railay-beach-07

west-railay-beach-01 west-railay-beach-01

west-railay-beach-06 west-railay-beach-06

west-railay-beach-08 west-railay-beach-08

west-railay-beach-11 west-railay-beach-11

west-railay-beach-09 west-railay-beach-09

west-railay-beach-12 west-railay-beach-12

west-railay-beach-13 west-railay-beach-13


In terms of infrastructure, there are cafes on Walking Street, shops, a resort, several guesthouse houses and a couple of serious hotels on the southern tip of the beach, the territory of which does not pass security.

To reach the center of active life of the West Riley you need to walk to the signs of Walking Street (written in English in capital letters Walking Street) and go deep into the peninsula along the path. Although go deep – it says loudly, it’s enough to go with a couple of dozen meters

A hundred meters later the path turns into East Railay, where there are also cafes, shops and housing. Approximately, somewhere, 10 minutes go, and on the way you will fall only on the entire peninsula water with cheap drinking water.

If you turn right on East Rail, then in another 10 minutes there will be Pranang beach. West Railay is about 15 minutes away. walk to Ton Sai.

In addition, on the beach of Raleigh you can rent a kayak or buy a ticket for a boat to the islands. You can even swim away to Phuket, with desire. At the northern end of the beach there is a crumbling rock, which is overgrown with greens and at first glance seems impassable. On in fact, there is a hidden passage to the half-wild hippie beach Ton Sai

Houses and hotels on the beach

Top-rated by hotels in Raleigh – Railay Village Resort & Spa и Sand Sea Resort Railay Beach or Railay is one of the most beautiful in Krabi .

These are three-star beach resorts with pools, restaurants and good landscaped area, located in the center of the beach, right near the sea. But these are not the only options for location. A complete set of affordable housing can be viewed, by clicking the button below.

There are several resorts built here and a lot of small hotels, like on coast and in the depths of the peninsula. The price tag for housing, food and cafes more expensive than the main resort. Owners enjoy remote area and shamelessly tease prices for everything.

Krabi hotels →

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • Railay Village Resort & Spa Railay Beach or Railay is one of the most beautiful in Krabi
  • Sand Sea Resort

How to find the beach

You can only reach West Riley by boat, since the peninsula is separated by cliffs from the rest of the land. May have some secret trails, but usually everyone swims there with Ao Nang, Ao Nam Mao, Krabi Town, or even from Phuket.

Extreme lovers in good trekking shoes walk on stones along seas, at low tide, from Ao Nammao to East Railay, but then they still have to come back in boats or stay on Peninsula in anticipation of the next low tide. Usually people come live some time in Ao Nang, from where they float, periodically, on Reilly.

On the quay of Ao Nang you can buy a boat ticket for 100 baht and swim to Reilly in 10 minutes. A return ticket also costs 100. baht (you can buy immediately in both directions, there is no discount). It should be borne in mind that a return ticket must be addressed to the same carrier, in the sense of – the boat office.

For example, on Ao Nang there are two, they have ticket offices and piers at opposite ends of the beach. Nopparat also has its own boatmen, like on Ao Nammao. So, if people brought you to Reilly blue vests, then with a return ticket does not need to get into the boat to red or striped waistcoats – they make you pay for travel

A boat from Krabi town costs 150 baht per person, with Ao Nimão 80 baht, but they are mooring on East Rail. By the way, it is very low tides are pronounced, if you float into a strong ebb, you will have to go from boats to the shore through muddy water and silt.

Longtails are sent as people accumulate – 10 people. Thats there is – you bought a ticket, sit on the bench and wait for the person to the waistcoat won’t beg you all to the boat. On Ao Nang to the people hang out more always, so the boats are recruited literally in 5-10 minutes, but Ao Nimmao – rayonchik on the outskirts and about him few knows so there is a real prospect for half an hour to hour to smoke bamboo waiting for fellow travelers.

Beach map

Riley Beaches Riley Beaches

Riley beaches map

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