Powder Tower in Prague – my review in passing

The Powder Tower will actually properly call the Powder Powders. Gateway. This is a beautiful building in the Gothic style, which with 15 century was a chronic protracted Prague. She several times changed its purpose and appearance, until one day turned into a landmark of the modern city. On my a glance is a place of power, both dark and beautiful, leaving double emotions.

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Powder Tower in Prague

The best time to visit this attraction is early morning, before opening. There are few machines, few people. The east side is illuminated with soft morning light. is he emphasizes all the sophistication and complex beauty of the building. I’d said that this place is worth writing yourself into the main things you need look in Prague.

In addition, the Powder Tower is also an observation deck. where a stunning view opens up. And here it is worth coming in the evening, at sunset. True climbing stairs is not easy. To people overweight or weak knees it is better not to go here. The most it’s nice that at sunset the people are already smaller than during the day.

Powder Tower in Prague Powder Tower in Prague

Powder Tower in Prague

Powder Tower in Prague - my review in passing Powder Tower in Prague - my review in passing

Powder Tower in Prague - my review in passing Powder Tower in Prague - my review in passing

History reference

The gate was laid in 1475 and it was assumed that will be one of the 13 gates of the Old City – the royal palace. That is why the decoration of the tower strikes with wealth and attention to details. It is unlikely that the usual powder warehouse would be given so much skill.

If you believe the sources in the network, the construction was stopped after the then king left the old palace. Much later they built a roof in the tower and put it under gunpowder storage. Then centuries of wars and troubled times passed during which from the tower fell off (or specially dismantled) decoration of the facade.

In 1878-1886, the tower already had a finished appearance with pseudo-gothic superstructure and underwent a serious restoration. After which it became the very Powder Tower, which we observe Today.

Information to visit

Open from 10:00 to 22:00

Entrance fee CZK 100, Prague Card admission is free.

Rise up short, but on a narrow steep ladder.

On the map

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