Malbork, Poland: Main Attractions with photo

Malbork – an old small town in northern Poland, located in the delta of the river Vistula. The article contains detailed Description of the city and information about the main attractions Malbork.

Malbork City

Malbork is located near the border with Kaliningrad an area 70 km from Gdansk 130 km from Torun. The German name of the city is Marienburg. Malbork is known first of all thanks to the Marienburg castle – the largest castle Poland, built by the Teutonic Order. Malbork – despite small size and provincial character, attracts large number of tourists due to its history and atmosphere chivalry


People began to settle in this place in the Stone Age. Already in 10 a century on the site of Malbork arose a small fortified town, which in the 11th century turned into a vast fortress. This fortress was destroyed in the middle of the 12th century by Prussian tribes.

Old cityOld city

The turning point in the history of Malbork is the transfer of the city Teutonic Order in 1250. In 1274, the Crusaders started construction of a large castle named after Marienburg patrons of the order.

From 1309 to 1457 Malbork was the residence of the Grand Master Teutonic Order and the capital of the Crusaders.

After the collapse of the Order of the city lost its former influence and became the center of the same name province in Poland.

In 1772, after the partition of Poland, Marienburg was incorporated into The composition of the Western Prussia with its capital in Gdansk.

The city finally returned to Poland after World War II. War, during which it was destroyed 80% of historic buildings.

Malbork in the winterMalbork in winter

Kitchen and food

Find where to eat in Malbork is not difficult. Here There are a lot of catering establishments of various price groups. Cuisine – Polish, European, Oriental.

Interesting restaurants with traditional cuisine noted on the map.

Sights of Malbork

The main attraction of Malbork is the castle Marienburg. This is a huge brick gothic castle, made in UNESCO World Heritage List, the largest in Poland and one of the largest Gothic fortresses in the world. By to the estimates of scientists for its construction took 30-50 million bricks, the thickness of the walls in some places is 2 meter, and its history goes back 7 centuries!

View of the castle MarienburgView of the castle Marienburg

Built on the banks of the Vistula by the Crusaders, the castle is still makes a strong impression with its size, and the atmosphere chivalry attracts many tourists here. And although it is difficult imagine, but before the castle was even more huge. History not spared Marienburg, and its size decreased by almost two times.

The modern castle is an interesting museum dedicated to life and the life of the Crusaders and the history of Marienburg.

Castle InteriorCastle interior

Here you can look at the Crusader household items, armor and weapons. Imagine how the Teutonic Knights lived.

It is interesting that Marienburg actually consists of three castles united by a single fortress wall. Accepted to distinguish:

  • Tall castle with towers and courtyard surrounded by the monastery with the church of the Virgin Mary and the chapel.
  • Medium castle large courtyard connected to the High castle chapel of sv. Bartholomew, infirmary, large refectory hall, the palace of the great masters and the tower.
  • The lower castle is a chapel and a number of outbuildings.

The lock works as follows:

  • from April to September from 9.00 to 20.00
  • from October to March from 10.00 to 16.00

Another interesting attraction is the Old Town Hall, built in gothic style at the end of the 14th century. This is a beautiful old brick building with a pointed roof with two gables and decorative tower

Old Town HallOld Town Hall

Walking through the old town you can see the remains of defensive walls with gates and towers built in the first half the fourteenth century of brick. From the medieval fortifications some brick walls and a pair of towers have been preserved.

For example, the Mariatskaya Tower (Mary’s Tower) is a medieval Gothic lattice tower built in the 14th century from brick. The height of the tower is 10 meters.

Mariatskaya towerMariatskaya tower

Another preserved tower is the pottery gate – it is an ancient Gothic building 12 meters high, built in 14 century to enter the Old Town.

Potter's GatePottery gate

From the religious building should note the church of St. John – Gothic church, built in the 14th century. In the interior of the church preserved ancient Gothic elements and sculptures.

Church of St. JohnChurch of sv. John’s

Other interesting buildings and facilities of Malbork:

The water tower is a high construction built in early 20th century. Is an example of a very interesting neo-gothic architecture and monument technology.

Water towerWater tower

Latin school – a 14th century gothic building built by the great Master Winrich von Kniprode. It was destroyed by fire in 1899 year and a year later restored.

Latin SchoolLatin school

The railway station is a brick building of the end of the 19th century, built in neo-gothic style.

Train Station Train Station

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Malbork travel guide – routes and attractions

Malbork on a map of Poland

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