Khao Lak Beach is a good beach, but little infrastructure

Khao Lak Beach, named after the entire resort, popularity is only third after more frequented and developed by Bang Niang and Nang Tong. To the north is Khao Beach The lacquer is separated from Nang Tonga by a high cliff, so go along the sea from the neighboring more northern beach will not work. The main beach infrastructure and most of the hotels are located on its northern part.

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  • 1 Description of the beach
  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
  • 3 Sun beds and shade
  • 4 Beach Photos
    • 4.1 Northern part
    • 4.2 South, near Poseidon
  • 5 Shops and attractions
  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
  • 7 How to find a beach
  • 8 beach map

Beach description

This area of all the beaches of Khao Laka I liked the least. First, the roads are asphalt-gravel, which is inconvenient and looks like this to myself. Visually everything around seemed less beautiful than on Bang Niang and Nang Tong. Secondly, the area is small, especially not like literally the road from the road to the beach and a couple of lanes.

The total length of the beach is about two kilometers. This area conditionally can be divided into two parts, the northern and southern. In the north there are all hotels and all beach infrastructure, in the southern part there is no almost nothing, only palm trees and fields, and near the shore, the Poseidon Hotel and 3 cafes.

Further south there is a stone ridge, beyond which one can see even more wild beach, where there are no people at all, and where, in principle, you can walk along the shore.

Usually they live in the northern part, and in the south they walk along shore. Yes, you can get there by car or bike, but you need to go across the track and a pretty decent hook will come out.

Entry, depth and waves

Sunset in the water is quite sharp, the bank goes down under tangible angle, so that almost immediately the depth becomes across the chest to the adult man In the low tide season, the sea leaves a little, but after passing 10-20 meters in shallow water you can already swim. Waves are like everywhere on the coast of the Andaman Sea, in summer.

Sun beds and shade

Casuarin trees grow along the beach, in some places they come across palm trees or other types of vegetation. But this is not near the water, the sand strip is quite wide and there is often between the sand and the trees another strip of green vegetation – creeping vines along the ground and grass.

In the early morning, from dawn, the casuarin cast a shadow just in so the morning is the most comfortable time, with natural shadow Towards noon, the shadows almost completely disappear further the sun is already shining right in the face, and at sunset goes into the sea. But closer in the evening and sunset, the sun is not burning, but even pleasant.

There is also a shadow from the umbrellas that put a cafe on the beach, hotels and small businessmen who give their lives to tourists Sun beds rent with umbrellas. Hotels often put their chairs under casuarin trees, thus taking the best places in the shadows.

Beach photo

Northern part

khao-lak-beach-01 khao-lak-beach-01

khao-lak-beach-02 khao-lak-beach-02

khao-lak-beach-11 khao-lak-beach-11

khao-lak-beach-07 khao-lak-beach-07

khao-lak-beach-08 khao-lak-beach-08

khao-lak-beach-04 khao-lak-beach-04

khao-lak-beach-05 khao-lak-beach-05

khao-lak-beach-06 khao-lak-beach-06

khao-lak-beach-03 khao-lak-beach-03

khao-lak-beach-09 khao-lak-beach-09

khao-lak-beach-10 khao-lak-beach-10

South, near Poseidon

khao-lak-beach-13 khao-lak-beach-13

khao-lak-beach-14 khao-lak-beach-14

khao-lak-beach-15 khao-lak-beach-15

khao-lak-beach-17 khao-lak-beach-17

khao-lak-beach-16 khao-lak-beach-16

khao-lak-beach-18 khao-lak-beach-18

khao-lak-beach-19 khao-lak-beach-19

khao-lak-beach-20 khao-lak-beach-20

In the distance you can see a wild beach on the territory of a military base In the distance you can see a wild beach on the territory of a military base

You can see a wild beach in the military base

Shops and attractions

Small shops, cafes and the like are in the north. beach, along the street leading to the sea. In the same area there is a village elephants where tourists can ride one of these animal symbols of Thailand. Continuation of Khao Lak Beach to the south – very nice place.

Especially in the area of large stones. No wonder many walk here along the beach from the north. Clear sea, stones, for sure there is snorkeling, with few people. North of the stones and not reaching Poseidon Bungalos has three cafes on the beach and parking next to them.

khao-lak-beach-12 khao-lak-beach-12

Houses and hotels on the beach

Khao Lak district is small, practically it’s one street, it’s road to the beach. From it departs a couple of lanes and that’s it. But On this small patch there are hotels, resorts, cafes, massages and other that the tourist needs.

In this area there is one inexpensive, even for the current Russian standards, and with a five-star hotel, as well as more simple and closer to the highway Pechkasem road hotel:

  • Khaolak Merlin Resort Khao Lak Beach is a good beach, but little infrastructure
  • Jo guesthouse Khao Lak Beach is a good beach, but little infrastructure

Further, the strip of the beach goes to the south, but there is practically no infrastructure apart from secluded hotel Poseidon bungalows Khao Lak Beach is a good beach, but little infrastructure , almost without reaching which there are several beach Cafe.

Hotels on Khao Lak →

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • Khaolak Merlin Resort Khao Lak Beach is a good beach, but little infrastructure
  • Jo guesthouse Khao Lak Beach is a good beach, but little infrastructure
  • Poseidon Bungalows

How to find the beach

In the very north of the beach there is essentially one street leading to by the sea. If you go on the highway from Phuket, then it is difficult not to notice, she will be right before the start of the hill, beyond which will be Nang beach Tong

At the very south of the beach is the Poseidon Bungalos Hotel, signs can be accessed from the highway by car to the parking lot at cafes. There is one main road. The hotel Poseidon Bungalos is worth at some distance from the beach, but from it to the beach on top leads track.

To get to the wild beach (it is still south), you need to climb stone ridge, which is located right by the sea, on the beach. Wild the beach is generally empty, not a soul. In this case, from the ridge of stones can consider the barbed wire and red buoys away on the shore. Judging on the map, there is a military base.

This means that the beach is either completely closed to the public, or It is necessary to enter through the military base, if they allow it (such there are in Hua Hin and Pattaya, for example). Plus, it also flows into the sea river. The wild beach to the south stretches for some miles to Cape, after which the city already begins Lam Kaen and the pier Thap Lamu, from where they sail to Similan.

Beach map

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