How to get from Singapore Airport to the city – metro, bus and taxi

Singapore’s Changi Airport is not in the city but on the small removal. And getting from the airport to the city is very conveniently. At the first level of all terminals there are exits to stops taxis, buses and high-speed shuttles. You can pro airport itself read here.

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  • 1 By taxi
  • 2 By bus
  • 3 On the subway
  • 4 On the shuttle

By taxi

Besides the fact that you can just take a taxi outside (or on reception), there is always the possibility to call a taxi through the application Grabtaxi – it is available for Android and iOS. I traveled every day ordering cars through it. Yes, there are a few more. applications and individual taxi companies, but the tourist does not need it. The more, The hornbeam stood by me for a long time, in Thailand, I often give them too I use.

The cost of traveling around the city is about 10-15 SGD depending on distances. As a rule, the application shows immediately fixed price There you can choose a taxi by counter instead of fix, but the price is not will be very different, and ordering machines will be less.

From Village Hotel Changi to Marina Bay, I paid 20-22 SGD. The hotel is located on the outskirts of the city, right behind the airport. I.e, Despite the high cost of the country, taxis are inexpensive.

If you live somewhere on the outskirts, in the evening with a taxi can there are difficulties. I called a taxi at 22 o’clock, I wanted to leave from Marina Bay to your hotel near the airport. It was difficult to leave 20 minutes spent. Either no one agreed, or immediately canceled. But it still happened. Perhaps you should have taken Standart taxi, and not Justgrab, but it is 1.5-2 times more expensive.

There are some oddities. The country, like, all legalized, but while in a taxi no one provided a child seat. Only the third driver said about the laws and got a booster out of the trunk for child

Rules of travel in a taxi Rules of travel in a taxi

Taxi rules

By bus

The most economical way to get to the city center is to go to bus ride. Bus number 36 departs from all terminals. To pay the fare can be either in cash (prepare a trifle, the driver is not letting gives), or a card. EZ-link card or paper card can be buy in terminals 1, 2 and 3. In terminal 4 you cannot buy a card – departing from Terminal 4, the fare will have to be paid in cash. to the driver. Adult ticket costs SGD 2.5, and children’s ticket 0.85. I have post about moving between terminals.

The bus leaves every 15 minutes. Travel time is about 40 minutes (in depending on road congestion). The bus runs from 6 in the morning and until 12 at night.


From the airport to anywhere in the city can be reached by subway. Of budget options, in my opinion, this is the fastest and most convenient. The metro is open from 5:30 am and until 23:20. Its entrance is on the lower level of terminals 2 and 3. There, at the entrance to the subway, you can immediately purchase an EZ-link card, Tourist pass or use one-time tickets. Travel time to the city center is about 30 minutes. The fare depends on the type of ticket.

Exit to the subway Exit to the subway

Exit to the metro

On the shuttle

From six in the morning until midnight in order to get from airport to the hotel, you can use a special shuttle Maksikab. They make stops on demand from hotels. Place in such a minibus should be ordered at a special rack, which is located in Terminal 2. Ticket paid there. And immediately need to tell where to deliver you. If you believe the schedule, buses leave every 15–30 minutes. But I heard that yet They go on some strange schedule, and you can not wait for departure.

In general, all options are very convenient and you can choose any of of them. Although it is worth asking around the shuttle already in place, so as not to blame for nothing at the airport in anticipation of what is unknown. I I chose a relatively inexpensive and fast option and went to Taxi.

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