How I rented a car in Tenerife – prices in New Year’s and Christmas

My problem is that I always have spontaneous trips. If you can plan a trip for a few months at least, then my respect to you. In this case, you can do everything cheaper, ranging from housing, ending with car rental.

This time I took the car in the middle of December for 15 days and booked it a few days before arrival. Do not do this :) Do everything much earlier.

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  • 1 About renting a car in Tenerife and the Canary Islands
  • 2 What to look for when renting
  • 3 Comparison of prices in services
  • 4 Rent a car in Thrifty

About renting a car in Tenerife and the Canary Islands

Standardly in all countries the car can be rented from the network. international distributors and small local. Prices for the first (Hertz, Avis, Budget, Sixt, etc.) it is always best to look through brokers, so goes cheaper.

Broker Rentalcars →

Economybook Broker →

As a result, I took through Rentalcars this time. In saving almost always prices are lower, but you need to look at which companies have these prices offers.

Rental prices from local distributors need to look at their The main sites on the Canary Islands are:

  • Pluscar Tenerife. The price tag includes full insurance and cost. The rent is low. Booking via email and without payment, all payment in place. Deposit is not needed.
  • Cicar Allowed to move around the islands without surcharges. Prices so to myself. When ordering through their parent company Sabreramedina prices below and you can pay in cash and not by card. Deposit is also not take.
  • Goldcar. One of the most famous Spanish offices, but smart ass. They offer the lowest prices, but the cost is insurance is like everyone else or more expensive. If you do not take it, then will find fault with every spot on the car. High deposit if without insurance.

On average, rent starts from 7 euros for small cars on manual box without insurance and from 15 euros with insurance. Car on the machine will always be more expensive, sometimes the price difference will be very noticeable.

As a rule, local prices are always lower than international ones. Although brokers often give very good prices for Budget and Avis – those same 7 euros. Local holidays may not be on holidays or during peak season. machines for the dates you want. In any case, it makes sense to check everything where it is more profitable to take it there.

What to look for when renting

  • The minimum age of the main driver (usually from 21-25 years) and minimum driving experience (usually from 1-2 years). There may be surcharges for age and experience.
  • Fuel policy. Usually: Full Full. Some companies can freeze the cost of a full tank plus a fine of 50 euros, which is additionally written off in case you return an incomplete tank.
  • Unlimited mileage or there are restrictions. In the latter case there will be an extra charge for each kilometer.
  • Does the default driver include an extra driver or need pay extra. Sometimes it seriously changes the price.
  • The amount of the deposit, so that the amount was sufficient in the account. And to the card was credit, or credit by bin. About this below.
  • Is it allowed to travel by ferry to other Canary Islands? to the islands. Not all companies allow it. And about this usually must be warned.

Comparing prices in services

Once again I will make a reservation, such prices are for the New Year and Christmas. AT normal time is 2-3 times lower. Apparently a lot of Europeans Comes to spend holidays and in the arrival hall at the airport lined up at the rental offices.

Much has been dismantled cleaned, for example, Cicar and Pluscar-Tenerife – no cars. Actually, that’s why I it became immediately clear that it would be necessary to take the car in large offices by type Hertz. There was an option with Interrent (the cheapest at brokers), but there are the same crooks as in Goldcar, if possible better to avoid. I did not dare.

Economybookings prices start at 18 euros, but this is interrentEconomybookings prices start at 18 euros, but this is interrent

Prices for Economybookings start at 18 euros, but this Interrent

Rentalcars prices from 24 eurosRentalcars prices from 24 euros

Rentalcars prices from 24 euros

Pluscar prices from 25 euros with full insurance!Pluscar prices from 25 euros with full insurance!

Prices for Pluscar from 25 euros with full insurance!

So I would take Pluscar, probably because they have a good price tag for rent with full insurance (they do not pass without insurance). After all, if initially going to take only with insurance, then to prices for Economybookings and Rentalcars need to be added a couple more tens of euros.

But alas, there was no machine left anywhere except with brokers. Cicar i I also punched, and everything was also taken.

Rent a car in Thrifty

In the end, I decided to take the Hyundai i10 from Thrifty (the same Hertz) for 389 euro for 15 days (26 euro per day). Actually, the cheapest option was

Reservation occurs at the broker standard. Choosing a car Be sure to read all the rules that are included in the rental and what is not Included, age and rights requirements.

Took Hyundai I10Took Hyundai I10

Took Hyundai i10 on the handle

To freeze the deposit you need a credit card. But many Russian debit cards such as Tinkoff or Corn, make the way, as debit on number (BIN). Check your card it is possible, on one of the checker sites, for example, this one.

And in order not to be soared, make yourself a travel card by type. AllAirlines (link my review). I have been using it for a year now, everything is fine: insurance is free, cashback has already decently received.

The deposit is defrosted a few days after putting the car. Occasionally it is defrosted a couple of days before putting the car in (I don’t know why it happens).

Deposit on the card 770 euros, deductible 670 eurosDeposit on the card 770 euros, deductible 670 euros

Deposit on the card 770 euros, deductible 670 euros

By default, insurance with a deductible is always given, in each The office franchise size is different, usually 500-1500 euros. That is it the maximum that can be reached if the car gets into an accident or scratched. In my case, the deductible is 670 euros.

To avoid the franchise and at least some contact with grandmothers (to calmly scratch the car everywhere) you need to take the full insurance You will always be offered at the counter. Take or not you solve. The thing is good, anything can happen – they can get used to it in the parking lot, when you are not there and leave, but the whole question is in price. Willing to pay or not. Note that the full insurance does not include glass, tires, bottom and roof.

Insurance from a broker, in my opinion, it is better not to take. For the price she about the same, but crap then with her more. The feeder with you first write off the amount of damage (but not more than the deductible), and then the broker will reimburse.

Rentalcars traditionally offered its insurance, but I refusedRentalcars traditionally offered its insurance, but I refused

Rentalcars has traditionally offered its insurance, but I refused

Rentalcars immediately takes the entire amount for the reservation, nothing is in place. it will be necessary to pay extra, except for some additional services or insurance. On the front desk will need to show only the voucher and your passport. And, you can not print the voucher, just show on the phone (and often it is not needed at all).

Reservation can be canceled without losing money no later than 48 hours before the start of the rental.

How I rented a car in Tenerife - prices in the New Year and ChristmasHow I rented a car in Tenerife - prices in the New Year and Christmas

Some time later, a voucher arrived at the post office.Some time later, a voucher arrived at the post office.

After some time, a voucher arrived at the post office.

On arrival at Tenerife airport, the queue was just a couple of people. at Hertz, while in Goldcar and Cicar, there were 30 people each.

Issuance of the car took place on the rack Hertz. From documents to the rack showed only foreign and Russian rights. The IDP were but decided check whether surrender without them. No problem.

Insurance was surprisingly not offered, I asked myself. Price question 200 euros for the entire period. I hesitated a little, agreed with toad and took. Thus, the rent has risen to a total of 40 euros in day with full insurance. You can not bathe, leave anywhere, let them scratch. But damn, 40 euros for such a small car. Eh— Not I will go more on the New Year.

The deposit in my case took only 100 euros from a credit card. When you take full insurance, then either such a small deposit will freeze, either do not take anything at all. By the way, the deposit returned after 2 days after giving the car away.

Queues at Tenerife AirportQueues at Tenerife Airport

Queues at Tenerife airport

Keys issued at the counter, contract with damage photographs cars, and said where to go to the parking lot. There near the airport several parking lines, each with cars from a certain office. There are pointers, everything is signed, not confused.

In the parking lot, too, there are employees, if that. For example, I have the car obviously had more damage than on the printed photos. If the insurance was not complete, then surely it would be necessary call the employee to record everything and bring it into the database.

Hyundai i10 issued with mileage of 40 thousand, but not killed. Quite so perky, little kotsan outside and perfect inside. But the machine quite small, comfortable for a maximum of two of us. And in the trunk only one medium suitcase will fit, the rest of the things will have to be put in the back seat.

My machine for 15 daysMy machine for 15 days

My machine for 15 days

Manual boxes do not like, but on Tenerife with its rises and descents on the manual box can even be more convenient to drive than on automatic, provided that the car with a small engine. I have no problem crawled into any slides and surprisingly never felt that straight not enough power. Well, yes, I didn’t crawl into a really cool rocket. a hill, but there such turns, that all the same especially you will not be dispersed. However, I am not a racer at all, and the car is not for lovers of drive.

For 2 weeks I spent only 2 tanks, that is about 55 euros. It seems every day went somewhere, but apparently the island is small, a lot gasoline will not burn at all desire. Yes, and i10 eats completely Little.

P.S. Ask questions that I know, I will. The first pancake is lumpy despite years of experience in car rental, but the choice is simply not It was. And without a car is not an option, I can not imagine how without it Canary Islands.

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