Hotel Olecki in Oswiecim – opposite concentration camps

So, if you go to Auschwitz, then you will need to be somewhere stop and spend the night. Although, if you come in the morning to the whole spend the day visiting the camps, and in the evening you go back, then overnight stay. I did not succeed, I arrived in Auschwitz in the evening, just to get enough sleep, in the morning to start the inspection. I’ll tell you what kind of hotel I chose. It will also be helpful to read how get to Auschwitz.

By the way, as usual, read the reviews before, and hesitated, some scolded him. Upon arrival at the hotel, once again realized that you can not always trust the reviews, the feeling that people zazhralis already easy. The hotel is quite normal.

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Hotel Olecki

When I went to the hotel, I wondered if I would have nightmares, After all, he is so close to the concentration camp. But no, everything was fine, being in a hotel nothing reminded me of it the neighborhood. And the next day, walking through the concentration camp, I can not to say that there is really terrible, because so many people the atmosphere is felt with difficulty.

Price and reservation

I assume that the price varies, but I booked the Hotel Olecki Hotel Olecki in Oswiecim - opposite concentration camps in advance on the site for 39 euros, at the reception price was higher by 20%. The price includes free breakfast. Before growth rate of the euro, the price was very good, now more expensive, but what to do.

I watched other hotels, but it was within walking distance from the railway station. stations and concentration camps there was nothing, at least in this price category. If you are by car, then of course you can generally in any part of the city to stay. Do not forget to check discounts on Roomguru service, where you can see prices for the same hotel in different booking systems.

Room interior

The rooms are small, everything is new, clean. Refrigerator, TV, enough outlets. I had 2 beds in the room, I don’t know if there are any options with two doubles, but when one overnight stay is total, it is not fundamentally.

Olecki Hotel RoomOlecki Hotel Room

Hotel Olecki Room

For some reason, two beds, and not one doubleFor some reason, two beds, and not one double

For some reason, two beds, and not one double

A bedside table in the corner is a fridgeA bedside table in the corner is a fridge

The bedside table in the corner is a fridge.

Excellent bathroom with showerExcellent bathroom with shower

Great bathroom with shower

Ground floor corridorGround floor corridor

Ground floor corridor

The internet was ok. But, as I understand it, it only works near the reception, in the rooms on the ground floor and in the restaurant. I’m just on the feather floor lived, everything worked without a glitch.

Wifi speed is quiteWifi speed is quite

Wifi speed is quite


Honestly, free breakfast is so-so, the choice is quite small. Milk flakes, tea, coffee, cheese / sausage sandwiches and some vegetables. Basically, I’m not particularly pretentious, and often it is with boomers (or their derivatives) that I have breakfast, so I it was normal. The main tea was green tea. It is a pity that packaged

Tea coffeeTea coffee

Tea coffee

Breakfast is modest, there was still bread of different kindsBreakfast is modest, there was still bread of different kinds

Breakfast is modest, there was still bread of various kinds.

Infrastructure and location

Straight about the hotel there is nothing. Nearest grocery store (even two) are located near the railway station Auschwitz. And if a little further go through, there will be a big shopping center with Carrefour. By car in general, there are no problems to get there, but on foot you will have to walk a little more 20 minutes.

But the hotel is, however, well located relative to the Auschwitz concentration camp. 1, just across the street from the entrance to the territory. That is, you can arrive, leave the car in the free parking lot of the hotel, and on foot (100 meters) go sightseeing. Next, go on the shuttle bass to Auschwitz 2 and come back.

Hotel Olecki, and behind the camp AuschwitzHotel Olecki, and behind the camp Auschwitz

Hotel Olecki, and behind the camp Auschwitz

Free parking across from camp AuschwitzFree parking across from camp Auschwitz

On the map

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