First impressions of Warsaw – flight, city, classes in Olineke

Honestly, most of all I love my first impressions of country. You fly in anticipation of what it is, the first look of bus / taxi to the city, the first foray into the store, the first conversation with a local resident. And somehow these days, the most acute all sensations are experienced, because I am ready for them, open to meet and wait for something so unusual, and sometimes even fabulous. Perhaps you know it.

And then later, after a while, everything becomes pretty ordinary and isolate something interesting (for example, for an article on blog) is much more complicated. And only then, after living in the country, you can write “second” impressions, deeper, without bloom superficiality. And if the country is like, then in it and the 10th time arriving with interest.

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First impressions

I was a little deceiving, calling the post “first” impressions. Still, we were in Poland, but it was just one day passing by car, so for good it can not be considered. We are from the car almost did not go out—


Our flight was direct, we specifically bought such tickets in order to less time to spend on the plane. And they decided to fly in the evening, after a nap. Since Sheremetyevo is far away from us, we went to airport in the morning to Egor slept in the mother’s room and the child, and then immediately to the plane. By the way, tickets, as usual Monitored by Aviaseels and SkyScanner, eventually buying through Aviaseels, 200r was cheaper, heh :)

The room of the mother and child is a useful thing, now we will be all the time those to use. She has only one minus – there may be one adult per child, that is, I had to take a walk Also, we were also offered special support, in As a result, we reached the gate in 15 minutes.

Playroom in the room of mother and child in SheremetyevoPlayroom in the room of mother and child in Sheremetyevo

Playroom in the room of mother and child in Sheremetyevo

A great locker for putting shoes on jumping boysA great locker for putting shoes on jumping boys

Excellent locker for dressing shoes for jumping boys

Egor in the plane behaved surprisingly well, so far I remember our flight to Bangkok and the departure for him after a few days. Soon to fly to China, again for a long time in the plane will turn out.

We are waiting for your planeWe are waiting for your plane

We are waiting for your plane


Egor was calm for himself, he didn’t run beyond our three chairs

I always order some non-standard meal on the planeI always order some non-standard meal on the plane

I always order some non-standard meal on the plane

Airport in Warsaw and our junkAirport in Warsaw and our junk

Airport in Warsaw and our junk


Before the trip I was told that there was nothing to do in Warsaw, for during the war, the city was wiped out and most recently restored. Although some developing countries, this is by no means prevented the chisel of skyscrapers (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur) and create a modern metropolis for an even shorter period. So, Indeed, the architecture in Warsaw is dull and gray, straight in places really concrete huts without frills.

Well, it’s not beautiful!Well, it’s not beautiful!

Well, it’s not beautiful!

But you know, we first exclaimed when we got out of a taxi about our apartment? Air! He’s here some amazingly fresh and clean. After a gassed Moscow, we both paid attention to this. But perhaps our noses deceived us, for pollution data I did not look for air and did not compare.

The next day, in the light of day, once again looked at the dull architecture, after all, it is not very. Also the impression was spoiled by trash. on the street, sometimes broken tiles and asphalt, some not quite Europe. This is not a new sleeping area in Moscow. On the other hand, you understand that not Russia. Pensioners on the streets are like ours, only decently dressed, in the park and on the streets lies romantically foliage, blown by the wind, in each house balconies and window sills in colors, the pavements are paved with tiles, sometimes they come across very well-groomed corners with flower beds and some thuja. Complicated explain, but everything is different. In general, the collective term “Europe” is not correct, for such different countries in the European Union / Schengen have gathered.

Gagarin Street, WarsawGagarin Street, Warsaw

Gagarin Street, Warsaw

Warsaw Courtyards in our areaWarsaw Courtyards in our area

Warsaw courtyards in our area

The street we walk on every dayThe street we walk on every day

The street we walk every day

Asphalt comes across and such in WarsawAsphalt comes across and such in Warsaw

Asphalt comes across and such in Warsaw

Trash on lawns and untidy wallsTrash on lawns and untidy walls

Trash on lawns and untidy walls

Rubbish on the streets of WarsawRubbish on the streets of Warsaw

Rubbish on the streets of Warsaw

But everywhere flowers on the balconies and window sillsBut everywhere flowers on the balconies and window sills

But everywhere the flowers on the balconies and window sills

A simple but well-maintained entranceA simple but well-maintained entrance

Simple but well-maintained entrance

Warsaw, Mokotów districtWarsaw, Mokotów district

Pretty civilized

Our apartment was better than our expectations, big and spacious, with a full kitchen and normal beds. But I already wrote about the apartment, I will not repeat it.


After settling in the apartment, at night, I went to Tesco. It was surprising to meet here the usual Thai name, as much as warm my heart has become. And when I went inside, I found Ashanovskie prices in supermarket local value. Sour cream (400 ml) and milk (1 l) 30 rub, brie cheese (200g) 50 rub, ordinary cheese 200 rub / kg, water 5l 20 rub, a pack of frozen vegetables 20 rubles (more about the price). We have in Moscow in a nearby supermarket is 2 times more expensive. And you know I like the quality of the food much more, the sour cream is very tasty, and tomatoes are less normal (from the supermarket). I’m everywhere exactly I try tomatoes, my most favorite vegetable (fruit?). Here and cherry normal as we once had—

Milk 20-40 rubles for 1 lMilk 20-40 rubles for 1 l

Milk 20-40 rub for 1 l

I’ve been looking for a chocolate with pepper in Tae, but I found it in Polish TescoI’ve been looking for a chocolate with pepper in Tae, but I found it in Polish Tesco

Long sought a chocolate with pepper in Tae, and found in Polish Tesco

Food in the dining room costs 180 rubles per servingFood in the dining room costs 180 rubles per serving

Food in the dining room costs 180 rubles per serving.

It’s nice that almost everywhere, including city buses you can pay with a bank card, saving commissions. I even Taxi card paid. Thailand is resting in this regard, there is only supermarkets cards accept. But the euro is not happy, because income in rubles, the price in local currency remains the same, and for us all slowly going up.


Accidentally drove the bus hares, just did not have time to ticket buy :) The driver did not speak English, but the machine is inside the bus turned out to be very difficult. A little later, we figured out, but immediately for a couple of minutes did not have time (1 stop just drove). From the side ridiculous, probably, it looked – such people rushed into the bus, rushed to the machine, poked him with cards, tried to shove money, Noisy and piled out of the bus. By the way, the locals did not rush to help. A few days later, of course, everything was sorted out and I wrote a post about transport in Warsaw.

Try to figure this out in 3 minutes.Try to figure this out in 3 minutes.

Try to figure this out in 3 minutes.

Yes, I also want to note that in Warsaw it is quite affordable taxi, not Bangkok, of course, but the prices are normal. From the airport paid 55 zlotys, it was 680 rubles (a year ago, it would be 500 rubles). WITH the other side drove something only half an hour. Prices are as follows: landing 8 pln (100 rubles), and then 1.8-2.4 pln per km (20-30 rubles), a simple 1 hour 40 pln (500 rubles) and can still take an extra charge of 10 pln (130 rubles) for suitcases.


On the first day, we were very pleased with Olinek (my detailed olinek reference book). This is the center where we came to engage with Yegor, and for what all this trip was started. There people really work and look for an approach to the child! We are delighted! Maybe it is noticeably in contrast after Russia, but damn, how sick it is that Russian teachers are lazy, their favorite phrase is “Mother calm the child, I can’t deal with him. ” answer: why do we even come to you, let’s look for an approach, this is your job after all! There would be no problems would not come would. Last rehabilitation center in Moscow region in Vatutinki left about himself the impression – almost lost time.

The first introductory lesson in OlinekeThe first introductory lesson in Olineke

First introductory lesson in Olinek

The boy really wants to walk, but he still does not know howThe boy really wants to walk, but he still does not know how

The boy really wants to walk, but does not know how yet


Immediately in Poland they decided to make orthoses

And yet, I would have torn off the hands of that Russian official or doctor, who drew the standard for medical institutions in 30 minutes for a massage and Exercise therapy. They all fell from an oak tree there, it’s funny to God! And then another They are offended that we do not want to use such “handouts”. What for need such a free rehabilitation, if there is no sense in it. Yes and in a good way it is not free at all, the state of her money allocates that fly away into the tube, offensively. In Polish Olineke Exercise therapy lasts 2.5 hours (and then 1 hour separately), in China similar standards, and only to Russian children with some kind of fright 30 minutes a day should be enough—

P.S. In general, we are very pleased that we came here. And now we understand that if it were not for return tickets, then it would be possible here for another month, although it is a little expensive to go, not China (there 2-3 times cheaper). But the rehabilitation itself is good, the products are cheap. and tasty, and in general it is pleasant to be in the city.

P.P.S. Here’s another idea that might have arisen top bloggers and make posts like “bad Warsaw” and “good Warsaw “? That is, in one post beautiful photos, in another one trash and drawings on the walls.

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