Fines in Singapore and rules of conduct

Many have heard about Singapore as almost the most fast developed state. Singapore has grown literally over half a century. From a slum, it turned into a state with world-famous sights, incredible skyscrapers and almost perfect order on the streets. To the state where they flock investments of the richest and most famous companies in the world.

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Why is Singapore like this

For many, the word “Singapore” causes a number of associations, such as: metropolis, skyscrapers, cleanliness, expensive and fines. Really, no one at the bus stop smokes in your face splashes on you beer in the subway and, walking, you do not stumble on the trash, beautiful located on a flower bed. There is a reasonable question: as? How do they do it? And the answer for a long time is not necessary, everything is very just – fines and cameras.

And would this country be what it is now, if not Was there a stiff penal system? Unlikely. To turn Singapore from a backward Asian country to a developing advanced state, it was necessary to change a lot and first of all – the consciousness of people. For the success of the country and each individual in this country you need every citizen to be cultural and civilized, and cultural and civilized people do not litter and do not steal.

It is noteworthy that in the streets you will not meet the police, but not It is worth relaxing, there are cameras everywhere. If you are not in something sure, for example, is it possible to eat a sandwich or you can not, better go, see what the signs are proximity. In Singapore, at every step – signs, signs with reminders and rules, and better pay attention to them.

In addition to fines, several more types are used in Singapore. punishments. For example, you can get strikes for vandalism. AT this country has the death penalty. This penalty applies to drug trafficking and murder, kidnapping, crime against the state and acts committed with using weapons.

Despite numerous prohibitions and fines, and fines here even for trifles, by our standards, residents of Singapore are not they organize rallies, do not revolt, but on the contrary, they all dutifully perform. After all, thanks to the introduction of these penalties, Singapore has become so

Very unusual fines

There are a lot of fines. Some may seem completely incomprehensible to us but believe me, in this country there is not a single penalty fixed for the sake of “just for fun.”

Here is an interesting fine, it seems to us too tough – fine 1000 SGD per chewing gum. Yes, you can’t even chew gum quite boring. Fine imposed because too much money I had to start scrubbing this very chewing gum from all sorts of surfaces. And not to spend on this stupid occupation of working time and money, decided to just ban it.

For transportation of gum across the border a fine of 100,000 SGD. But European tourists don’t have to worry about chewing gum fined, but for her throwing out on the ground a fine still threatens and will be 1000 SGD. So coming to Singapore will have a little be patient at home nazhuemsya.

There is a penalty for leaving water in a saucer under a flower pot. after watering. Water in the saucer can not leave – a fine of 500 SGD. Can say what a nonsense, but that makes sense. State almost completely got rid of mosquitoes and mosquitoes, and left in a saucer water attracts these insects and promotes their reproduction.

If you want to spit, then in Singapore it’s better not do. And why? That’s right – fine. For spitting on the street faces fine SGD 1000 Such a fine was invented not only to teach people to be civilized, and more so because it saves from disease.

Scientists have conducted research and found that influenza viruses rotoviruses and many others live in the environment for more than 7 days. In order to reduce the likelihood of meeting with viruses, it was decided introduce fines for spitting in public places, because it is saliva is the habitat of many viruses. So if you you need to blow your nose or something else, then you need to do it neatly in a napkin, and throw it in the trash.

Penalties for behavior in public places

Smoking in public places (including at stops public transport and within a radius of five meters from them) – a fine from 500 to 1000 SGD. But smokers can not worry, places for smoking here literally every 300-500 meters. But electronic cigarettes are prohibited in principle to cross the border also impossible. And in general, look at the entire list of goods prohibited to imported into Singapore.

Throwing garbage and spitting on the streets in public places “stand” up to 1000 SGD at the first violation, up to 2000 SGD at repeated, 5000 SGD at the third and each subsequent. So trash in the trash, spit and blows his nose in a napkin. Napkin then in the trash it is possible, allowed, let the viruses multiply there.

Road crossing in the wrong place – 500 SGD. No risk standing around the camera.

Cycling in the wrong places – 1000 SGD.

Being drunk in public places, near state and religious institutions – SGD 1000 or deprivation freedoms for up to a month at the first violation, $ 2,000 or three months imprisonment in case of repeated violations.

Any act of vandalism – up to SGD 2000 or term imprisonment up to three years. Can also assign public works to collect garbage.

Any feeding of stray animals and birds is prohibited. Your kind my dear fed this lovely kitten will be fined 500 SGD.

Swearing, threats, insults to the interlocutor too punished and very strictly. So keep yourself in hand, but for Your words will have to give 3000 SGD.

Fines in public transport

Transportation of flammable liquids and gases – 5000 SGD.

Drinking and eating – 500 SGD.

Durian transportation – 500 SGD.

Transportation of animals (except guide dogs) -500 SGD.

Use without need of the emergency device – 5000 SGD.

Pollution and clogging – SGD 5000.

Fines in the subway Fines in the subway

Fines in the subway

Fines for motorists

For motorists fines no less, however, as in any country. For parking in the wrong place, unfastened belt, transportation of a child without a seat, speeding up to 20 km / h, not give way to an ambulance or fire truck, the turn is not from your rows – 150 SGD fine.

Driving in the opposite lane is a fine of 200 SGD.

Speeding from 40 to 50 km / h – 250 SGD.

For talking on a cell phone while driving – deprivation of rights or arrest. Listed, of course, not all.

Rules of conduct in a taxi. Sticker on the glass. Rules of conduct in a taxi. Sticker on the glass.

Rules of conduct in a taxi. Sticker on the glass.

P.S. All these rules did not strain me: I did not water the flowers, I didn’t feed and spit animals and generally I always behave decently So you just have to follow some simple rules. decency, and then your vacation no one and nothing will spoil. Boldly go to singapore, just don’t take chewing gum with you – and everything will be super!

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