City Beach at Bang Saen (Bang Saen Beach) – popular with Thais

I once went to Bang Saen to see the temple of Hell and Paradise, and at the same time went to the city beach Bang Saen Beach. Here on weekends a lot of Thais who come to rest from Bangkok, that is on the one hand the place is resort, but not for foreigners.

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  • 1 Description of the beach
  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
  • 3 Sun beds and shade
  • 4 Beach Photos
  • 5 Infrastructure
  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
  • 7 How to find a beach
  • 8 beach map

Beach description

In my opinion, the Bang Saen beach looks like Pattaya, only cleaner and the atmosphere is different. The beach is the closest to Bangkok that quite comfortable. Indeed, in the capital there is generally everything that is needed, including international airport. On the other hand, the sea here is not very clean, such a metropolis nearby.

The sea, frankly, does not please the eye at all – there is no azure or turquoise shades, the water is permanently greenish and muddy. But in As a beach for sunbathing, Bang Sung is quite a good place.

Entry, depth and waves

The coast is shallow, takes a long time in depth, so the sea is shallow and low tides seriously affect the beach’s marketability – the sea goes meters by fifty. Despite the color of the sea, people bathe, and judging by throughout, the depth of the shoulders comes no earlier than 20 meters from coast. In windy weather, waves happen, but overall this is very calm beach.

Sun beds and shade

The beach is wide and bald, trees grow only along the road and they are planted with purely decorative purposes. Still people can be a lot, not for nothing that the whole beach is covered with deck chairs, they are in dense rows are standing. All groups of loungers are associated with a cafe where you can order various thai food and seafood. Expect from bangsaen Beach tropical paradise is not worth it.

Beach photo

plyazh-v-bang-saen-03 plyazh-v-bang-saen-03

plyazh-v-bang-saen-04 plyazh-v-bang-saen-04

plyazh-v-bang-saen-02 plyazh-v-bang-saen-02

plyazh-v-bang-saen-05 plyazh-v-bang-saen-05

plyazh-v-bang-saen-01 plyazh-v-bang-saen-01


Since the beach is in the city, there is enough infrastructure. City one in a word. There is everything from hospitals to stadiums, several parks, entertainment, several well-known attractions, like the Temple of Hell and Paradise. Along the whole beach there is a pedestrian street, on which includes cafes and family bike rentals tandems.

Parallel to the beach, literally ten meters from the water is still going the road, and immediately behind it begins the city building

Houses and hotels on the beach

Some tourists come here not on vacation, but to live, because here You can rent a condo or house for a long time. There are many housing options different taste and wallet. Only it is necessary to consider that in English in this parts of Pattaya speak little and you may experience some difficulties in communicating with property owners if there will be a private house or apartment.

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How to find the beach

There is no more bus station on Victory Monument, the military removed everything routes were removed from there, now only from the bus stations to go. WITH Victory is now only on the shuttle to the bus station you can go.

Minibas and buses run from Ekkamai bus station, located at the station of the same name BTS Ekkamai (you will find on the map, under the post). The cost of the trip – 100 baht per person.

Beach map

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