Cheap hotel in Bangkok in Khaosan (560 bat) – Nakorn Ping Hotel

Everyone knows the Bekpecker street Khaosan Road, where they gather travelers from around the world. And although the contingent there I don’t very close, I also stay there for a short time sometimes, since in this area there is a concentration of various kinds cheap bangkok hotels and guesthouses.

And in order to be quieter, you just need to move a little further away he is Khaosan, about 10-15 minutes walk. This hotel is just like that there is a convenient place for a couple of days with something to do in bangkok.

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Reviews of hotels in Bangkok where I was

  • Near Suvarnabhumi Airport and near Airport Link Station Ramkhamhaeng, ideal for transit, for 550 baht – Nasa Vegas Hotel
  • In the area of Khaosan, 2 cheap good hotel, for 800-900 baht: Rajata Hotel and Roof View Palace
  • Near the metro station BTS “Victory Monument”, near the park, good and modern hotel for 1500 baht – S3 Residence Park. Conveniently from Victory Monument go to Pattaya, to Koh Chang and much more where there Autocar minibas.
  • In the center of Bangkok on Sukhumvit near the metro stations BTS “Phrom Phong “and BTS” Nana “, 2 excellent hotel apartments with kitchen, swimming pool and fitness for 1500-2500 baht: – Bless Residence and Lohas Residences, accordingly. Nearby are the parks of Benjasiri, Benjakiti and Lumpini.

Nakorn Ping Hotel

Prices and Reservations

Number in Nakorn Ping Hotel will cost 490-690 baht, depending from the need for air conditioning and hot water. On sites There is no booking for this hotel, but you can book it through the hotel’s website or by email. And you just need to write the dates when you arrive, and get a confirmation email. Prepay for reservation is not necessary! It is very convenient.

Hotel address: 9/1 Samsen Soi 6 Samsen Road, Pra Nakon, Bangkok. Email: [email protected]

Hotel website –

Hotels in Bangkok →

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There is air conditioning, fan, hot shower, small refrigerator, towels and soap. Cleaned almost every day. Same There is free wifi with standard speed for Taya. Also in the lobby has a kettle, free water and a pair of ancient computers for those who without a laptop There are numbers, both double and twin.

Air conditioning and hot water for a fee and can be paid do not enter (the hotel website has all the rates), that is, without them rooms are cheaper. In principle, hot water is not very necessary in Bangkok, it is already warm, and instead of an air conditioner, a fan will come off, but the last is an amateur, and the rooms here are with half-closed windows and stuffy will be without kondeya, I think.

Narrow street Samsen 6, where the hotel is locatedNarrow street Samsen 6, where the hotel is located

Narrow street Samsen 6, where the hotel is located

The entrance to the hotel Narorn Ping HotelThe entrance to the hotel Narorn Ping Hotel

The entrance to the hotel Narorn Ping Hotel

Hotel corridorsHotel corridors

Hotel corridors

The interior, really here is a messThe interior, really here is a mess

The interior, though there is now a mess

Standard for Thailand bathroomStandard for Thailand bathroom

Standard for Thailand bathroom

My workplace in BangkokMy workplace in Bangkok

My workplace in Bangkok

Kettle with hot waterKettle with hot water

Hot water kettle

Internet for those who do not have a laptopInternet for those who do not have a laptop

Internet for those who do not have a laptop

This hotel makes a mixed impression. One side, everything is old enough and tired, on the other hand it’s creates a certain atmosphere, and I can not say that it is some kind bad, rather the opposite. Perhaps this is due to the fact that here there is Asia and old Bangkok.

On the map

Opposite Nakorn Ping there is a hotel a bit more expensive, but significantly newer – Rajata Hotel. If you need a hotel for transit and near Metro, look at the Nasa Vegas Hotel, quite conveniently located and also inexpensive.

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