Changi Airport in Singapore – everything for comfort and recreation

Changi Airport in Singapore is quite young, built in 1982 year The building is constantly being transformed, new terminals are being completed, and thanks to this, it has already been considered the best airport more than 19 times the world.

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    • 2.3 Recreation areas
    • 2.4 Luggage Storage
    • 2.5 Airport Attractions
    • 2.6 Free guided tours
  • 3 Where to eat at the airport
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Flights to Singapore

There is a direct flight from Russia only from Moscow. Flight from Moscow will be very expensive, about 45 thousand rubles one way. But There is an option how to save. You can go with transfers, for example, see flights with connections in Bangkok or Doha. There the price is already much lower, and you can fly by paying about 20 thousand rubles.

But the cheapest tickets to Singapore will be when flying from other countries of Southeast Asia. For example, visiting Singapore can Combine with a trip to Thailand. With this route you can buy A ticket from Thailand is cheaper than 5 thousand rubles. In this way, You can combine two very colorful and completely different countries – a kind of Thailand and the city of the future Singapore.

Also from Thailand you can fly to Singapore for the sake of called vizarana – crossing the border and getting a new Thai stamp for 30 days. This is necessary if you plan to stay in Thailand more than 30 days. Buy tickets for 2-4 days in Singapore, look cool country and then come back to Tai.

Moscow – Singapore

Bangkok – Singapore

Which terminal do you fly to depending on the airline. Which terminal do you fly to depending on the airline.

Which terminal do you fly to, depending on the airline.

Services at Changi Airport

Changi Airport has only 5 terminals. Terminals 1, 2, 3 Terminal 4 serves only low-cost airlines, Terminal 5 serves private flights and status VIP terminal. Another large-scale space building is under construction, which will not look like a terminal, but a grand garden. Promise open in 2019.

The terminals are interconnected by transitions with travelators, another between them runs a free bus, as well as high-speed train SkyTrain with a short break at night (from 2-30 to 5-00). Way on the train from one terminal to another will take about 3-4 minutes. More information about the movements between the terminals in a separate post.

What is in each of the terminals

ATM (ATMs) – there is in each terminal. And in the public area and in transit; VIP lounges – transit zones; luggage storage – everywhere; places to charge mobile devices – everywhere; pharmacies and clinics – everywhere; shops – everywhere; recreation areas – transit areas; GST refund (machines for the refund of taxes paid on purchases) – everywhere; Internet stations – transit zones; lost&found (еслиlost luggage) – transit zones; exchange points – everywhere; telephone booths (local calls are free) – transit zones; prayer rooms – transit zones; smoking areas – transit areas; hire wheelchairs – everywhere (for a fee); children’s room (room of mother and child) – everywhere; sale of sim cards – public zone.

Postal office. Singapore Post is in Terminal 2. Postage boxes – in all terminals.

Passengers with children for easier movement around the area Airport can take a stroller for free. For this follows contact any rack information.

There are a lot of pointers, it will not get confused. There are a lot of pointers, it will not get confused.

There are a lot of pointers.

Here you can return the tax Here you can return the tax

Here you can return the tax

Sale of tickets Sale of tickets

Sale of tickets in Terminal 2

WiFi at the airport and sockets

Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport. You need a network # WiFi @ Changi. To use the network, you need to log in. Authorization is done by entering an access code that will go to your phone number (can be in Russian). Or you can scan your passport on a special rack and get a code to access network.

If you do not want to connect your smartphone to the network, then in each The terminal has a computer with free internet access.

Almost all the seats in the waiting rooms in the transit zone is built individual USB port and 220V universal outlet suitable for all plugs. Separate charging stations.

There are computers with access to the Internet, scan the passport and get access. There are computers with access to the Internet, scan the passport and get access.

There are computers with Internet access, you scan a passport and you get access.

USB charging in every seat USB charging in every seat

USB charging in each seat

Station for recharging mobile devices. Station for recharging mobile devices.

Station for recharging mobile devices.

Recreation areas

Not bad taken care of those who fly in transit with waiting in a few hours, or almost a day. Zones are provided for this. recreation in transit areas. They are called Snooze Lounge, on the charts at the airport are marked as Rest Area. There are comfortable lying armchairs.

If you see massage chairs in the terminals, you can feel free to indulge yourself with a massage, here it is free.

In the children’s play area there are places to put the child. get some sleep Children’s zones are in each terminal. If you wish, you can even watch a movie sitting in comfortable chairs in front of a large tv screen. Channels can be switched independently, straight just like at home, just a class.

In public areas, too, there are chairs, but they are simpler – the usual sessile, and often without sockets.

Not dull chairs in the form of dogs, chickens. Children are having fun. Not dull chairs in the form of dogs, chickens. Children are having fun.

Non dull chairs in the form of dogs, chickens. Children have fun.

Changi Airport in Singapore - everything for comfort and relaxation Changi Airport in Singapore - everything for comfort and relaxation

Luggage storage

If you are in transit in Singapore and want to shop or leave the airport for a walk / excursion, in this case there will be it is convenient to take the luggage to the left-luggage office and not to carry it with you.

Luggage storage is in each terminal and work 24 hours in day. They are equipped with a modern facial recognition system that scans your face and compares it with a photo in the passport.

Daily rates

For storage of a backpack or bag you will be charged 5 SGD (234 rubles). Behind small baggage weighing up to 10 kg – 10 SGD (469 rubles). For weight more than 10 kg will have to pay 15 SGD (703 rubles). Baggage storage with non-standard sizes will cost 18 SGD (844 rubles).

Airport Attractions

Singapore is definitely worth seeing at least once! But, most likely, This will seem to you a little and you will want to return. There are many beautiful and amazing things can be read here. But not now about it.

But not only the city is worthy of attention, but also the airport of Singapore Changi definitely worth a look, and even give him enough of time. This is the only airport in the world where you can walk and enjoy.

The design and architecture of Changi airport is amazing. Very impressive design of waiting rooms. The color spectrum is harmonious, everything the content is modern and unusual. Here broke a few mini gardens with trees and ponds built a wall with sheer a waterfall several floors high.

Moving fancy installations are placed under the ceiling. changing their shape. There are several huge multimedia screens. with amazingly realistic, voluminous moving pictures. Some are so realistic that the eyes and the brain refuses understand that this is only an image on the screen.

The airport has everything you need. Huge number of stores with goods of any category, prayer rooms, children’s entertainment rooms, cinema, spa, garden cactus, orchid garden, sunflower garden and butterfly garden, here exhibitions and festivals are held. There is even a swimming pool in Changi – he located in Terminal 1 in the transit area.

In general, waiting for a flight at the airport will not be bored.

Awesome moving installation Awesome moving installation

Awesome moving installation

Interactive presentation on a huge screen Interactive presentation on a huge screen

Interactive presentation on a huge screen

Free tours

A nice bonus in Singapore is waiting for those who fly in transit. If a transplantation time not less than 6 and not more than 24 hours, then you have the opportunity to visit a free tour of Singapore The duration of the tour is 2.5 hours, therefore it is important that your flight to departure from Singapore was at least 2 hours after the end tours. If time does not allow, then you just refuse.

Tours are held daily at 9-00, 11-30, 14-30, 16-00, 18-30 and lasts 2 hours.

Where to eat at the airport

At Changi Airport, there are a variety of restaurants with a kitchen. taste. There are very good cafes with excellent desserts.

Near each toilet in all terminals you will find taps with drinking water. The water is well purified, you can safely drink. And in The airport has a machine with boiling water, for free. Can make tea if you have a cup with you, as well as boiling water will be the way lovers of instant noodles.

Terminal 1

Transit zone. In terminal 1, I note a few cafes such like the bar Hops, Starbucks, and you can eat at the food court, which is on level 3.

Public area. Many different cafes and restaurants, from fast food there Burger King. Loved the cafe The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, make great coffee and sell delicious desserts. There are and sandwiches

Terminal 2

Transit zone. Many quite famous cafes and restaurants. For example, O’Learys Sportsbar & Grill, Starbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Pezzo and others.

Public area. Bakery Cuisine, Coffee Toast Express, Krispy Kreme, Paris Baguette, Starbucks coffee, Pezzo, from fast food there McDonald’s.

Terminal 3

Transit zone. In terminal 3, there is a familiar restaurant. Japanese cuisine Tanuki, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with delicious coffee and desserts, Krispy Kreme and Burger King.

Public area. Starbucks coffee, O’Coffee Club and interesting place Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty cafe is very nice decor, delicious desserts, ice cream and pies.

Of course, I have listed far from all the cafes and restaurants that there is in the terminals. There are just so many of them that it makes no sense to write about all. I can say that the hungry here is definitely no one will remain.

Terminal 4

Transit zone. On the 3rd floor in Terminal 4 there is a food court, where Presents Asian cuisine (Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Chinese). The price of a dish on average 6-7 SGD (281 —328 rubles), portion small.

On the second floor there is a pastry shop with cheap buns, cheesecakes and muffins. Prices from SGD 1.5. For those who love Italian dishes there is an Italian restaurant Pezzo, in Paris Baguette in French the recipe is baked bread and make excellent sandwiches and freshly squeezed juices.

There is an excellent cafe The coffee bean and Tea leaf with a variety of cakes and cheesecakes, sandwiches, and a portion of cappuccino there decent. Cappuccino in it costs 7.5 SGD, sandwiches from 12 SGD, and cheesecakes around 6 SGD. Eat Bakery Cuisine, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks coffee, as well as there is fast food and many other cafes, but I don’t I will list.

Public area. Also rich in various cafes and restaurants.

Food prices in food court Food prices in food court

Food prices in food court

Confectionery Confectionery


On the map

Changi Airport can not help but like! Here really You can comfortably spend time. Personally, I did not have time to look and half. And yet, what I managed to see, I really liked.

Now there is a desire to return to Singapore, not only because I did not have enough of those days that I spent in the city, but in order to view all the terminals of the airport. Still, not just this airport constantly receives awards and is considered the best airport in the world. Singapore as always tries to stand out and quite successful at it.

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