Black horse – for those who love meat

An unexpectedly pleasant place in which tasty food is served, and on the menu places a lot of meat dishes – the place is clearly not for vegetarians. I dropped here not by recommendation, but just like that. Stayed under impressed – in my opinion, this is one of the best places to Liberec. The staff is not benevolent, but everything within reason, so we communicated in English, discreetly, and in the end, everyone was in a good mood.

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Black Horse

Very cozy interior, although even in the pictures you can see how he simple. Still, the presence of a tree (or even its imitation) in the interior adds some inexplicable nyashnosti and lampovosti, which we read on the subconscious, some kind, prehistoric level Have you noticed?

The low stone arches of Czech beer instill protection and confidence, disposing to calm eating shank and spirtoidov, but the wooden beams / panels and rings on them – warm eyes, like a good supply of firewood before a long winter.

The menu is served as a sealed envelope, and this is pipets like suddenly, unusual and lamp: you come, sit down, and you – letter. Wow effect is guaranteed and even if in service there will be some shortcomings, you already have a positive advance to institution. One-time menu, you can take with you.

Black Horse in Liberec Black Horse in Liberec

Black Horse to Liberec

What is interesting – the guests of Black Horse were mainly from local sense – from the Czech Republic. And I did not notice any difference in attitude and in quality of service between themselves and their neighbors.

It took 30-40 minutes to wait for the order, but it was cooked damn tasty, and obviously not warmed up in the microwave. Unequivocally I recommend to visit. Everything is tasty, there are few people, because location – away from the main square, but not to go more than 10 minutes.

Black Horse - for those who love meat Black Horse - for those who love meat

Black Horse - for those who love meat Black Horse - for those who love meat

Information to visit

Schedule work they tricky:

  • Monday – Thursday from 11 to 23
  • Friday from 11 to 00
  • Saturday from 12 to 00
  • Sunday from 12 to 22
Black horse  - for those who love meat
Black horse  - for those who love meat
Black horse  - for those who love meat

On the map

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