Bang Rak Beach – fishermen, boats, some sea

On Bang Rak beach, or rather on the nearby beach the island of Ko Fan (Ko Fan), since 1972, is the main landmark of Koh Samui. The statue of Big Buddha, he is Big Buddha (Big Buddha), whose name is sometimes mistakenly called Bang Rak beach.

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  • 1 Description of the beach
  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
  • 3 Sun beds and shade
  • 4 Beach Photos
  • 5 Infrastructure
  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
  • 7 How to find a beach
  • 8 beach map

Beach description

The length of the beach from Cape May Kaen (Laem Mai Kaen) to Big Buddha – 3 kilometers, and the width does not exceed 15 meters in different parts of it. The sand along the entire length of the beach varies from golden fine to wild west of Bang Raka, to gray-white in the east.

I call him wild because this whole stretch of beach located along the ring road, literally two meters from canvases. A strip of sand between the sea and asphalt is barbed. wired and visited only by tenants of small guesthouses that stand across the road.

Because of its lack of humanity, Bang Rak in the west is: stones, sand, trash and more trash. On the beach come across tires. Cleanliness only municipal services and volunteers from among tourists. Not the cleanest state of the water and the coast and in the center of Bang Cancer, where the piers and the fishing market.

The distance between the road and the water here is sufficient to housed small resorts and restaurants. Relatively clean becomes behind the piers, where several resorts are built along the shore, that keep order and smooth the sand on the beach.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have There is a brief overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide in choosing a beach.

Entry, depth and waves

The western part and the eastern part of Bang Rak are shallow, have muddy bottom and stone surprises under the water, so swim here possible, but not for everybody. In the middle of the beach the sea is deep, the entrance to the water good, sandy, but these advantages are spoiled by the presence of a large the number of boats, boats and other marine vessels.

Low tides change the beach in the east and west, and the center at low tide suffers less than what local campers enjoy. Water on everything Bang Rake is unclear, especially during a good wave in April, May months. In general, the beach does not suffer from frequent disturbances, but with children are better off in another place.

Sun beds and shade

Many lounges with sea views in front of each of the hotels. Sun beds rented out at 50 baht, not in every place, but not for a long time to look have to. The positive side of Bang Cancer can be called abundance natural shade on the shore. Palm trees along the entire beach allow to spend time comfortably without forcing you to carry along a beach umbrella.

Beach photo










In Bangrak there is everything except hypermarkets. Markets, piers, banks, restaurants, gyms, car repair shops, equipment rental, rental marine equipment, mini markets, laundries, massage parlors – all as in Nathon. From here within walking distance:

  • Big Buddha;
  • Wat Plai Laem;
  • Wat Nuan Naram;
  • Fishing market;
  • Alley hongsa




Houses and hotels on the beach

Dense shoreline, a large number of restaurants overlooking the sea, houses and hotels, characteristic of the central and eastern part of Bang Raka. The West can still be considered an outsider, but it is suitable for those who are not picky about the conditions stay and ready to save on this.

Along the road there are guesthouses, behind which in the depths of the island construction work is underway at the stage of the destruction of the mountains. Closer to center, center and east number of hotels and resorts increases. Behind the road, on the other side of the sea, is the whole the rest of Bang Rak is one of the most populated areas of the island Samui All types of rental housing are presented here, from rooms to villas

One of the best hotels on the beach – Samui Pier Resort Bang Rak Beach - fishermen, boats, some sea near the pier; great service spacious rooms and a large pool offers Punnpreeda Beach Resort Bang Rak Beach - fishermen, boats, some sea; in the center of the beach are luxury villas with современным дизайном — Saboey Resort Bang Rak Beach - fishermen, boats, some sea.

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels on Samui with good rating and reviews.

Hotels on Bang Rak →

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • Samui Pier Resort
  • Punnpreeda Beach Resort Bang Rak Beach - fishermen, boats, some sea
  • Saboey Resort Bang Rak Beach - fishermen, boats, some sea

How to find the beach

On the Ring Road you need to get to the traffic lights at Fisherman Village. Bang Rak begins at the corner of 4171, and marked with a large, blue Ban Bangrak sign. After that you you can collapse at any place you like and through it territory go to the beach.




Beach map

For shooting, I chose to access the sea through the territory of one good restaurant, it is marked by a marker on the map

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