Bang Khao Beach – the longest south beach

Bang Khao Beach (Bang Khao) is located in the south of Koh Samui. how Maenam beach is the reference beach of the north, Chaweng and Lamai – Samui’s most popular beach in the east, and Taling Ngam in the west, Bang Kao is the most characteristic beach in the south. The length of bang kao is not small, 4 km 300 m. This is perhaps the most uncomfortable for swimming, the most filthy and unpopular beach on the island, but at the same time beautiful in the south of Samui.

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  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
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Beach description

The sand on the beach is light yellow, divided into two lanes. Closer to the water is washed off by the waves and the smaller one is compressed, and the large one, with seashells and fragments of coral – nailed along the coast. Beach stretched from east to west, from the mouth of the Ban Thale (Ban Thale) to the famous island pagoda Laem Sor (Laem Sor Pagoda).

Closer to the pagoda, the sand gives way to large stones and corals, turning the bottom of the sea into Martian landscapes at low tide. Clean on Bang Kao is partially supported, opposite the rare villas and hotels, but the bulk of the four kilometers of Bang Kao is hell perfectionist.

Rubbish layers and patterns lies in places where there are more stones stuck in them. Garbage accumulates on the border of sand and grass cover thrown out by the waves. Garbage is stuffed in the grass and naked tree roots. Garbage remains to dry on the shore when water gradually decreases. In short, the beach is wild.

Thanks to its rocky, muddy bottom, shallow water and untidy, the beach is not popular, but come rest on Bang Kao, only local, unassuming connoisseurs island solitude. For the most part these are young people with large backpacks and people who are not afraid of mounds of coral in water and fishing boats next door.

If you find a stretch of beach with a more or less clean entrance to the water, and there are such, then for a holiday with a child it would be a wonderful option. But along the shore, local stray dogs, some of which, It seems to be like, attributed to resorts. But the main Caudla lives about Lameso pagodas, where compassionate people feed them and directs their orders on the beach.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have There is a brief overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide in choosing a beach.

Entry, depth and waves

Opposite the river Ban Thale the width of the shallow bottom reaches 400 meters, and gradually narrows to 30 meters near the pagoda of Lameso. In the time of ebb this bottom area remains in the sun, and, before tide, the sea at Bang Kao – no.

Except for some deeper places around artificial canals for fishing boats where you can splash around belt to water. Thanks to the protection of coral thickets that provided such a structure of the bottom, on Bang Kao there are no very strong waves.

Sun beds and shade

It is possible that beach accessories are sometimes taken ashore in major hotels or villas, but I walked all four kilometers along the coast on foot and saw nothing but sand, stones, mud and dense vegetation along the sea. Natural shadow on bang kao with in excess, for anyone who wants to find a place on the beach.

Beach photo









The area around Bang Kao Beach is quite distant from the main roads. and the active life of the island. No major clubs, discos and noisy sites. The area is not much built up houses, a lot of green plots, palm groves and farm fields. Shops – mostly the so-called “tayshops”, which presents a poor range most needed products and household items, from a point Thais.

Therefore, you can always buy ice, energy, water, beer and crunchy snacks, but for a more serious meal will have to go away. The nearest minimarkets are located on the Ring Road and in Hua Tanone, it is three kilometers from Bang Kao. Nearest hypermarket – Tesco Lotus on Lamai.

The nearest sights of Samui island on Bang Kao:

  • Lameso Pagoda (Lameso Pagoda);
  • Chedi Buddha (Buddha Jaidee);
  • Rovum (Rhum Distillery);
  • Aquarium with sea animals and Tiger Zoo (Samui Aquatic Animal and Tiger Zoo);
  • Pradeem Temple;
  • Butterfly Garden.




Houses and hotels on the beach

If you do not be lazy and sit down for YandexCards, then using them tool “line” you can find out that the built-up part of Bang Kao is in the amount of 1 km 100 m. The remaining 4.2 km are vacant lots, undeveloped forest areas. On the shore are about a dozen resorts and villas, some of which are not yet completed.

The main housing available for rent is located deep in the island in radius of 2-3 km. The building density of this area is very low, but the area itself is not small, so if Bang Kao fell in love – the house pick always succeed.

From a small number of hotels right on the coast you can select quiet place with houses around the pool – Laem sor residence Bang Khao Beach - the longest south beach и Samahita retreat Bang Khao Beach - the longest south beach с комфортными современными коттеджами. If a want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels on Samui with good rating and reviews.

Hotels near Bang Kao →

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • Laem Sor Residence
  • Samahita Retreat


How to find the beach

In order to get to Bang Kao you need to go along the Ring Road of Koh Samui before the exit on the road 4173, which then intersects with the 4170 road. This road, 4170, is semi-roundabout and it passes close to the beaches of Bang Khao, Tong Krut, Tong Tanot, Pang Ka and Taling Ngam. As soon as you find yourself on 4170, take any exit left as you go. For swimming There is one good site Bang Khao, a favorite of local pensioners from Europe, and these gentlemen always know where it is good.


Beach map

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