Where to eat in Krasnaya Polyana – my list restaurants and reviews

In Krasnaya Polyana, I am now every year in winter and summer, so there is something to write about. Here is my list of the most popular and popular resort establishments that (as far as possible) I visit personally. The post you are currently reading is a summary of establishments in which I was and had dinner, or just drank coffee. there is unpretentious places with democratic prices, but there is also a super-duper restaurants, the price tag of which is not quite pleasant. I would appreciate if You will share your own experiences at the specified cafes and restaurants, and even better – if you recommend cool places for my next arrival in the Krasnodar region.

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Where to go eat

Krasnaya Polyana

Dining Eat & Eat

Outwardly not particularly remarkable dining room, inside opens to you from the unexpected side. Great European interior in aggregate with buffet and very reasonable prices leave only positive impressions. Has its own parking right near the entrance doors, plenty of space inside, large windows make the room is very bright and light, and the people are really here creates a routine, constantly replacing each other at the table by the barista and guest tables. The place is absolutely not pathetic, but at the same time stylish and can hardly be called a dining room. More about the institution – Dining EM and EM is a fashionable unit in Krasnaya Polyana.

Dining Eat and Eat in Krasnaya Polyana Dining Eat and Eat in Krasnaya Polyana

Dining Eat and Eat in Krasnaya Polyana

Coffee Shop Rolls in the Mountains

The institution, which was loved by both local residents and visiting citizens, that looks like a little gingerbread house, it smells like small gingerbread house, and inside you are treated to sweet desserts and hot drinks. Charming both externally and interior a cafe whose employees are somehow not natively friendly and complacent. Very pleasant and atmospheric place where you want return. There are very few places, literally for 10-15 people, but You can buy everything with you. Details about the institution – Coffee Shop Loaves in Mountains – tube comfort and cocoa with hearts.

Coffee Shop Rolls in the Mountains, Krasnaya Polyana Coffee Shop Rolls in the Mountains, Krasnaya Polyana

Coffee Shop Rolls in the mountains, Krasnaya Polyana

Tavern Trikoni

A surprise at the curb for someone who is not prepared here. Outside this is a small structure with a squat roof, and inside unexpectedly spacious chalet with lots of tables decorated with natural materials and massive furniture. Friendly staff, fast service, wide choice of places among several dining areas of the place, deliciously cooked dishes and nice music. Plus, I highly recommend it here. arrive between 12 and 17 hours: discount on all menus – 50%. Read more о заведении — “>Tavern Trikoni in Krasnaya Polyana — happy hourhere is really happy.

Tavern Trikoni in Krasnaya Polyana Tavern Trikoni in Krasnaya Polyana

Трактир Трикони в Красной Поляне

Estosadok and Gorky Gorod

Dining Eat

The dining room is located on the busy main street of the village Estosadok, opposite the Hills of the City, but you can easily slip through by – it is hidden. Behind the walls of cafes that stand close to the sidewalk has a passage to the patio, where you unexpectedly You already find two places: Dining “Let’s eat” and a restaurant “Friends”. I did not have the opportunity to evaluate the restaurant menu, I had to eat in “Eat.” But I considered the internal well. interior, and some opinion managed to form. More about institution – Dining Eat – a cozy corner in Estosadka.

Dining Eat at Estosadok Dining Eat at Estosadok

Dining Eat at Estosadok

Leaf Mustard

Cafe-joke with serious prices. Very funny and defiantly approached the organizers of the institution to the design of the exterior and interior. Everything done in the style of the bygone Soviet era, but with modern to it by attitude. Everything is so bright, catchy, provocative, daring, including wall decoration and serving dishes. The place is very positive, not without disadvantages, but definitely recommend it to the visit. Simply eat well and cheer yourself up. More about the institution – Stop Mustard is an island of the USSR in Gorki Gorod.

Pile mustard in Gorki Gorod Pile mustard in Gorki Gorod

Stack Mustard in Gorki Gorod

Cafe Guests

Cafe with a claim to the title of the restaurant, well, or so it seemed to me – everything is very solid, calm, serious. Prices are not for children, service like in the movie about the life of rich people local restaurants, chopping board. The inside is somehow very quiet a lot of fabric decor, upholstered furniture, huge windows in the whole wall, no sound from the street at all. Cook is delicious, I really Liked, well, in principle, within disposing to the unhurried rest atmosphere. More about the place – Cafe Guests in Gorki City

Cafe Guests in Gorky Gorod Cafe Guests in Gorky Gorod

Cafe Guests in Gorky Gorod

Restaurant Trattoria 540

The restaurant is located on the busy pedestrian street of Gorki Gorod. not far from the main lift of this ski complex. Outside it looks somewhat pompous, with this Roman columns, Attica, gods, Athens, that’s it. And when you get inside, eyes run up from pleasure – all done in Italian style taverns, in light colors, artificially aged, worn, variegated, but so organic to each other suitable. Upper hall I was so enchanted that below I did not even go down, and in vain. Do not repeat my mistake. More about the institution – Restaurant Trattoria 540 – Italian tavern in Gorki Gorod.

Restaurant Trattoria 540 in Gorki Gorod Restaurant Trattoria 540 in Gorki Gorod

Restaurant Trattoria 540 in Gorki Gorod

Restaurant Vershina 2200

The top is a colleague of the restaurant, which is described below. Big, expensive, climbing high and towering over all hungry and cold. There are no other establishments at this height, therefore guys frolic with prices as they want. I didn’t even go inside to come in, but not out of greed or awkwardness, but for weather reasons – the street was very cool, so I had my salad with a drink used, squinting from the bright April sun. Service polite, fast, no complaints. Only people with good prosperity, well, or like me, no claim to full dinner. More about the restaurant – Restaurant Vershina 2200 – a picnic for moneybags.

Restaurant Top 2200, Gorky Gorod Restaurant Top 2200, Gorky Gorod

Restaurant Top 2200, Gorki Gorod

Rosa Khutor

Restaurant Height 2320

Elevation is not a restaurant where people usually plan to roll on. dinner or lunch, but rather a monopolist at an altitude of 2320, where will you go simply because there is no place else in the mountains. Hence not especially exquisite interior, and horse prices. I did not order food, but appreciated the service for work with a nischebrodsky order (tea without nothing). The attitude is absolutely benevolent, and even when passing across the hall, the waiters did not make faces, but smiled and prompted answers on questions. In general – a beautiful view, but expensive. More about institution – Restaurant Height – at 2320 meters taste disappears from food and drinks.

Restaurant Height 2320, Rosa Khutor Restaurant Height 2320, Rosa Khutor

Restaurant Height 2320, Rosa Khutor

Cafe Pear

Hole for older people and Olympic family tourists The villages. The pear is an oasis of silence and prudence in the middle of the ocean. youth frenzy and sports and alcohol achievements. I I tried several establishments on our patch, but only in Pear found the same balance between his preferences and restaurant features. The audience here is calmer than in the neighboring Surf, Mamont or Paul Bakery, a kitchen of excellent quality, pleasant service and amazing views of the sunset sky in the mountains. More about institution – Cafe Pear – a place for adult uncles and aunts Olympic Village.

Cafe Pear, Rose Farm, Olympic Village Cafe Pear, Rose Farm, Olympic Village

Cafe Pear, Rosa Khutor, Olympic Village

Alaska bar & grill

Alaska is a kind of heating, recreation and regrouping. Unlike many institutions in the mountains, it is not worth at the end of the last route, where people are going to après-ski, and in the mountains between the lifts This is packed young people who are not going leave from the mountains until the evening and they need to eat here and now. People here are constantly changing, coming, noisy exchange news, laugh, eat and disappear behind the door. Small at all menu, and there are features when ordering. Read more about the place – Alaska bar & grill – ride? Sit down, eat.

Alaska bar & grill, Роза Хутор Alaska bar & grill, Роза Хутор

Alaska bar & grill, Rosa Khutor

Balagan Restaurant

Balagan – a former tent city, which was based cooks and people pretending to be them. They poured hot tea and coffee, fed pancakes, and now the tents have been upgraded to capital buildings, but the concept remains the same – a communal flat. Common tables and shops, manger, small menu, average quality and lousy prices The usual staging post in the mountains to go in, eat and run away ride on. More about the restaurant – Restaurant Balagan – from tents to restaurants.

Restaurant Balagan, Rosa Khutor Restaurant Balagan, Rosa Khutor

Restaurant Balagan, Rosa Khutor

Cafe Paul Bakery

Unexpected disappointment. I came here repeatedly in looking for a convenient place to work. And found, but here each attempt order food and drinks – led to the collapse. It’s not tasty. It’s not tasty. It’s not tasty. Thanks to them for their nice interior, half-empty room and good stable internet but. The service leaves much to be desired, as well as the restaurant chef, if there exists at all as staffing unit. Learn more about the place – Paul Bakery’s Coffee Shop Rosa Khutor – so-so, but the Internet is good.

Coffee House Paul Bakery at Rosa Khutor Coffee House Paul Bakery at Rosa Khutor

Coffee House Paul Bakery at Rosa Khutor

Cafe Surf Coffee

A lot of ponta from nothing. These are the buzzwords from the arsenal vegans and metrosexuals, network scale and quality design soft-boiled break about the lack of professionalism of staff, trash music and unrealistic long service in not the busiest period of the day. I came in a couple of times to make sure of my conclusions after that he moved to Pear. Surf Coffee is a party place. for young people, noisy, loud-voiced, chaotic – here they have a high. More information about the institution – Surf Coffee – coffee and noise in Rosa Khutor.

Cafe Surf Coffee, Rosa Khutor Cafe Surf Coffee, Rosa Khutor

Cafe Surf Coffee, Rosa Khutor

Buffet and bar Berloga

An institution with après-ski concept, that is, it’s good to come here after you finished pokatushki. No need to go home take off gear and climb into the shower with a hungry belly. Threw off board porch – that’s it, start ordering food, nobody is sure about you look – it’s all like that. Party place after tedious day, for large companies or family holidays. Here is also service rental mountain equipment. Read more about the restaurant – Buffet and bar Berloga – après-ski in the Olympic Village.

Buffet and Bar Berloga, Olympic Village in Rosa Khutor Buffet and Bar Berloga, Olympic Village in Rosa Khutor

Buffet and bar Berloga, the Olympic Village in Rosa Khutor

On the map

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