Where to buy and how much pearls cost on Phuket

Buying pearls in Phuket is possible in two Versions are products from sea or river material. Which one which one is better? On the one hand, pearls extracted from rivers are more Available at a price. On the other – sea pearl is more durable product and products from it can serve more than a hundred years old. Therefore, the acquisition of pearl jewelry collected from seabed, more appropriate compared with the first option. By the way, silver from Thailand

Attractive for tourists and the price of pearls on Phuket is about $ 30 easy to pick up. earrings and beads made from natural material. Products, produced from cultured pearls, cost have lower because the technology of obtaining material provides for replanting the glass base in the present the sink.

On the Thai island in the price is always the mineral round Forms with a diameter of more than 10 mm. Pearls in second place drop-shaped. The third place of honor can be given small pearls, because even one thread contains many beads. Mineral medium size with irregular shape is offered at an acceptable price

By the criterion of “color” natural material takes the following positions: golden, black, white and pink.

In general, a decent string of beads in Phuket is selling for $ 60- $ 80.

Where to buy pearls in Phuket, if any desire to get an elegant expensive decoration? Locals point to points of sale with higher prices – from 100 y. e. and above. But on average, the cost of products on the island is set to level 60 dollars. In any case, you can buy pearls. in almost any jewelry store. No matter on what kind of pearl will fall buyer’s choice, new clothes will always be Look good and stylish. The main thing – to pick up a pearl in the frame, appropriate style of decoration.

An overview of pearl farms and a detailed list of stores where You can buy these gems, you can look at sitemake.travel.

Pearls in Phuket

Learn to choose pearl products

The main criteria that determine the quality of jewelry are:

  • glitter products;
  • nacre thickness;
  • smooth beads;
  • Colour;
  • the form;
  • the size.

Special attention is given to the thickness of the pearl layer, t. since it depends on the service life of the product. Top cover quality affects the reflective ability of the mineral. Products high class is determined by the brightness and natural brilliance of beads – just such he is a real shining pearl on Phuket Looking at him creates the illusion of finding ball inside another ball. In this case, the sun’s rays are reflected from topcoats and refracted in the deepest layers nacre.

Pearls in Phuket

Before buying attractive jewelry is recommended carefully examine the pearl under bright light and on a bright background. In such conditions, any flaws will immediately become noticeable. Check carried out and by rolling precious balls on flat surface.

Phuket – the real treasure of the Andaman Sea. Values from here they are freely transported abroad thanks to certificates issued by sellers. When buying pearl jewelry from the factory “Gems Gallery” is not necessary payment of VAT. And this is another reason for their acquisition.

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