What to see in the Krasnodar Territory – a selection attractions

Despite the fact that I often travel abroad, then I really like our Krasnodar region, where I I try to be once a year. Not a service, of course, attracts, but nature and something else inexplicable. True, I usually drive on our Black the sea in spring or autumn to avoid crowds, so I see resorts and attractions are not quite as they see them most people.

Regardless of when you go to the Krasnodar region, You can see a lot of things in terms of attractions, from natural to man-made (below a certain TOP10). The main thing to remember is that in August the peak season and accordingly, most people. So if you want smaller Moving away, then choose other months.

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  • 1 Jegosh Gorge – 33 waterfalls
  • 2 Tiger Cave
  • 3 Trout Farm
  • 4 Museum of retro cars in Gelendzhik
  • 5 Abrau-Durso Champagne Museum
  • 6 Aquarium Terrarium
  • 7 Sukko Valley
  • 8 Winter Sports Palace “Iceberg”
  • 9 Tizdar Volcano
  • 10 Museum-cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov”
  • 11 Attraction Map

Dzhegosh gorge – 33 waterfalls

10 km north of the village of Golovinka there is a stream gorge Jogos, where you can see the beautiful cascade of waterfalls. They are here already 33! 13 rapids and 7 voskatov form an incredible picture. The most the highest is the lowest waterfall – 12 m.

On the slopes of the stream picturesquely spreads boxwood and many others. relict plants. The path to the waterfalls runs along the course of one of the largest rivers of the coast – the Shah. Around are tea plantations, as well as a cheese factory located nearby, where tourists offer to taste all sorts of hot, fresh Adyghe cheese.

At the foot of the cascade of the 33rd waterfalls there is another bright The attraction of these places is the trout farm where you can feed the fish and learn interesting facts about the intricacies of their breeding. Read more about 33 waterfalls.

Here they are 33 waterfalls, go down Here they are 33 waterfalls, go down

Here they are 33 waterfalls, go down

Tiger cave

Tiger cave is located in the vicinity of the village Thagapsh, Lazarevsky district of Krasnodar region. This cave is unique in that what is the source at the same time: into the bed of the Hekuai River water falls. 30 meters from this river, on a picturesque slope is the entrance to the cave. The name of the cave comes from the unusual, striped limestone.

The length of the Tiger Cave is 160 meters, and the set of its moves has an area of 304 square meters. km In most places the vaults are omitted. so low that you can only walk through the water. The main part of the cave is completely filled with water. Near the cave Sparkling Falls is located, falling from a height of 35 meters, and dense relict forest with huge oaks, beeches and three hundred year olds chestnuts.

Trout Farm

On the bank of the Mzymta River in Adler there is a large trout fish. household This is the only trout-breeding plant in Russia, engaged in the cultivation of fry. Since the early 1960s here there are 111 ponds. The fish grows in them for 4 years, gaining weight during this time up to 12 kg.

Arriving at this place, you can see the real wonders of selection – a trout that has a golden and bright blue color. On the territory of the plant is open shop “Golden fish”, where you can purchase fresh fish. In addition, anyone can take participation in trout fishing. And in a small cafe on site The farms serve a wide variety of trout dishes.

Museum of retro cars in Gelendzhik

Located in the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka of the Gelendzhik district. AT the museum’s collections are only 15 cars, however, in just one year he became quite a respected attraction Black Sea coast. Here are the “Lincoln Continental” 1977 and the Mercedes of 1930, as well as samples of domestic automotive industry: “Zaporozhets”, “Volga”, and unmatched “morgunovka” of of the cult Soviet film “Operation” Y “and other adventures Shurika “. The museum also contains exhibits of modern tuned auto.

Abrau-Durso Champagne Museum

Abrau-Durso is not only the birthplace of the well-known Russian champagne, but also a storehouse of ancient legends and adverbs. Beautiful view of the lake Abrau and the picturesque mountain slopes opens like only you turn right from Novorossiysk highway. Quality and the number of produced drinks Abrau-Durso is not inferior even elite varieties of Italian and French wines. Abrau and Durso – two different villages and separated by a seven-kilometer mountain road serpentine, but they are united by the valley, where they grow the best grapes Krasnodar region. In the museum of champagne you can find old traditions that are still piously honored in the wine business: even turning the bottles here is exclusively female by hands. Among the famous Russian brands of champagne of different years excerpts are presented here “Millezim”, brut “Imperial”, “Dravigny”, “Russian Champagne” and, of course, the famous “” ABRAU “.

Aquarium terrarium

Among the exotic attractions of the Krasnodar Territory one of the most famous is the aquarium terrarium located in Sochi. Since 1989, more than 200 species of fish have been living in an aquarium reptiles, birds and amphibians (lizards, snakes and crocodiles). The main favorites of the tourists are the net python 4 m long and weighing more than 50 kg (who is still a “teenager”), rainbow python, black piranhas, Jaco’s parrot, rhinoceros iguana and black-tailed rattler. Exactly at many zoological TV shows were filmed in this place – for example, “Animal Life” Nikolai Drozdov or “Travel of Naturalist” Pavel Lyubimov.

Sukko Valley

On the eve of the mountainous Caucasus (Anapa region) appears picturesque scenery of the Sukko Valley. Not drying out even in summer the heat of the Sukko River is framed by centuries-old trees: immense oaks, elms, willows, beeches. Thanks to pine groves and relic juniper, the air here is filled with aromatic resins that are known to beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Small pebble beaches, crystal clear water, sea air saturated with iodine, mountains and mineral waters give a special uniqueness to Sukko. This the area is famous for the fact that it is the only place on Kuban, where marsh cypress trees grow half a meter high, whose homeland is Mexico.

Winter Sports Palace “Iceberg”

Ice Palace “Iceberg” in Adler was built in 2012. is he consists of an ice arena and a figure skating rink skating. Famous competitions were held here: Russian Championships on figure skating 2013-2015, figure skating and short track Olympic Games 2014 and others. Arena capacity is 12 thousand person. The building is extremely beautiful: the facade of an indoor ice rink has a wavy shape and is sheathed with several shades of stained glass sky blue. At the same time, the whole object has a collapsible construction: can be easily dismantled and transported to any point of the globe.

Volcano Tizdar

Located in the north of the Taman Peninsula, in Temryuk District Krasnodar region. This place is located in the village of Golubitskaya (another name – Anapa Blue Sopka). Volcano itself rather It resembles a lake, and therapeutic: here from the bottom periodically mud streams come out. Diving in the volcano is not desirable, here you can get stuck, and is not recommended is in the “healing” crater more than 15 minutes. Fascinating factor is that the volcano no bottom, and the feeling of weightlessness gives a special density of clay. Tourists come to this place because blue clay is like known to be famous for its healing properties: cleanses the skin, strengthens hair, etc. And already in twenty steps from the crater there is the opportunity to plunge into the refreshing water of the Azov Sea.

Museum-cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov”

More recently, the cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov” was a real combat ship, being in the composition of the Navy of the USSR. Now it is a branch of the museum. Black Sea Fleet and famous landmark Novorossiysk. The ship itself is considered a masterpiece of world shipbuilding and has an impressive history of combat service. Floating Museum located near the central promenade, in the passenger port. Inside, it looks like a tangled maze, so tourists recommend visiting it with a guide. More about Cruiser Michael Kutuzov.

Cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov in Novorossiysk Cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov in Novorossiysk

Cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov in Novorossiysk

Attractions map

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