What apartment can be rented in Adler – Eurostyle by the sea (video)

Today we are leaving Adler for Moscow. Already laid out post A selection of hotels in Adler, and now I decided to quickly publish A short post about our apartment, where we lived the last 10 days. Moreover, not about one apartment, but about two at once, but from one the host.

The fact is that one apartment was bigger and better, but it half the time we needed was busy and the second was smaller and is free. Therefore, we decided to live 5 days in one, 5 days in another. In general, both options are good, with the exception of some minuses, about which I will tell below. And the location is also good, just 5 minutes. to the sea, a quiet area, near several supermarkets, table, trays with fruit.

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Apartment in Adler №1

Price and reservation

If you don’t know what Airbnb is, then it’s time to find out! A great service where you can rent a house without intermediaries, as the day so and for a longer period. Read my detailed post about it. service where I tell you how to register and get $ 20 bonus, how to search for accommodation, etc.

The cost of the apartment is 2400 rub / day. Book can be on the link on Airbnb. True, the owner does not make friends with the service and therefore his price is not always the one he had in mind. We are with this and he made me a special offer (another price), because I could not for some reason change the price directly in the service. Alternatively, you can also book through Booking.


Apartment pleases the eye with its furnishings. Constantly wonder how still “live” options with carpets on the wall and furniture of Soviet times. Does anyone rent such apartments, if for the price they are not inferior? Nevermind. In general, the design ala “IKEA Style” and me he personally likes it. The most important thing that is not sad and at the same time clean. The apartment is a studio with a fenced off bedroom. Kitchen combined with the living room and it is very comfortable in my opinion. Squares too enough for a stay, both short and longer. The kitchen is well equipped: large fridge, gas stove, microwave, kettle, dishes for cooking and eating. Near the wall is big flat tv with a bunch of channels. There is air conditioning. the Internet It is distributed on Wifi from the Yota modem. The speed is so-so, but you can increase, although not the fact that the problem is in the tariff not quite steady. But 3G from Megaphone is perfectly caught, I’m on it Part of the time was sitting.

I think a big plus of this apartment for the off-season – the presence of proper gas boiler. By itself, hot water is always in availability, but the main thing is that you can turn on the heating when the heating season has not started (if we talk about the central heating in homes), moreover, not everywhere, in principle, is there heating. I I like to have 26-27 degrees and better open the window so that aired than sitting at 22-24 and not opening the window at all.

Parking here is not very Parking here is not very

Parking here is not very

Apartment in Adler Apartment in Adler

Apartment in Adler

In the courtyard there is a small playground In the courtyard there is a small playground

There is a small playground in the yard.

Elevator, which travels only on cards, 600 rubles / month Elevator, which travels only on cards, 600 rubles / month

Elevator, which travels only on cards, 600 rubles per month

ktira-adler-06 ktira-adler-06

ktira-adler-01 ktira-adler-01

ktira-adler-02 ktira-adler-02

ktira-adler-03 ktira-adler-03

ktira-adler-04 ktira-adler-04

ktira-adler-05 ktira-adler-05

The area was increased by the balcony, so here now is such a door The area was increased by the balcony, so here now is such a door

The area was increased due to the balcony, so here now is this a door

View from the window View from the window

View from the window

wifi-yota wifi-yota

Now about the minuses, they also exist. Tiled floor throughout the apartment. In the summer, even a plus, but in the autumn-winter-spring you will have to go to slippers, even the boiler will not save, the floor is icy. The second minus is a bit sprawling furniture, the drawer does not hold with spoons / forks, wall door flew off. It seems like they promised to fix it, but I do not know how quickly things get moving. There are not critical breakdowns, but A bit can strain. The next minus – the owner has no card for the elevator, so the baby carriage and suitcases on the second floor will need to be drag on yourself. If you do not have a child or he is already walking, then it is not problem. And the last minus is parking. It is, but the place is small. we lived in October and found a place without problems (1-2 always was), and here in the season, I’m afraid there just blocking someone from getting up and not The fact that right next to. There is an underground parking, but apparently it paid

Apartment in Adler №2

Price and reservation

The apartment costs 2000 rubles per day. You can book by clicking on the link to Airbnb. As I wrote above, the price is better to specify in a personal, because that it is not always the one that you can actually get. Whether the owner I did not figure out how to set the price (in his words), or if it stirs up something :)


The design in the second apartment is very similar, only it is different smaller size, located on the ground floor (elevator not needed) and she has a laminate floor, which by itself is warmer by touch tile! That is, she is spared from the minuses of the first apartment, but acquired their own. In terms of technical equipment all the same: refrigerator, gas stove, kettle, microwave, washing machine, TV, gas boiler, air conditioning. Planning despite a small area can easily accommodate 3-4 people. Maybe someone will seem dark here, because only one a small window in the kitchen, and the second in the bedroom (we always had it closed with curtains). And here in the bedroom there is a sofa, not orthopedic mattress, but IMHO the bed is quite comfortable, to me came up, although I’m picky about things like that.

ktira-adler-12 ktira-adler-12

ktira-adler-15 ktira-adler-15

ktira-adler-16 ktira-adler-16

ktira-adler-17 ktira-adler-17

ktira-adler-18 ktira-adler-18

ktira-adler-19 ktira-adler-19

ktira-adler-20 ktira-adler-20

ktira-adler-14 ktira-adler-14

Now for the cons. Again, the cons are not critical, but it’s better to know about them in advance. The worst thing is that the latch does not work at the entrance door. And it does not work so that I closed it, and then opened it pliers, otherwise nothing. She is not really needed, but better than her at all dismantle was or at least just write a sign so as not to enjoyed. The second minus – the doors at the closet in the hallway flew off with runners and do not ride. Judging by the reviews, the bug is not fixed already several months. Yotovsky modem catches bad and Internet speed no This may be the problem of a particular modem model and its You just need to change, but I did not find out, I sat on 3G from Megaphone. ABOUT minus parking will not be repeated, it is fair for this apartments

Video review

On the map

P.S. Other apartments are rented in this house, but they have less progressive owners, so on the sites I did not find them.

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