Weather in Phuket in June 2019

Weather in Phuket in June 2019

June vacation is always good, and if this vacation takes place in such amazing country like Thailand, it becomes a double good!

In this article we:

  • Let’s get acquainted with the features of the weather in Phuket in June. Will give water and air temperature values.
  • Answer the question, is it worth to visit this island and young? Tell about the sights and ways pastime.
  • We give prices for rest in June 2019.
  • Be sure to give useful tips for a memorable stay on this island.

The content of the article

  1. June weather: water and air temperature
  2. So is it worth going to Phuket in June?
    1. What to do at this time?
    2. What to see on this island?
    3. Prices for holidays in Phuket in June 2019
  3. What needs to be considered when going to Phuket at the beginning of summer?

June weather: water and air temperature

Although this month in Phuket is also “rich” in the rains, yet the rest in this period is possible here. Maybe in July in Phuket is not so is it wet?

Yes, you can not always swim in the sea, but there are other types of recreation.

Night temperature is not much different from daytime, and steadily exceeds 25 degrees.

The water temperature is also stable and reaches 28 degrees above zero.

Weather in Phuket in June 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
At the beginning of June + 29 … 30 ° С + 26 … 27 ° С + 30 ° С
At the end of June + 29 … 30 ° С + 27 … 28 ° С + 31 ° С

Virtually all of the island’s west coast during this period the waves. Waves tend to modify their height depending from the phase of the moon, on certain days their height reaches 2 meters.

But precipitations in Phuket at the beginning of the summer fall unstable. The average number of rainy days in a month is 17 days. But rains can be very different: from a little rain to powerful tropical rain shower. Just over a month falls a little over 200 millimeters of rain.

Such rainy weather scares off tourists who prefer beach rest, so the prices for rest are practically approaching May prices and are not high.

But besides a beach holiday here you can find a lot ways to have a great time. Read our article to the end, and You will learn how inexpensively spend your June holidays on this resort!

Want to know where the cheapest tours are?

Where are the cheapest tours: 10 rules for buying a tour →

So is it worth going to Phuket in June?

Phuket in June - Panwa Beach

Of course, only you can decide, but if you decide to spend your vacation in June Phuket, check out our recommendations.

And despite the abundance of rain in June, do not forget to use sun protection even on cloudy days, because ultraviolet dangerous in cloudy weather.

What to do at this time?

Since the west coast is stormy, we recommend going to east coast resort. Most popular here Patong and Panwa beaches. The beach is also attractive. Ravai, on which there is such a famous promthep cape. To that You can visit the Orchid Garden, the Shell Museum and market.

It is also considered a relatively “quiet” beach. Kata-Noah.

But even on the listed beaches, pay attention to the signs. rescue services – red flags at sea mean ban on bathing!

And if the calm sea does not attract you and give you waves, Phuket in June will satisfy this desire. Surfing, popular with tourists in June is extremely relevant, because waves reach 2 meters in height.

Want to test yourself in long-distance running? In june on Phuket is a marathon “Laguna Phuket”. For adults participants are offered a standard marathon distance of 42 km, 16-year-olds can run 21 km, and children from 12 years old – 10 km. Well, and who is not confident in their abilities, can pass a sports step distance of 5 kilometers.

If it is raining outside the hotel, you can always visit one from spa salons, which in the resort more than abound. Cosmetic is popular with tourists. service “fish peeling” – small fish eat cornified areas skin.

Phuket lives and various “nightlife” discos, bars and nightclubs cater to the tastes of even the most demanding tourist.

Vacationers will give vivid impressions of local shows. transvestites whose performances necessarily present dances of different nations. By the way transvestites in Thailand are really many and they are found everywhere!

What to see on this island?

Phuket attracts tourists with its historical and natural sights.

From natural sights you want to highlight:

  • Cape Promthep.
  • Patong Beach.
  • Lake Cheo Lang.
  • Phi Phi and Similan Islands. And also James Bond Island, Co. Koh Lanta and Krabi Island.

And from historical and cultural memorials we recommend visit:

  • Wat Chalong Temple.
  • Big Buddha statue.
  • National Park Sirinat.
  • Sarasin Bridge.
  • Temple Phra Tong.
  • Sea Shell Museum.
  • Park “Kingdom of Tigers”.
  • Orchid garden.
  • Mountain monkeys.

Weather in Phuket in June - Orchid GardenOrchid garden

Phuket Monkey MountainMonkey mountain

Phuket, Cape PromthepCape Promthep

Phuket, Kingdom of Tigers ParkKingdom of Tigers Park

Prices for holidays in Phuket in June 2019

So when it’s decided to spend the June holidays in Thailand, things collected, sights studied, it remains the case for small – Read the prices of rest.

In the tables we have selected for you the best price offers. to rest in the early summer. Perhaps in July the rest will cost you lower cost? Compare the cost with the prices of holidays in june

Prices for Phuket tours in June 2019
Number of stars hotel Tour price for two, rub.
7 days 10 days
At the beginning of June 3 * from 72 400 rub. from 76 200 rub.
At the end of June * from 60 800 rub. from 65 900 rub.

Planning an independent vacation? Then it’s time to find out Travel rates at this time:

Prices for independent holidays in Phuket in June 2019
The price of flights from Moscow (there and back) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
from 27 000 rub. from 480 rub. from 600 rub.

What needs to be considered when going to Phuket at the beginning of summer?

First of all, please note that in June the resort drops significant rainfall. Take this into account when compiling recreation programs. Also remember that flying to Thailand is pretty long lasting. Want to know how much time to fly in Thailand?

Do you think that the rains will hinder a good rest in June Phuket? No matter how wrong! Read our tips and go to fascinating journey to Thailand.

7 tips for the “right” holiday in Phuja in June:

  1. Sunscreen cosmetics are very desirable, because the sun is on it the resort is bright, and the danger of the ultraviolet “breaks through” even through clouds on cloudy days.
  2. We recommend to purchase travel insurance before rest, because the rates for medical care throughout Thailand are enough are high.
  3. The abundance of rain simply forces you to take to rest appropriate clothing and shoes. Be sure to bring an umbrella or raincoat, because tropical rain is different from our “relatives” rains.
  4. If you plan to visit several places throughout the day, order a car for the whole day. It will turn out much cheaper than take a taxi. Although the main way Moving to the resort is still a bike.
  5. By the way, if you still dare to independent movement on a bike (this is a bold act, given the style driving local drivers!), remember that driving in Phuket left-sided.
  6. Do not buy food from street vendors, drink water only bottled
  7. In June, the island hosts the Laguna Phuket Marathon and boat festival “Chao Le”. Both events will leave after a vivid impression, and the marathon will still provide an opportunity check your physical fitness. And what else is interesting happening on Phuket in the summer? Read here.
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