Weather in Egypt in September 2019

Weather in Egypt in September 2019

Want to get in the summer in September? Then boldly head to Egypt! Comfortable September weather allows you to enjoy all beach holidays by the sea and take a trip to nearest cities.

In this article you will learn:

  • Features of the September weather in Egypt.
  • Which resorts are suitable for holidays in September.
  • What is worth considering when going on holiday to Egypt.
  • The cost of travel in September.

The content of the article

  1. September heat but relax comfortably
  2. Egypt in September: where better to go?
    1. Sharm El Sheikh in September
    2. Hurghada in September
    3. Taba in September
    4. Where better to relax with a child?
  3. What you need to know, going to Egypt in early fall?

September heat but relax comfortably

September in Egypt is the beginning of the velvet season. Though the sun and remains active, but there is already a decrease in sweltering heat. AT At the beginning of autumn neither dust storms, nor rains, nor strong winds, no clouds.

Weather in Egypt in September 2019
Resort Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
Sharm el sheikh + 33… 36 ° C + 27 … 29 ° C + 27 ° C
Hurghada + 33… 36 ° C + 26 … 28 ° C + 30 ° C
Taba + 30… 34 ° C + 20… 22 ° C + 25 ° C

Temperatures are high during the day, so with confidence we can say that Egypt is hot, but moderately. By the evening column Thermometer goes down, setting for holidaymakers pleasant sensations, but not cool temperatures. By the end of the month the temperature the air is waning.

Attention! September sun in Egypt is very insidiously, so you should follow the rules of safe rest: use sunscreen with a high level of protection, wear a hat and drink more water.

Sea water remains warm and comfortable for swimming, even at night it does not cool. During the day – complete calm. For many, the sea is not brings long-awaited coolness. Due to the low humidity and to constant light breeze, high temperatures are transferred easy.

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Egypt in September: where better to go?

Egypt, resorts

For the rest in the beginning of autumn any Egyptian resort will do. The choice should be made on the basis of their preferences: whether it is a lonely place, whether it is a city full of youth gatherings and plenty of entertainment. Another criterion choice – financial opportunities.

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Rest features:

  • Most of the hotels organize leisure time for leisure travelers within territory of the hotel. This is food, private beach, entertainment, water parks, drinks, sightseeing tours. So take a rest with comfort you can even leave the hotel.
  • An important condition is to have your own beach. If a such is absent, then spending time by the sea will have to public beach.
  • When choosing a vacation spot, you should pay attention to the shore of the beach: whether it is a coral coast with a pontoon bridge, or whether it is peeled sand with a gentle bottom.

Sharm El Sheikh in September

September weather conditions are high: clear sky, active sun, warm evenings bringing long-awaited cool Daily temperature background is above +30 degrees at night are reduced by only a few marks. In that month, the summer heat is waning, and thanks to the light sea The September heat is easily tolerated.

On a note. In Sharm el-Sheikh should not go to end of September. At this time there are storms and low tides, and in the sea becomes uncomfortable to swim.

There is no rain at this resort at the beginning of autumn, and there are no clouds, and strong winds carrying sand from the desert. Sea water is enough well heated by the summer sun, so you can swim for a long time time.

Weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in September 2019
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
In early September + 35… 36 ° C + 27 … 29 ° C + 27 ° C
At the end of September + 33… 35 ° C + 27 … 29 ° C + 27 ° C

Things to do?

Sharm el-Sheikh, MotosafariMotosafari

Sharm el-Sheikh, CoastCoast

Sharm el-Sheikh, Underwater world of the Red SeaUnderwater world Red sea

Sharm el-Sheikh, the Singing Fountains in SohoSinging fountains in Soho

Sharm el-Sheikh, Il-Mercato DistrictIl Mercato District

Comfortable weather for the beach has to all types of beach recreation. In September, there are a lot of tourists at the resort, so for leisure activities are provided with different types of entertainment.

Diving is very popular here. Underwater world of the Red Sea is unique. Look at exotic fish, amazing beauty corals, unique plants can be both scuba and mask You can also go on an excursion to the sea caves. Abu Tinun or Jackson Reef. Other beach activities are kitesurfing and windsurfing, banana and jet skiing, yachting, water slides on the shore, etc.

In the evening you should walk along the promenade, visit Dolphinarium or one of the fun discos. Those who prefer extreme relaxation, enjoy the pleasure of motosafari, riding on camel jumping parachuting.

Attention! Avoid evening bathing and gathering on the beach. After sunset the coast and shallow waters fill groups and sometimes colonies of sea urchins. Their sharp needles bear serious trouble.

What to visit:

  • Singing Fountains;
  • Nabq reserve;
  • Ile-Mercato shopping street;
  • St. Catherine’s Monastery;
  • business district Il Mercato.

Hurghada in September

September is characterized by a dry season and no suffocating heat, strong storms and temperature extremes. Whole month there is a comfortable warm weather with a hot sun and cloudless sky. The daytime temperature is slightly above +32 degrees In the evening the resort is fresh and cool, which is very good for walks and night festivities.

Weather in Hurghada in September 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
In early September + 35… 36 ° C + 26 … 28 ° C + 30 ° C
At the end of September + 33… 36 ° C + 26 … 28 ° C + 30 ° C

The warm and calm sea pleases tourists day and night. Waves in September is not, also there is no ebb and flow. First half of the month in Hurghada a light south-west wind blows, which is slightly refreshing, but does not bring coolness. Towards October, it is replaced by northern air masses, which significantly affects night temperatures of air.

Things to do?

Hurghada, white stone mosqueWhite stone mosque

Hurghada, Grand Resort 5 Hotel ComplexHotel Grand Resort 5 complex

Hurghada Beach AreaBeach area

Hurghada, YachtingYachting

Weather conditions provide a large selection of beach entertainment. The championship holds diving and snorkeling. Clear and warm water reveals impressive flora and fauna. underwater world. Rack diving is also gaining popularity. practicing sunken ships research. Other beach entertainment – yachting, riding on a submarine, sea fishing, water slides, etc.

You can diversify leisure on land. Active tourists like desert safaris on quad bikes, a trip to camel to the Bedouin village. Hot days will help brighten up the rest in water parks located on the territory of hotel complexes.

What to visit:

  • aquarium;
  • dolphinarium;
  • Egyptian bazaar;
  • white stone mosque on El Mina street
  • Coptic Temple;
  • Museum of Marine Biology.

Taba in September

This resort in September is attractive due to dry weather conditions. warm sea and comfortable temperature. The whole month is saturated sunny days. Daily temperatures do not fall below +30 degrees, but there are days when the thermometer rolls over. In the evening, the long-awaited coolness falls to the resort. Wherein temperature difference is striking, but it does not affect cooling seas. Water day and night is pleasant for swimming.

Low humidity and light breeze helps to easily carry the heat from the sea. For the whole month the sky is not covered with clouds or clouds there is also no precipitation.

Weather in Taba in September 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
In early September + 33… 34 ° C + 20… 22 ° C + 25 ° C
At the end of September + 30… 31 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 25 ° C

Things to do?

Taba, Bedouin VillageBedouin Village

Taba, Resort HotelResort hotel

Taba, Sinai fjordSinai Fjord

Taba, Cathedral of St. CatherineSt. Catherine’s Cathedral

Taba – a quiet and peaceful town, which is hidden on the shore sea ​​between the mountain ranges. There is no noisy entertainment, rave places and discos. Therefore, this resort is ideal for a measured family holidays, couples with young children and the elderly age

Despite the privacy, you can have a good time. Highly Popular among tourists diving and free diving. In the city are open three centers for preparing for diving in the depths of the sea, and training sessions are conducted by professional underwater instructors. After briefing, divers head for coral reefs to the island. Pharaoh’s. Other entertainment for holidaymakers – sailing, playing golf on a deserted field.

On a note. The resort is located near Of Israel. Neighborhood with this country creates unfavorable conditions for a free rest. Because of this, it is not recommended to perform evening walks in the city and surroundings, as well as leaving the hotel without documents.

What to see?

Taba is surrounded by a monotonous desert landscape with lifeless sands. But even in this area there are interesting objects for studying. For example, the castle Zaman, built by creative an architect from scrap materials. He stands on a hill on seacoast, near – pool, beach and coral reefs. Other attractive place – the medieval castle of Saladin, who served in old times border post.

Among the natural beauties – the Sinai fjord, a large coral Canyon in the Valley of the Lost Land, Colored Canyon. You can also visit the oldest Cathedral of St. Catherine, where it is worth seeing the well of Moses and the deity Golden calf, drawn on the rock Sinai.

Remoteness of Taba from the main resort areas makes a meaningless trip to inspect the main attractions Egypt, as the road takes too much time.

Where better to relax with a child?

Where better to relax with a child, WaterparkAquapark

Where it is better to rest with a child, Dolphinarium in HurghadaDolphinarium in Hurghada

Where better to relax with a child

Egypt for leisure travel is interesting both for adults and children Therefore, going to an Egyptian resort, you should take into account distance from the airport. It is better to choose the cities in which the transfer the hotel takes little time and is properly organized.

Another important criterion is the beach and descent into the sea. Children love build sand castles, so for them you need to choose sand beaches with gentle entry into the sea. Coast with corals and descent from pontoons for little travelers will be out of place.

As for the entertainment program, then in almost all hotels have animators, children’s rooms are open, equipped playgrounds, water slides in the pools. So neither one child will not be bored.

If your vacation is not limited to the hotel, then should give preference to cities where water parks are located, aquariums, dolphinariums, musical fountains, modern entertainment centers. That is, those places where you can go with child in the free time from the beach.

What you need to know, going to Egypt in early fall?

If you are not scared away from a trip to Egypt, hot September, then it is worth exploring the prices of tours:

Prices for tours to Egypt in September 2019
Tour price for two (7 nights) Return ticket price Hotel price (1 night) Price of apartments

From 38,000 rubles.

About 20 000 rubles. per person from 10 000 rub. for a double room from 8 000 rub. per room

What to consider when going to Egyptian resorts in September:

  • In the second half of the month, prices for tours increase. It’s related with the features of the weather when the heat subsides, and become ideal conditions for rest.
  • In September, purchase a long bus tour to the central and remote areas of Egypt is undesirable, since there is sultry weather stronger than on the coast, but there is no wind. Better to give preference beach holidays and excursions in the surrounding area.
  • Those who go on a desert safari should stock up easy arafatkoy. During the journey, they cover her head, neck, chin. So the probability of getting sand in the face and under clothing is minimal.
  • On Egyptian beaches to be under the sun should be in the morning hours and afternoon. Midday tan can turn around health troubles.
  • It is not recommended to go to Egypt at the beginning of autumn for those who suffers from cardiovascular diseases and does not tolerate heat. So people travel better postponed to October or November.
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