Weather in Egypt in May 2020

Weather in Egypt in May 2020

There is no patience to wait, when finally the beach season will open in Russia?

Then it’s time to go to foreign countries known for their heat and scorching sun

Consider what the weather will be like in Egypt in May.

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  1. What will be the weather: the temperature of water and air
  2. Egypt in May: which resort is better to choose?
    1. Sharm el-Sheikh in May
    2. Hurghada in May
    3. Taba in may
    4. Where to go to Egypt with a child?
  3. What should be considered when going to Egypt in May?
    1. 6 tips for those who go to Egypt in May

What will be the weather: the temperature of water and air

May is one of the best months for a holiday in Egypt. Hasn’t come yet intense heat, and yet the sun pleasantly warms the earth and the sea. On the west coast of the Red Sea – in Safaga and Hurghada – in the afternoon hot enough – about 30 degrees, at night – more than 21 degrees On the Sinai Peninsula – in Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh – more hotter, although the actual temperature is the same.

Weather in Egypt in May 2020
Resort Temperature during the day Night temperature Water temperature
Sharm el sheikh +29 … 35 +25 … 27 +25
Hurghada +29 … 35 +25 … 27 +28
Taba +26 … 33 +18 … 20 +24

In May, the tourist season opens, so the number of arrivals are large, hotels are clogged, especially in May holidays. By the end of the month the situation changes – it gets hotter temperature rises to 35 degrees.

At the end of spring there is almost no rain here – in some areas of rain do not go at all, somewhere they fall only 1 millimeter, so those who do not like dry weather, no luck go to Egypt at this time of year.

Of course, travel companies focus on comfort. citizens coming here, so sightseeing buses air conditioned but walking through the surroundings walking in this heat, not everyone likes.

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Egypt in May: which resort is better to choose?

Egypt in May - which resort is better to choose

By topic: Where better to rest in Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh in May

On average, the resort 24 days clear, no rain at all. The average temperature reaches +25 degrees, relative air humidity – 27%.

Weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in May 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
+29 … 35 +25 … 27 +25

What to do in May?

Sharm el-Sheikh in May

  • Among the water activities in Sharm el-Sheikh are especially popular catamarans, buns, bananas, parasailing – every beach has entertainment centers that offer this kind of leisure.
  • Many prefer to go to Egypt at the end of spring for the sake of passing a diving course. The underwater world of Sharm el-Sheikh is very interesting and much richer compared to other resorts. If a do not want to learn, you can try a one-time immersion water
  • Water parks are also opening – in Sharm el-Sheikh, they are very good ones.
  • The resort has a famous square with shops, fountains and restaurants – Soho Square, where the locals love to walk and tourists. You can also go to Naama Bay – Boulevard in the center. resort, located between the areas of Hadaba and Nabk. Here many shops, shish bars, restaurants. The street is not long, but very cheerful and saturated.

Hurghada in May

In Hurghada, 24 clear days, precipitation, as in Sharm el-Sheikh, not. Relative air humidity – 25%, average temperature water – 28 degrees.

Weather in Hurghada in May 2020
Resort Happy At night Water temperature
Hurghada +29 … 35 +25 … 27 +28

What to do in May?

Hurghada in May

  • If you don’t want to go outside the hotel, you can turn to animators – they entertain tourists from 10 am down to midnight. Break – day siesta. As entertainments are games and sports, in the evening – dancing and show.
  • The water is warm, so you can go to the beach. On each the beach is a booth with the necessary inventory, so you can allow water fun and sport. If there is no such booth, consult an instructor on a nearby beach. Among aquatic entertainment interesting surfing, water skiing, catamarans, Banana buns, kitesurfing and others.
  • Many people like diving, as well as visiting water parks – Titanic, Sinbad, Jungle Park. We recommend to visit Cairo or Luxor, located closer.
  • You can also go to the desert on quads. In the evening it’s warm enough here, so quad tours are not only available in the afternoon
  • If you are drawn to the sea, but you do not want to swim, we recommend take a small cruise to beautiful places on a yacht. Local travel agencies offer many interesting excursions.
  • If you want to just walk, welcome to the Marina – luxurious promenade with yachts and restaurants, where you can delicious have dinner Here is the attraction “Vertical take-off” – very scary, for fans of tickling nerves.

Taba in may

As in the resorts described above, the 24 days in Taba are clear. Precipitation 1 millimeter falls out, which is only 4% of the average norms. Relative air humidity – 30%.

Weather in Taba in May 2020
Resort Happy At night Water temperature
Taba +26 … 33 +18 … 20 +24

What to do in May?

Taba in May

  • Very fond of tourists coming to Taba, Eilat Bay, which is located in the northern part of the Red Sea. Recently the area has become a national reserve and cultural center. Another name is the Gulf of Aqaba. It is a passage. between the four states, and divides Africa and Eurasia. Large some of the time is hot here, but such weather is tolerated easy enough.
  • You can go to the Lost Land – it is on top 1000 meters above sea level. Previously it was an ancient sea, and in Middle Ages pilgrims went through it to Mecca. Here too Big Coral Canyon is located, stretched for 3 kilometers, and long – 50 meters – a tunnel in the wall of the canyon.
  • Visit also Saladin’s castle – one of the most famous attractions of the country. From the hill on which it is located, an incredible view of the surroundings. Castle more than a thousand years, built it to protect against raids on the Old City. Now the citadel is no longer as luxurious as in earlier times, however look at her anyway interesting.

Where to go to Egypt with a child?

Where to go to Egypt with a child

  • If you are going to visit Sharm el-Sheikh, carefully Consider the choice of hotel – only a few are ready to accept tourists from children and offer them a terrific vacation. However there is Tropicana Grand Azure Resort 5 * – a hotel complex in which enough entertainment – water parks, pools, cafes and menus for children animation. Also there is a Sharm Grand Plaza 5 *, located not far away.
  • The very best choice would be Hurghada – there are always gentle beaches, and near the shore a child can look at the sea dwellers. The best hotel in Hurghada – Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort 4 *. It is specially designed for children – there is a pool water park, rides and a playground. And also a whole body, built for games with little travelers. Enjoyed by in demand are also hotels of Ali Baba Palace, Aladdin, Coral Beach, Jasmine Village and Sia Gall.
  • In Hurghada, children will enjoy the Palace of the Thousand and One Nights – amusement park, reminiscent of Disneyland.
  • If the baby is more than 7 years old, we recommend a visit to the Valley of the Kings, the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Here you can also look at Nile River.

What should be considered when going to Egypt in May?

First of all, check out the prices for full tours with accommodation in five star hotels, as well as airfare, rental apartments and hotel rooms.

Prices for tours to Egypt in May 2020
Resort Number of stars in the hotel Price for 7 days (for two), rub. Price for 10 days (for two), rub.
Sharm el sheikh five* from 45 500 from 60 000
Hurghada five* from 45 000 from 59 000
Taba five* from 60 400 from 68 500

6 tips for those who go to Egypt in May

  • If you are traveling with a child, be sure to bring along beach toys – buckets, shovels, and mattress, children’s snorkel, flippers, inflatable vest and sleeves. Do not forget the first aid kit – Zelenka, iodine, other means, and if there is this need, individual medicines.
  • Take into account the peculiarities of the culture of Egypt – the people here are much more religious. Christianity and Islam are confessed in the country, and if The first denomination is more common in Cairo, in Hurghada. representatives are much smaller. Yet most of the population He dresses modestly enough, which should also be done by tourists, to not stand out much and not attract a lot attention.
  • Parting words for men – better not to touch strangers girls, to look at them intently and generally to show any sexual interest, especially if she is married. Parting words for women – be careful here.
  • We do not recommend you to photograph the locals – in Egypt it is considered an insult, but if you still strongly want to do photo for memory, pre-ask about it. Neither should to take photo and video in places of military importance – railway stations, dams, bridges and airports.
  • Sometimes in the country there may be problems with ATMs, therefore we advise you to stock up in cash, preferably in dollars or euros – here it is a common currency. According to the map “visa” are paid in expensive shops, restaurants and hotels
  • By the way, about the shops – they open at 9 am and work until 8 evenings, but in the beach season can be open all night. AT shops souvenirs and clothing there is no fixed price for goods, so there is an opportunity to bargain.
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