Weather in Egypt in April 2020

Weather in Egypt in April 2020

From the article below you will learn:

  • Features of the April weather in Egypt.
  • Which resort to choose for a holiday this month.
  • The cost of travel to Egypt in April.
  • A few tips on how to successfully spend a vacation in April

The content of the article

  1. Features of the weather, water temperature and air
  2. Egypt in April: where better to relax?
    1. Sharm el-Sheikh in April
    2. Hurghada in April
    3. Taba in April
    4. Where better to relax with a child?
  3. What you need to know, going to Egypt in April?

Features of the weather, water temperature and air

April’s weather in Egypt is unstable. Despite to the fact that the air masses are already well warmed up, at the beginning of the month in This African country is marked by whirlwinds carrying hot sand from the desert. Dust storms are short and depending on the area last a few days. By the second half of the month hot wind Khamsin throughout Egypt subsides and the weather stabilizes.

Weather in Egypt in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
Sharm el sheikh +26 … + 31 ° C +22 … + 24 ° C + 23 ° C
Hurghada +26 … + 32 ° C +22 … + 24 ° C + 24 ° C
Taba +23 … + 29 ° C +15 … + 17 ° C + 20 ° C
Cairo +24 … + 30 ° C +16 … + 18 ° C
Safaga +26 … + 31 ° C +22 … + 24 ° C + 23 ° C
Luxor +29 … + 36 ° C +19 … + 22 ° C

The closer to May the temperature background rises during the day at night. there is still a slight coolness. Since April action Winds are a frequent occurrence, then there is no strong heat here. Do not worry about rains, cloudy days and storms, in April does not happen.

On a note. Peak Heat Indicators Marked in the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula and remote from the sea regions.

The water in the sea in the middle of spring is well warmed and pleasant for bathing. Low humidity, dry air and refreshing breeze make pastime by the sea comfortable.

Since the summer heat has not yet come, April is just that month, when it is worth making excursions inland.

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Egypt in April: where better to relax?

Sharm el-Sheikh, Quay

The climate is such that a trip to Egypt is better. plan early in the month on the Sinai Peninsula. This area protected by the Sinai Mountains from the dry and dusty wind of Khamsin, so that the permanent mountains of sand will not cause inconvenience. More most prone to sandstorm areas of the Nile Delta and the western coast of the Red Sea. Open area allows sandy the masses move freely.

In the second half of April, the choice of a place of rest is unlimited: Khamsin no longer bothers, and the temperature background allows all day be on the beach.

Attention! On the resorts of the Red Sea in April focus jellyfish clusters. They are not dangerous for humans, but who are unpleasant influxes of marine life, can wait out this period in the hotel pool.

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Sharm el-Sheikh in April

The April weather at this resort is unstable: it is warm, this is hot. But it is quite conducive to comfortable rest. Temperature extremes in the afternoon are still far from the summer heat, and in the evening the air is not cooled below +20 degrees. All month shines the sun, and its rays are already very aggressive. Being in the open the air should protect the skin from sunburn.

The sea is heated to the optimum level and pleasant for swimming. Low humidity is noted here. From the sea blows refreshing breeze. In dry climates, moderate heat is easily tolerated.

Weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
+26 … + 31 ° C +22 … + 24 ° C + 23 ° C

The winter wind, characteristic of these places, gradually subsides, but gusting may occur on certain days and evenings. Dry and hot Khamsin is not here, as there is no rain and storms.

Things to do?

Sharm el-Sheikh, Albatros Aqua Park  Water ParkAquapark Albatros Aqua Park

Sharm el-Sheikh, DivingDiving

Sharm el-Sheikh, El Sahab MosqueEl Sahab Mosque

Sharm el-Sheikh, Semicircular Colonnade on Il-Mercato StreetSemicircular colonnade on Il-Mercato street

Beach vacation has a long swim and various water entertainment, such as banana skating, an inflatable pillow, catamaran, aquabike. Also, travelers like to make sea walks on a yacht or a boat with a transparent bottom.

A popular form of recreation in Sharm el-Sheikh is diving. AT The waters of the warm and clear sea are very pleasant to contemplate the bright wild animals and wonderful beauty corals. More economical diving can be done with a mask and snorkel. Even at shallow depth the chance of encountering nose-to-nose with rare species of fish is very is high.

Another popular place are the water parks Cleo Park, Albatros. Aqua Park. In Sharm el-Sheikh, they are located in hotels. Entry to the territory is available to all travelers, in the price of entrance ticket towels included.

What to see:

  • entertainment complex “1001 nights”;
  • East market;
  • El Sahab Mosque;
  • Cathedral:
  • annual April camel races.

Hurghada in April

The middle of spring at this resort is like a mild summer, for which is characterized by warm weather and plenty of sun. Cloudy cloudy and rainy days are rare here.

Daily temperature readings do not exceed +30 degrees, so hot weather is difficult to call. By the end of the month air temperature rises and may exceed this figure. At night, the air is cooled by about 10 degrees. With night wind there is coolness.

On a note. In view of the sun activity on the beach and during the sightseeing tours should be taken precautions: wear sunscreen cosmetics summer hat and glasses, drink as much water as possible. During evening walks you need a light cape or windbreaker.

At the beginning of the month, the action of piercing winds is still noticeable. the sea is possible excitement. South wind prevails in April in Hurghada directions carrying heat. Sometimes Khamsin and clouds reach Hurghada sand annoying tourists.

Weather in Hurghada in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
+26 … + 32 ° C +22 … + 24 ° C + 24 ° C

Sea water in April is already warm enough, which gives the opportunity to swim long and swim. By the end of the month water temperature rises by several degrees.

Things to do?

Hurghada, In a Bedouin villageIn a Bedouin village

Hurghada, Maccabi Beach DistrictMaccabi Beach

Hurghada SnorkelingSnorkeling

Hurghada, Yachts at the PierYachts on the dock

April’s pastime in Hurghada is swimming in the sea and sunbathing, diverse beach activities and excursions in Egypt, which are difficult to perform in the period of hot of the summer

Beach holidays are quite diverse. Besides the water slides here You can rent a jetski or catamaran and ride away from splashing people. You can also go on a boat trip to yacht or submarine Sinbad. The latter descends to the depth 20 meters and allows you to consider a unique underwater world.

Well, the main entertainment on the beach – diving and snorkeling. AT Hurghada inexperienced divers are invited to admire the underwater flora and fauna Reef Fanadir. At the experience of divers popular colorful reef Small Giftun, deep sea Hamda Reef, the beautiful Carless Reef.

What to visit:

  • aquarium;
  • dolphinarium;
  • Museum of Marine Biology;
  • The Karnak temple;
  • mosque of Abdulhasan Elshazi
  • water parks “Albatross Jungle”, “Titanic”, “Aqua Planet”.

On a note. Those who are sights Hurghada is not enough, we advise you to go to the Bedouin village on camels, safari to the desert on quad bikes, take a cruise along the Nile River, visit remote areas: ancient Luxor, valley Pharaohs, the ghost town of Umm Huweitat.

Taba in April

April Taba is different from other resorts in Egypt lack strong winds, from which the Sinai Mountains surrounding the city are saved. The rest of the weather is identical: sunny and cloudless days, plenty heat, comfortable bathing sea. Rain in the middle of spring in Taba not.

The air at the beginning of the month warms up to a temperature of +23 degrees, +30 thermometer shows only closer to May. But sometimes There are peak extremes. In the evenings and nights in Taba it is cold: air is cooled below +20 degrees. But the cold time of the day is not reflected in the sea water, which is pleasantly refreshing during the day and invigorates. Easy to endure the April heat help of minor force the wind blowing from the sea.

Weather in Taba in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
+23 … + 29 ° C +15 … + 17 ° C + 20 ° C

Things to do?

Taba, View of the resort city from the mountainsView of the resort town from the mountains

Taba, Border Point to the territory of IsraelBorderline point to the territory of Israel

Taba, Pier in the BayPier in the bay

Taba, SnorkelingSnorkeling

The waters of the Gulf of Aqaba are littered with coral reefs, which are located not far from the coast, therefore diving and snorkeling are developed here. AT Taba has opened three training centers with the necessary equipment and experienced instructors. Other water activities – boat trips on boats and yachts, skiing, windsurfing.

On a note. To stay in Taba is better to choose Hotel Hilton Taba Resort & Nelson Village 5 *. Only from the territory This hotel has three countries – Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Proximity with Israel and Jordan allows you to travel to these countries on a tour. As a rule, for tourists from Taba are organized tours with visits to the holy places of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Peter, river Jordan and the Dead Sea. You can also wander through the mountains Sinai Mountains, visiting grottoes, canyons, caves. And if you commit walk along the coast, then you can see the lagoon with turquoise water and the famous Siam Fjord.

What to visit:

  • St. Catherine’s Monastery;
  • the mountain of Moses;
  • the rocky island of the Pharaohs with the fortress Saladin of the XII century;
  • castle Zaman.

Where better to relax with a child?

April’s pastime in Egypt is just right for trips with children. Sea and air temperature indicators are quite allow you to swim and be on the beach. If the day sun becomes very active, then you can replace the beach covered pool or take cover in an air-conditioned room. To stay it is better to choose a hotel located on the first line, right on the shore sea ​​in the bay. Then a beach vacation will not be overshadowed by strong winds and big waves.

Holidays with children, DolphinariumDolphinarium

Holidays with children, camel ridingRiding a camel

Rest with children, Sea walkSea walk

You should be more careful when choosing a resort. Preference should be given to cities where there is entertainment for children: water parks, dolphinariums, aquariums, entertainment centers, recreation areas. Also important is the beach – sandy beach with a gentle descent ideal for bathing children than coral bottom with pebble the beach and the descent from the pontoon.

Modern hotels in Egypt are comfortable enough. They delight couples with children abundance of fruits, varied nutrition and children’s menu. Family hotels provide vacationers additional children’s furniture, entertainment, water slides in the pools, spacious areas with beautiful gardens.

What you need to know, going to Egypt in April?

Before you go to any place in this African country, should read the prices:

Prices for tours in Egypt in April 2020
Tour price for two (7 nights) Return ticket price Hotel price (1 night) Price of apartments

From 32,000 rubles.

About 20,000 rubles. per person

from 4 500 rub. for a double room from 4 000 rub. per room

Tips for those who go on holiday to Egypt:

  • During visits to museums for the right to conduct photo and video need to pay.
  • Swimming on the beach or diving nothing do not touch it, many fish species are poisonous. In this regard, not It is necessary to make sea bathing at night.
  • Catching up on diving or snorkeling, you can not tear off the corals. Violating the ban faces a fine of $ 100.
  • Visiting the bazaar or local shops, you need to to bargain. If you are persistent, there is a chance to bring down the price in 2,3,4, and then 6 times.
  • In Egypt, prohibition does not allow selling in city ​​stores alcoholic beverages. You can only buy them in hotels and restaurants. Also, do not offer alcohol to local residents and appearing outside the hotel in a drunken state.
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