Weather, beaches, prices in Phuket in winter – in December, January, February

Phuket is not only the largest island, but also the tourist capital Southern Thailand. According to his weather, you can judge what she is all resorts of the Andaman Sea coast. The climate of this part of the country more susceptible to monsoon than mainland areas. It rains there more often and they are more intense. therefore humidity in all seasons above. Phuket in winter – in December, January and February – the most quiet and serene in a phenological sense. Sea calm, a month is from three to five rainy days. This attracts a large number of islands. tourists.

Weather in Phuket now and for 1four days

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Phuket Island in December

Phuket in December dries out – monthly rainfall decreases from 200 to 80 mm. Therefore, the idea to escape from the snow with frost and indulge in bliss on the beach looks quite attractive. From this month on the island begins the influx tourists and the so-called high season.

  • Phuket Weather December

    Phuket weather in December is characterized by moderate heat. – in the afternoon the air temperature is kept between 25 and 300C. It may even be cool at night above twenty. Rain is still falling, a month can happen before seven rainy days. But rainfall, compared with November, decreases three times. The same can be said about the whole coast. Andaman Sea. The weather is the same on the islands – Koh Lanta, Phi Phi, and on the mainland – in the provinces of Phang Nga, Krabi, Trang and Satun.

  • Phuket beaches in December

    Phuket’s beaches in December cannot be called crowded, but the number of tourists on the sand is growing every day. The attractiveness of the rest adds almost complete calm, because which makes the water transparent, the color of azure. Her temperature is about 280C, which provokes a no-eye in it seat However, you should not relax completely, observe safety rules on the water, especially if you are relaxing in Phuket with kids.

  • Phuket prices in December

    Phuket prices are rising in December, reaching a peak after catholic christmas. Therefore, if your budget is limited, Come to the island in the first half of the month. Already from the 15th most hotels increase the cost of living, preparing for the influx of holidaymakers. The madness of prices continues to our Old New Year.

Phuket Island in January

Phuket in January is filled with holidaymakers limit. New Year’s Eve and Holiday Holidays the tropics and white beaches for the past 15 years is a fashionable trend among our compatriots. therefore You need to plan such a trip in advance. Especially if you sensitive to domestic discomfort. Luxury rooms for sure not enough at all. Like discounted airfare.

  • Phuket Weather January

    The weather on Phuket in January is a gradual increase. heat and a further decrease in precipitation. They are half as much than in December. If a cyclone gets lost to the coast, then his strength is enough for no more than half an hour. This is just enough to cool down and take a bland shower without leaving the beach. This is not to say that the weather will be cloudless all day, but the total time of solar insolation per day reaches 9 hours. Worth note that the power of solar radiation near the equator in January becomes dangerous for northerners. You should definitely use different protective creams and prefer to spend time under an umbrella. Light up you and in the shade, and more evenly. Read about This is more in the article “How not to burn on holiday in Thailand.”

  • Phuket beaches in January

    The sea remains the same calm, calm prevails. Water warms up to 27-280S. But this is not a reason for losing vigilance The Andaman Sea is treacherous, there are reverse currents, occasionally dangerous animals appear near the shore – jellyfish, even shakes. All this holidaymakers notify sold out installed near the water’s edge. Be sure to turn on them attention. Phuket’s beaches Jan overflowed. Especially it concerns Places considered status – Patong, Kata Beach, Nai Harn. On the west bank only karon beach can make you happy deserted And that only because of the great length. If you strive for silence, then go to the north shore. These are beaches Mai Khao, Bang Tao, Kamala, Surin, Knighton.

  • Phuket prices in January

    Phuket prices in January are reaching an annual maximum. So lasts the first two weeks, after which they start gradually to decline. The same can be said about the cost of air tickets, and also tours to thailand in general. The rule that a hotel in Phuket should be book in January remains valid. At the same time, even on sites You should not strongly pull with a choice. The best options float away from under the nose at supersonic speeds.

Phuket Island in February

Many tourists believe that Phuket is February is the most suitable for holidays. BUT all because this month most harmoniously combines all requirements for rest. Prices are falling, as well as the number of tourists (however, they still remain a lot), but it continues to stand wonderful weather – sunny days prevail, and the sea calm.

  • Phuket Weather in February

    The weather on Phuket in February is even drier and hotter than January. The temperature of the day rises to 330C. Hell increases with the approach of the first days. calendar spring. This increases the number of cloudless days Therefore, the probability of burning without protective agents – creams, shirts, umbrellas – becomes almost one hundred percent. However not the probability of short-term showers, which only please heated by the sun tourists.

  • Phuket beaches in February

    The beaches of Phuket in February are not as crowded when compared to January However, the rule that the most calm in the north – beaches Bang Tao, Nai Yang, Surin, Knighton, or Mai Khao, remains valid. Water temperature on certain days reaches 28.50C.

  • Phuket prices in February

    In February, the high season on the Andaman Sea coast is still continues, but hotel prices in Phuket in February is already lower than in January and their trend declines persist until the end of March when they almost reach average annual minimum. In February you can already count on last minute tours However, the cost of the check in restaurants, as well as in street eateries remain stably high. They are lagging behind, and even then Not much, prices in supermarkets. Some outlet for shopaholics will be a week of sales and discounts, dedicated to offensive on the Chinese calendar.

Climate December January February
Daytime temperature 31.3ºC 29.9ºC 31.4ºC
Night temperature 26.6ºC 25.9ºC 26.0ºC
Sea temperature 28.9ºC 28.5ºC 28.7ºC
Sunny days 17 18 22
Length light days (h) 11.7 11.8 12.0
Rainy days ten 9 4
Precipitation (mm) 122.1 104.6 47.7

Air temperature

December days 31.3ºC0510152025303540
LF. 26.6ºC
January days 29.9ºC
LF. 25.9ºC
February days 31.4ºC
LF. 26.0ºC

Water temperature

December 28.9ºC0510152025303540
January 28.5ºC
February 28.7ºC

Precipitations in MM

December 122.104590135180225270315360
January 104.6
February 47.7

Wind speed in m / s

December 4.300.
January 4.0
February 3.9

Number of sunny hours per day

January 8.6
February 9.6

Cloudy, cloudy, clear days

December 212170510152025303540
January 21118
February 622

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