Weather, beaches, prices in Phuket in summer – in June, July, August

Phuket Island is located in the northern part of the Andaman Sea – a semi-enclosed body of water that is part of the Indian Ocean. For humid tropical climate at this latitude is characterized by seasonal changing the direction of the winds – monsoons. In the winter they blow from the north and northeast, and in summer from the south and southwest. For those, who going to visit Phuket in summer – in June, July and August, this means that the wind speed increases to 5-7 meters per second and is more likely to reach storm, spreading the wave height of two meters. Amount of precipitation compared with the winter months also increases dramatically, but This effect is achieved due to extremely intense evening and night showers. During the day rains are unlikely.

Weather in Phuket now and for 14 days

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Phuket Island in June

Phuket Island is in June already completely in power southwestern monsoon, freely accelerating over the water area Indian Ocean and carrying a large amount of moisture from it. Prices to stay in hotels reach a seasonal minimum, appears a large number of burning permits.

  • Phuket Weather June

    Judging only by meteorological charts, the weather is Phuket in July permanently rainy. However, there will be mistaken the idea that from morning till evening it pours from heaven like from the bucket. You have many chances to lie on the beach all day tropical sun. However, do not rely too much on easy haze covering it. It does not protect against sunburn – panama shirts, short-sleeved shirts and sunscreen required. Generally, heavy rains begin after sunset. the sun. The annual temperature fluctuations at this latitude are small, but, still, the air temperature in June is slightly lower than in March and April: day is not higher than 300C, and at night to 280C. Periodic incident typhoons with storm force of the wind can ruin the weather finally for a few days, during which rain showers are replaced by drizzling from low clouds

  • Phuket beaches in June

    The beaches on Phuket in June will not grow, especially west coast, which is open to the winds, accelerating high wave In stormy days along the coastline are red prohibitive notices. However, prohibitions do not concern fans of surfing. On any beach, you will not only find rental boards, but also can get wave riding lessons from experienced instructors. Bathing is still possible, especially that the temperature of water in Phuket in June is reduced – all the same 27-280С, as in March. For him relegated places marked with yellow and red flags. There are no rip currents dangerous for life. The smallest wave height on the beaches of Ao Yon, Coral, Tray Trang and Panwa. On quiet days you can swim there even with children (read more about the features of rest on Phuket with children). Karon and Mai Khao should be avoided.

  • Phuket prices in June

    Phuket prices in June reach an average annual minimum. Especially try to please the tourists the hotel owners, to the middle In the fall, they offer discounts and promotions, competing with each friend in generosity. Do not lag behind them and the airline with travel agencies. If you actively monitor prices on the web, then You can buy a tour to Thailand, the price of which will be comparable to the cost of the flight to Phuket and back.

    Cafes and restaurants in Phuket in June traditionally work in happy hours. This is especially true of proposals different drinks. However, you can go so well that check for dinner for two will be twice lower than normal. Phuket ripens in June lychee, mangosteen and rambutans. Prices are reduced by half. compared with January. Famous island pineapples and papaya lined counters of all markets.

Phuket Island in July

Phuket Island continues to attack wet southwest monsoon, the amount of precipitation increases. Along with this there is an even greater number of burning tours. The decline in the number of tourists at the hospitality of the islanders is not affects. On the contrary, it seems that smiles are becoming more sincere. The range of excursions offers decreases, disappears from it offers sea trips, but on the island and neighboring provinces they are held regularly.

  • Phuket Weather July

    The weather in Phuket is almost the same as in June. The monsoon which absorbed moisture from the Indian Ocean pours it on the whole coast of the Andaman Sea and the island. Rule that it rains at night, remains valid. However, it is likely to fall under warm rain shower in the afternoon. Typhoons, from the heart of the rinsing islands Borneo and Sumatra, south of Phuket, only touch him by the edge. Therefore, the duration of bad weather is small: for two or three days in a row, when the sun is not shown at all because of the clouds, and the rain replaced by drizzling. Daily temperature change in July becomes more noticeable: in the daytime up to 300C, and at night not higher 250C. It may seem strange to you, but even in this weather, you can not only get tanned, but also get sunburn. Therefore, do not give up the protective creams and do not walk all day topless.

  • Phuket beaches in July

    The beaches on Phuket in July are filled with surfers and kites, a lot of them come from Australia, where the season of riding on the waves is on the decline. And all because the wind increases, storms become almost permanent, the waves grow to two meters. With this temperature of water in Phuket in July is quite comfortable: not lower than 270С. On all beaches Surf schools continue to function, where you can take lessons from masters for mere pennies. Bathing is possible, but in very rare calm days. At the same time it is worth choosing specially covered for these targets are coastal areas. In other places can meet reverse currents, dangerous even for experienced swimmers. More or less Ao Yon, Trang, Nai beaches are comfortable for families with children. Yang

  • Phuket prices in July

    Phuket prices continue fluctuate around the annual average. Cost of living low everywhere, from offers of discounts and ongoing shares there is no end. Practically in any travel agency you can buy a ticket literally. for tomorrow. And its cost will be slightly higher than the price of the ticket. Search and book the most suitable tour for you here.

    A small number of clients makes generous and owners restaurants. The season of promotions, discounts and so-called happy hours, when you can not only drink at half price, but also have a snack. Ripe fruit – pineapple, papaya, lychee, mangosteen, the markets are literally overwhelmed. Orchards along the roads turn red from bunches of ripe rambutans. This fruit You can buy boxes directly on the side of the tracks.

Phuket Island in August

Those who are going to visit the Phuket island in August are not hope for a dramatic change in the nature of the weather compared with June and July. She continues to be influenced southwest wet monsoon. At the same time remain in force and all low season benefits: low prices for everything, no crowds tourists, the desire to please local visitors to the maximum. Add to this the abundance of tropical fruits, and it turns out that going to Phuket during the rainy season is not that crazy.

  • Phuket Weather in August

    The weather in Phuket in August is a series of several all rainy days, when the island covers the edge of the wing typhoon, and relatively windy, during which the sky even peeps the sun. The most intense precipitation falls precisely after sunset, but under a warm downpour, which is akin to the soul, you You can get in the afternoon. Temperature stays at 300C at noon to 240C at night. Therefore, the humidity is consistently high.

  • Phuket beaches in August

    Count on the fact that on some of the days there will be calm, very complicated. Even if this happened, the sea may remain turbulent. and agitated. The beaches of Phuket in August also all are filled with surfers, although they are much smaller than ordinary tourists in high season. Strong wind of the same direction promotes kiting. If you want to know the basics of these sports, then you will have all the possibilities for this: on each Beach you will find a school where experienced instructors will show what’s what. Only first be sure to issue insurance for extreme lovers. If a you still decide to swim, pay attention to prohibiting full house. Put them in really dangerous places of the coast, therefore bravado and bragging are absolutely unnecessary.

  • Phuket prices in August

    Phuket prices in August are low. On all – from stay in a hotel before dinner in a restaurant or excursion. Decide You can go to Phuket in August spontaneously. And not a week before fly away, and literally tomorrow. Last minute vouchers for airfare found in almost every travel agency.

    In restaurants and bars of the island, bored owners literally catch every gesture of visitors. The so-called happy hours become by the rule. A rare visitor to dine or dine a couple pays by full check, the discount reaches 50%. Fruit prices drop like this low, which gives the impression that they are given away for nothing. And their the variety is very large – by August everything ripens in Phuket.

CLIMATE June July August
Daytime temperature 32.2ºC 31.8ºC 31.8ºC
Night temperature 28.6ºC 28.2ºC 28.0ºC
Sea temperature 29.7ºC 29.4ºC 29.1ºC
Sunny days ten ten 13
Length light days (h) 12.6 12.5 12.4
Rainy days sixteen 17 14
Precipitation (mm) 264.7 264.3 304.8

Air temperature

June days 32.2ºC0510152025303540
LF. 28.6ºC
July days 31.8ºC
LF. 28.2ºC
August days 31.8ºC
LF. 28.0ºC

Water temperature

June 29.7ºC0510152025303540
July 29.4ºC
August 29.1ºC

Precipitations in MM

June 264.704590135180225270315360
July 264.3
August 304.8

Wind speed in m / s

June 5.300. 6
July 5.2
August 4.9

Number of sunny hours per day

June 7.9
July 7.8
August 7.9

Cloudy, cloudy, clear days

June 218100510152025303540
July 31810
August 21613

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