Weather, beaches, prices in Phuket in spring – in March, April, May

The contradiction between the calendar, claiming that it is already spring, and the weather, still winter, provokes thousands of Russians with the onset the first days of March, go to distant distances, to the warm sea and exotic beaches. For example, in the popular resort of Andaman Sea Island Phuket. And for those who have never been there, there will be very interesting to know about the island of Phuket in spring – in March, April and May.

Weather in Phuket now and for 14 days

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Phuket Island in March

The climate at the latitude of Phuket is tropical subequatorial. Year in it is divided into two seasons, and March is the last in the dry and harbinger of wet. If you go Phuket Island in March, then from Moscow slush you will immediately fall into hell, typical of the Lower Volga in August.

  • Phuket Weather March

    The weather in Phuket is not only heat, but also the increasing likelihood of rain falling in two times more than in February. At the same time, short-term and perceived only as a blessing, because during the day the thermometer in the shadow shows no less than 33, but more often 350C, and if not wind, then up to 450C. The night coolness is quite relative: below 27 0C does not happen. Usually solar extravaganza continues all day. Only you can really live on the beach, where a life-giving cool breeze blows from the sea. Panama shirt with long sleeves and sunscreen – mandatory dress code for all who go on excursions. Otherwise, easy browning will not be avoided.

    This weather is typical for the entire coast of the Andaman Sea, and also for the opposite, eastern shore of the Malacca Peninsula and the nearby island of Samui, washed by the waters Siam Gulf. But in Pattaya, all the way around: in March the sun is just beginning to burn, the rains are more frequent and are long lasting.

  • Phuket beaches in March

    The beaches in Phuket in Marte are still crowded. Especially on Patong. If you are looking for solitude, then go to the north – May Khao, Nai Yang, Bangtao, Knighton. Attractions for relaxing by the sea adds a constantly blowing refreshing breeze. Moreover, his strength is all still not enough to breed cool wave. The temperature of water in Phuket March is + 280С, therefore it’s not getting out of it I want, from the word at all. However, you should not lose vigilance: if warning flags are set, then there is a reverse flow. And they are dangerous, especially for children.

  • Phuket prices in March

    Hotel prices in Phuket are still high, because the high season lasts until the first decade of April. Exactly then begins the decline in the cost of living. But the food (as in restaurants and street makashnitsah) does not depend on the season, check stable throughout the year. There is a decrease in prices for mango. The period of its ripening begins, the fruits become sweet. Watermelons, papayas and pineapples are available all year round. Become cheaper and tours to Thailand, in March more likely to find a burning the permit.

Phuket Island in April

Phuket Island in April is raining more often. Their becomes three times more than February, but before precipitation in September, at the peak of the rainy season, it is still far away. Therefore April can be considered still very comfortable and attractive for recreation. Indeed, at this time celebrated the Thai New Year, the sea calm, and the assortment of fruit on the market is getting richer.

  • Phuket Weather April

    The weather in Phuket in April is almost the same as March. It rains a little more, but still hot. Most of the day the sky is cloudless, and the most comfortable is on the beach where the sea blows breeze. Daytime temperature kept at 33-350C. At night it’s still just a bit cooler. – about 280С. Occasionally the island covers lost cyclone that gives life-giving coolness, but at the same time can disperse a decent wave. Fortunately, such natural disasters in April are short-lived.

    Everything that is said about Phuket in April can be safely attributed to island resorts in the province of Krabi, as well as in the province Suratthani – Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Phangan. Pattaya has less rain the temperature is about the same.

  • Phuket beaches in April

    The swimming season continues! The water temperature in Phuket April is falling, all the same + 280С. Sea the almost calm, light breeze only refreshes. The beaches on Phuket in April is empty. But Patong is still noisy. day and night. Therefore, for calm and relaxation you should go to the beaches of Karon and Kata. And also Nai Harn, Surin, Kamala and Bang Tao – the north shore is the best place for a family holiday.

  • Phuket prices in April

    Phuket prices start to decline in April, because Day Laughter is the official start date for the low season. Rooms in hotels are cheaper by a third, and this rule is maintained until 31 October However, it does not apply to the cost of a check in restaurants and cafes, only some of their owners are beginning to hold promotions and offer discounts. April is the peak month of diversity. exotic fruits – delicious pineapples, watermelons, mangoes, papayas and other curiosities are found at every step. In the markets and in stores on the eve of Songkran begin active sales. In almost any travel agency you can find a burning tour for mere pennies.

Phuket Island in May

Visit Phuket Island in May, on the days of the long holidays, when both adults and children are free, many strive. because travel agencies organize several additional charter flights. Last-minute tours are also not uncommon, because May mood swings are common.

  • Phuket Weather May

    What is the Phuket weather in May? From the point of view of the Russians, this time there our mid-Russian summer in July. Pretty hot especially in the first days of the month, up to 30-330С with a sign a plus. At night not higher than 270С. Begin real tropical showers that can be considered as alternative soul in the room. All the rivers and streams on the island are affluent, they even appear waterfalls. The bulk precipitation falls at night, while daytime showers last no more than two hours and even pleasant, because they give the desired coolness. Since mid-may the island is periodically covered with typhoons and storms, but usually a corner, their epicenter falls on the islands of Java and Kalimantan. For the whole season rains – from April to November – natural disasters, when it rains It pours up to five days in a row, it happens no more than five or six times.

  • Phuket beaches in May

    The beaches in Phuket May are chosen by surfers and kiters, because the monsoon changes direction from northeast to southwest, for whom they are open. But this change usually occurs in the second decade of the month. Therefore, relax on the beaches of the island in Pervomayskie Holidays – a pleasure. The temperature of water in Phuket May + 270С, and light clouds significantly reduce risk of heat stroke and sunburn. By mid-May at the edge waters are increasingly appearing yellow flags warning of dangerous rip currents. The safest beaches in the monsoon period rains are Trii Trang, Panwa, Ao Yon, Nye, closed from the wind. As well as Kamala, Bang Tao and Kata, where the flat bottom does not give a wave to develop.

  • Phuket prices in May

    Phuket prices are significantly lower than at the height of the high season. But count on an auction unseen generosity is not worth it. After all, Australians and New Zealand residents, where winter is coming, this time of year they go to Thailand. Special this season is popular with surfers: off the coast of Phuket ride the wave Much safer because there are no sharks in its waters. AT island malls held spring sale of fruit, season which ends. Mangosteen, Rambutans and Mangoes sold at substantially reduced prices. Restaurant owners and cafes lure visitors so-called happy hours and other lucrative offers. Chance to buy cheap burning tour in a travel agency is very great.

Daytime temperature 32.4ºC 32.7ºC 32.9ºC
Night temperature 27.0ºC 28.3ºC 29.1ºC
Sea temperature 29.5ºC 30.0ºC 30.2ºC
Sunny days 25 26 17
Length light days (h) 12.1 12.3 12.5
Rainy days 7 ten 14
Precipitation (mm) 121.9 129.0 209.1

Air temperature

March days 32.4ºC05ten 152025303540
LF. 27.0ºC
April days 32.7ºC
LF. 28.3ºC
May days 32.9ºC
LF. 29.1ºC

Water temperature

March 29.5ºC0510152025303540
April 30.0ºC
May 30.2ºC

Precipitations in MM

March 121.904590135180225270315360
April 129.0
May 209.1

Wind speed in m / s

March 3.700.
April 3.5
May 4.4

Number of sunny hours per day

March 9.801.
April 10
May 8.8

Cloudy, cloudy, clear days

March 24250510152025303540
April 2326
May 41017

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