Visa to Laos for Russians – if you go for a period more than 15 days

In short, to answer the question whether you need a visa to Laos, the answer will – no. But read the details further.

A keen desire to visit Laos if it fits into frames 15 days, does not require you to apply for a visa. This rule applies since September 2007 and applies to all citizens of the Russian Federation. All you need to visit this country is to have it in your hands. international passport with a standard expiration date – not less than half a year. This term is counted from the date of the alleged entry into the country. However, border guards may require confirmation of hotel reservation or presentation of return tickets.

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Visa to laos

If the visit to the country is designed for a longer time (more than 15 visa-free days), you must apply for a visa. This must be done well in advance, for example, in the embassy of Laos in same Moscow or in any other embassy in the territory States nearby to Laos.

To obtain a visa you will need to provide the following Documents: – Valid international passport; – two color photos size 4×6 cm (suitable, however, and black and white); – two questionnaires, filled exclusively in English.

Documents submitted to the embassy can be submitted personally most or through a trustee or through an operator travel agencies (we are talking about the Embassy of Laos in Moscow). Documents are accepted, as in all public institutions, by workers days in the morning from 9.00 to 12 days.

Standard time allowed for a visa to visit Laos is three working days. If desired, it can be reduced three times – up to one day, paying the appropriate amount for it.

So, if the cost of a visa for a period of 3 workers days is $ 20, then the cost of urgent clearance – $ 40. With this, payment is made directly at the embassy and only cash us dollars.

The period of validity of a tourist visa is 60 days, and stay in the country depends on the data that you indicated in the questionnaire, but not more than a month. This is with regard to the initial design. visas

Extension of a visa to Laos

But the visa can be extended and being already in the territory of Laos, and twice (each time for 15 days). Since the end of the action previous visa, the validity of the new one begins. Similar service renders the immigration department in Vientiane. It will cost $ 30. To extend the visa you must fill out the appropriate form. statements and provide one photo size 4×6 cm.

Laos Embassy in Moscow

The official website of the Embassy of Laos in Moscow is no more. And that that was, practically did not contain information.

Address: Moscow, st. Nikitskaya, 18 Phones: +7 (495) 697‑14-54, +7 (495) 690‑25-60

Mode of operation: from 9 to 16 from Monday to Friday, a break from 13 up to 14.

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