Top 10 Phuket Hotels with Private Beach 4 and 5 stars

Most of the tourists go to Thailand to relax on the beach For this reason, the question is the best hotels in Phuket with own beach at 1 line constantly hanging in the air. It is worth noting that in this country it is strictly monitored so that access to the coastline is not privatized, which is often happens to us. Therefore, you will not find a single strip in Phuket sand, which would have been fenced. All obstacles are worn purely natural character – headlands, cliffs, coastal jungle, suitable to the water’s edge. It often happens that the hotel is being built at a great distance from the general array tourist infrastructure, so on its beach to someone from neighbors just too lazy to go through the sun.

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Most fit the definition of “private beach” shore solitary lagoons, but hotels in such corners are quite rare. Such a natural bonus allows owners to raise the status of their hotels up to 4-5 stars, which does not really guarantee higher level of comfort, and if they are too shy to raise it above three, the service may be very mediocre. Now We will tell you about the best hotels in Phuket, which have a private beach in Phuket. There really is stay.

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1. Surin Beach Resort

Surin Beach Resort- this Phuket hotel with Private beach is close by Surin beach of the same name. It was built on a hill, next to coastline. Therefore, the views from the window of the room are worthy. replications on postcards. Hotel bonus is a spacious terrace with sea view. A large pool is located on the roof, and to a small You can exit directly from the room. In the low season, Surin Beach is not very comfortable – high waves, a lot of garbage, so the pools will be by the way. The staff is friendly, the rooms are well kept. By The entire hotel has Wi-Fi, the price is included in the stay.

2. Tri Trang Beach Resort

If you are interested in a hotel Phuket 4 stars with its own the beach is not far from Patong, it is best to Tri Trang Beach Resort you do not find. The shore near it is separated by natural obstacles bonus are two pools common to all lodgers The rooms are cozy and well kept, the windows are beautiful view. For guests are offered different services: Thai massage, free travel to Patong. Among the staff there staff speaking Russian. Low prices for accommodation add to his popularity.

3. Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Five star hotel Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, located on Mai Khao beach – very long and, as a rule, deserted, despite the fact that there are still a few resorts. Sunset in the water is shallow, but due to the fact that the beach is not protected from the wind, there may be high waves. The breakfast menu is very varied, the food is delicious. The rooms are cozy, new furniture. Staff friendly For guests there is a swimming pool, bar, on the veranda sun loungers are installed. The place is suitable for those who seek secluded and quiet rest. To go to the light (hotel Marriott and all that around it) free transfer is provided.

4. Andaman White Beach Resort

Andaman White Beach Resort is another hotel in Phuket 5 stars with private beach. It is located south of Knighton Beach, separated from him a rocky cape. Outsiders are extremely rare there. Territory The resort is immersed in greenery, it is all a free Wi-Fi zone. A bonus to the clean and secluded beach is the SPA services and good kitchen. The level of service is really above average. Hotel is great suitable for families, including children. In low Season to swim without fear can be on the beach Banana beach, 10 minutes away.

5. Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa Phuket

Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa Phuket is a hotel of 5 stars, located north of Patong, in the Nakalay beach area, which is separated from the rest of the world at once by two rocky capes. Therefore, someone else is extremely rare there. From neighbors only guests of two more small hotels. Beach really quiet, rather private. Guests can choose from two accommodation options – in a bungalow on the beach or in the room of the building, located a little further and higher on the hill. The territory is similar to Garden of Eden, flower beds are broken, there are fountains. For guests working restaurant, massage and SPA services. Kids can have fun in an interactive zoo where ponies, turtles, rabbits and goats live. The lagoon is shallow and warms up well, but at low tide it can almost dry completely.

6. Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort

The most distant five-star hotel from the rest of the world. Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort, despite the fact that it is located between the two tourist centers of Phuket – Patong beaches and Caron The nearest bar or restaurant will have to go for about 15 minutes. But that’s just because of the silence and privacy, he enjoys considerable popular. Service is really at the level claimed. Numbers clean, the food is tasty and varied, the area is well-groomed. You can go to the gym or spa. Among the staff meet employees who understand Russian. The best place for romantic rest is not found. Families with children will also be very comfortable.

7. The Surin Phuket

The Surin Phuket is a Phuket hotel with its own beach 5 stars Located north of Surin Beach, separated from it. jungle, part of the undergrowth falls on the territory of the resort. The coastline is well-kept, trash is cleaned every day. On the beach there not only sun beds, but also a shower. The guests are accommodated in cottages, standing on a hill. Daily ascent from the beach to the rooms may be uncomfortable. Especially for guests with small children. The price includes breakfast, the services offered. SPA.

8. The Naka Phuket

Probably the most beautiful and stylish 5 star hotel. Naka Phuket, on the shore of a secluded bay north of Patong. You will not see any of the outsiders, only neighbors in numbers Accommodation in spacious bungalows. There is a restaurant with good kitchen, large swimming pool. The only inconvenience – bathing is possible only from the pontoon, since the coastline is dotted with corals and stones. Three times a day in Patong sent free minibus.

9. Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket

Five Star Phuket Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuketnear the Karon beach, on its very northern edge. The isolation of the territory due to the remoteness of the hotel. Hotel leaves a pleasant impression, well-groomed territory, rooms Clean, nice view from the windows. There is a restaurant and a swimming pool. Child paddling pool is equipped with slides. Siblings can be left on custody of the animator in the game room. This is the best option for family holiday.

10. Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

Five stars, as evidenced by a large number of positive reviews. Hotel Katathani Phuket Beach Resort is located on Kata beach. The strip of sand adjacent to the hotel is carefully removed, it has sun beds. Outsiders are found, but they are few. Beach with a smooth entry into the water, the sand is light. Landscaped and well contained. There are pools. Of the benefits – power to the system buffet, and if you wish, you can go to one of numerous restaurants with Thai or European cuisine that there is nearby. If you come to Phuket with children – this is also good accommodation option.

Hotels with private beach on Phuket map

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Hotel Surin Beach Resort in Phuket: 7.971751, 98.278552Tri Hotel Trang Beach Resort in Phuket: 7.886402, 98.277809Renaissance Hotel Phuket Resort & Spa in Phuket: 8.155929, 98.297530Andaman Hotel White Beach Resort in Phuket: 8.047184, 98.278233 Hotel Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa Phuket in Phuket: 7.925160, 98.274170Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort on Phuket: 7.866295, 98.283062 The Surin Phuket Hotel in Phuket: 7.981048, 98.277681Hotel The Naka Phuket in Phuket: 7.926401, 98.269020Hotel Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket in Phuket: 7.857876, 98.290375Katathani Phuket Beach Resort Phuket: 7.807111, 98.299593

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