The Orthodox Church in Phuket – history, architecture how to get

A cross overshadowing hills covered with lush tropical greenery and the golden dome soaring in the aere is not a mirage, because the Orthodox Phuket church really exists. AND it is called the Temple of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity. Phuket Christian Church peacefully coexists with the temple of Wat Phra Thong. It was consecrated in February 2012. The abbot of the temple the priest Roman Bychkov strives. Services are held by him daily. Also performed the Sacraments and requirements upon request. believers.

Orthodox Church in Phuket

How to build a temple

Orthodox temple in Phuket subordinate Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. In Thailand, he the most significant – the dome dome popped up by 25 meters, and the perimeter of the walls is 84 meters. The decision to build it was adopted by the general meeting of future parishioners in 2008. Originally a parish was organized in the name of the Holy Trinity and submission of his Orthodox Church of Thailand. Believers chose members of the parish administration, and also adopted a draft charter, which was sent by them for approval to the Moscow Patriarchate.

Orthodox Church in Phuket

For the construction of the temple purchased and cleared a plot of land area of ​​4200 square meters. meters For flood protection produced soil filling with a height of 1 meter. Funds for work gathered by the whole world. There were a lot of donators. And this despite the fact that the yard was 2008. Were able to collect more million two hundred thousand baht. Works could be started at the same time, in 2009, but due to the construction of an Orthodox church in Pattaya, they were temporarily postponed. The final chord – the rise gilded dome drum was carried out in February 2011. The design is solid, it has a size of six meters in diameter and same height.

Orthodox Church in Phuket
Orthodox Church in Phuket Orthodox Church in Phuket


The rite of great consecration was carried out by the Archbishop of Egorevsk, Lord Mark. It took place in February 2012. In the following Landscaping and construction of related constructions. In July, the chapel named after the Wonderworker Nicholas was sanctified, the baptistery of which was then the first rite of baptism Orthodox rite. Sunday school opened its doors in August where the youths and the youths teach the Scriptures and the basics iconography. In December a bell tower and a belfry were brought under the roof. which in February 2014 was consecrated by Archbishop Mark.

Architecture and shrines of the parish

The Orthodox Church in Thailand in Phuket is built as single pillar, square in plan, temple. From the north, west and south The entrance doors are decorated with frescoes depicting saints. Two apses are attached to the altar wall, and the zakomara is decorated an image of the image of the Mother of God. Liturgy and worship held daily from eight in the morning to six in the evening. All are held ceremonies, including communion, confession, baptism and wedding. On Sunday school for children is working in the parish. Phuket

The Orthodox Church in Phuket is a place where Christian shrines are preserved:

  • Particles relics svt. Moscow Filaret and Innocent.
  • Icon-reliquary of St. Innokenti Irkutsk
  • Relics of sv. Apostle Thomas.
  • Relics of sv. the first martyr of Archdeacon Stephen.
  • Worship cross from the Holy Land, brought by pilgrims.
  • Icon of the Cathedral of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Kazakhstan, containing the power of svt. Nicholas of Almaty, prep. Theognost and Serafima Almaty, prep. Sevastian Karagandinsky.

How to get there

A considerable number of tourists wondered whether there is Phuket. Orthodox church and how to get to the Orthodox Church on Phuket It is located near the Thepkrasattri Road highway leading to airport. Nearby is one of the main Attractions Island – Buddhist Temple Wat Phra Thong.

Church on Phuket Map

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Orthodox Church

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