The most beautiful waterfalls in Phuket

Come to Thailand for a holiday? Heard about beautiful waterfalls Phuket? Then it remains only to look at them. Almost every guidebook on This amazing country, a tourist can find a description of these natural wonders of nature. Anyone who wants to see a giant waterfall, like African or American, for sure will remain disappointed. But the rest will be satisfied from visiting and contemplating these beautiful corners of nature, and all Those who wish can still swim in them. Such an unforgettable experience can hardly be experienced anywhere else.

So, what are the famous waterfalls in Phuket (and not only) can offer us thailand? It is worth paying attention on the following of them:

Kathu Falls

Kathu Falls is located near the island’s highest point in form of cascades. A few minutes from the famous beach Patong Beachy can be reached at this beautiful waterfall. Area the island where it is located, carries the same name. Get there there is no difficulty because the road passes through a residential area islands. Reaching the parking lot, you need to leave your transport, go over the bridge and climb up a bit. Usually this is a favorite place to play local kids.

Kathu Falls in Phuket Kathu Falls in Phuket
Kathu Falls in Phuket Kathu Falls in Phuket

Ton Sai Falls

Ton Sai Falls is located in the national Park in the northeast direction of Phuket Island. The park has name Khao Phra Thaew (Khao Phra Thaew) and is jungle-covered green area. In this park from its western side and this waterfall is located. On the other side there is another famous bang pae waterfall. And although the distance between them is not very big, walk from one to another It will be hard, because the terrain is pretty wild with its natural the inhabitants.

Ton Sai Waterfall in Phuket Ton Sai Waterfall in Phuket
Ton Sai Waterfall in Phuket Ton Sai Waterfall in Phuket

Bang Pe Falls (Bang Pae)

Bangpe Falls is located on the opposite side of Ton Sai, near the famous center engaged Gibbons rehabilitation. You can get to this place by diverse paths bypassing agricultural land with rubber and pineapples. If you want to see the waterfall have to pay 200 baht for each person. Rehabilitation Center Gibbons can be visited for free, but it is not forbidden to donate any amount on its development. This waterfall in Phuket Holiday days are quite popular with locals. Here you can swim, and then eat in one of the restaurants.

Bangpe Waterfall in Phuket Bangpe Waterfall in Phuket
Bangpe Waterfall in Phuket Bangpe Waterfall in Phuket

Tamnang Falls

Tamnang Falls is located in another Sri Phang Nga National Park. A park is under the jurisdiction of the province of Pang Nga. Road from phuket passes through the provinces of Khao Lak, Takua Pa and Kuraburi. Quite far and difficult to get to him, but the reward will exceed all expectations. There is a lot of fish in this waterfall. Deciding swim in the cool water, the tourist will get the opportunity touch it with your own hands.

Tamnang Falls in Phuket

Phuket Waterfalls on the map

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Kathu Falls (Kathu). Phuket: 7.930205, 98.329546 Ton Sai Falls (Ton Sai). Phuket: 8.028502, 98.363028 Bangpae Falls. Phuket: 8.043104, 98.392353 Tamnang Falls. Phuket: 8.625787, 98.256869

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