The most beautiful parks and gardens for relaxing on Phuket Island

If you become boring beach holiday under the hot Thai sun, go on holiday to the most beautiful parks and gardens Phuket Walk through the picturesque corners of this Thai islands are a great way to explore the amazing nature the locality. But it is better to visit them either early in the morning, or in evening hours when the heat subsides.1

Orchid Park Phuket Orchid Garden Go to site

Orchid Garden in Phuket

For island land, orchids are not uncommon – they grow in many places. But put together several varieties of these amazing flowers gathered in the Orchid Garden on Phuket Connoisseurs of orchid beauty meets at the entrance the mistress, she gives each comer a flower. If you not trembling at the sight of flora, inspection of the Orchid Garden in Phuket You will find it boring. But if you belong to the flowers not indifferent, then you can not only look at them, but also buy seedlings and already blooming specimens.


Phuket Botanical Garden (Phuket Botanic Garden) Go to site

Botanical Garden in Phuket

At the end of 2011 the parks and gardens of Phuket were replenished with another attractive corner. This Botanical Garden is small but cozy. decorated When developing the design, the experts thought over each a trifle, because the mixing of styles needed to be made organically. Botanical Garden in Phuket has become successful a combination of different landscape gardening styles – Japanese, Balinese, Chinese, Mexican, European. Territory is attractive waterfalls (more about the waterfalls of Phuket), lakes with gold fish and a nice bamboo house. Especially tourists like section with cacti. The only negative – overpriced ticket price.


Phuket Royal Park (Suan Luang park) Go to site

Royal Park in Phuket

Paradise foreigners call and Royal Park in Phuket. In addition to walking among the vegetation and Catamaran cruises on the lake surface are free exercise at the gym, play football and basketball, Test yourself for speed on treadmills. For young tourists in Phuket Royal Park provides a playground.


Phuket Bird Park Go to site

Bird Park in Phuket

12 acres of Thai land occupies a beautiful Bird Park on Phuket On the square of this park peacefully coexists thousands of representatives of the feathered world of South America, Asia and Africa. In addition to studying birds, visitors can also see and thematic show (it is carried out 3 rubles a day). Walking through bird park, you come across crowned cranes, rhinoceros, emu, maned pigeons and ostriches.


Phuket Zoo (Phuket Zoo) Go to site

Phuket Zoo

In the southern part of Phuket there is a place where amazing zoo “Phuket Zoo”, which opened in 1997 and still receiving guests. In this zoo can meet dozens of animal species: tigers, ostriches, monkeys, elephants, camels, crocodiles and others as well exotic birds Crocodiles, by the way, enjoy a separate popular with visitors. It is also worth looking at daily and exciting shows with crocodiles and elephants, from which you will only have positive emotions and Nice memories. Read more about the zoo on Phuket By the way, if you really love animals, we recommend to look on Phuket Fantasy show and admire a non-trivial performance elephants.


Tiger Kingdom Phuket (Tiger Kingdom Phuket) Go to site

Park tigers on Phuket

Park tigers on Phuket, called not otherwise, as the “Kingdom of Tigers” was opened in June 2013 alongside Karting Center, is a branch of the tiger nursery in Chiang Mai. More than 20 tigers live here different ages in conditions close to the wild. And in the morning and evening in the park of tigers occurs exponential feeding of predators. The park can be visited from 9 to 18 o’clock in the evening. Although the cost of visiting a bit high (feed tiger -900 baht, watch for young tigers – 1000 baht, for adults – 800 baht), this the park is still worth a visit, at least to take pictures with striped predators and watch the tiger hunting for prey.


Dino Park (Dino Park) Go to site

Dino Park in Phuket

Dinosaur Park Phuket is a park located at the Matina Phuket. Combines the maze walking through which you can admire realistic dinosaur statues, take pictures and play mini golf (is a chip of this park). Also located on the territory and restaurant, immersed in tropical vegetation, which is prepared both Thai and European cuisines. This is one of the best places to family holiday in Thailand! Read more about Dino Park on Phuket

Parks and gardens on Phuket map

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Orchid Garden in Phuket: 7.818317, 98.334482 Botanic Garden on Phuket: 7.847865, 98.345511 King’s Park in Phuket: 7.875327, 98.378320 Birds Park in Phuket: 7.862234, 98.344406 Zoo (Phuket zoo): 7.842806, 98.358536; Tiger Park in Phuket: 7.906763, 98.329825 Dino Park in Phuket: 7.828202, 98.295150

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