Ten of the best sea excursions of Phuket!

Participation in Phuket tours is the best. a way to bring a moment of diversity to your vacation, get a storm emotions, save unforgettable impressions, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the lost world and to keep in mind the whole series exciting photos. Tourists are offered routes as on the island itself, and beyond. In short, you awaits an acquaintance with popular Thai islands such as Phi Phi, Tachai, Similan, Racha, Ko Tapu (or – island James Bond), and that’s not all! The most sought after long maritime destinations, and there are 10 of them, compiled into a single review! You can buy similar excursion programs or find others. on the search page for excursions in Thailand or at the end of article.1

Lost World

Excursion in the Andaman Sea

During the tour with such an unusual name travelers can explore the Thai islands of the Andaman Sea in two days and settle for the night on an island that is really refers to the uninhabited particles of land. The route is good for everyone who are alien to the joy of nightlife. Romantic tours on Phuket Island are held in the direction of Phanga, KrabiiPhi Phi. They may be interesting for couples. Unforgettable night awaits the voyager in an attractive bungalow on the main island Sibaya For a comfortable stay in the bungalow provides everything may need couples.

As an example, you can watch a tour 3 in 1 from the island Phuket The name of this tour involves visiting immediately 3 interesting destinations in one excursion program – James Bond Island, Phi Phi Island and Raleigh Peninsula.


Tachai Island

Excursions to the island Tachay

This corner of Thailand is recognized as the most beautiful and amazing. You can reach it from the island of Phuket and the resort of Khao Lak. The tour itinerary is designed so that tourists get measured high-grade rest on the well-planned beach. For swimming a lot of time is spent in the sea.


Islands in the province of Krabi

Excursions to the islands in the province of Krabi

Deciding which excursions to visit in Phuket, It’s worth considering exploring the province of Krabi, and more precisely, his islands, they attract foreigners unique, a little Do not fabulous nature. During your stay on these Islands, people can soak up the white beaches – so clean they are. Also, the route allows you to plunge into warm waters of the azure sea and appreciate the life and culture of the local people in the distance from tourist centers. Read more about excursions on Islands in Krabi.


Nga Phang Bay

Excursions to Nga Phang Bay

Phang Nga Bay, within which the islands lie, on which filmed the famous film about Agent 007 , are considered A real paradise in the Andaman Sea, and deservedly so. All because that this place is rich in fascinating caves, beaches with snow-white sand, majestic rocks, and almost the whole territory covered with dense mangroves. Excursions around Phang Nga Bay – This is a profitable and easy way to enjoy this picturesque place. Read more famous all over the world James Bond in Thailand!


Sea excursions in the Similan Islands

Excursions to the Similan Islands

Excursions to the Similan Islands are popular from the first days of November to the end of spring. Similans in Thailand – amazing islands that thanks to their beauty and natural value were protected by UNESCO. Complex Islands is a National Park of Thailand.


Phi Phi Islands

Trips to Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island Tour is made up of diving and snorkeling, as well as swimming, walking through the caves of the Vikings and exploring the island of monkeys. The cost of this small trip The price of lunch is included. From the adult tourist organizers take 1300 baht, with a child – 1 thousand.


Coral island

Excursions to the Coral Island

His review is included in the best tours of Phuket. Useful study tour is feasible at any time. Staying on the territory of the Coral Island, vacationers can rush along the water surface on a big banana and stroll on kayak or canoe with a transparent bottom through which glass is excellent visible swimming exotic fish. Passive tourist can just lie back on the beach.


Long sea excursions

Tours of the Andaman Sea

In Phuket, they will appreciate the experts of the underwater world and admirers sea ​​romance. Routes allow you to make the path to most Islands of the Andaman Sea, and they take a lot of time. On The average duration of such excursions is 2–3 days. See more overview of the most popular excursions to the islands with Phuket


Racha Island

Excursions to the island of Racha

Half-hour boat trip on the sea takes a traveler from Phuket to the world of the earthly paradise of the island of Racha. Persons having a rest, arriving on clean, deserted beaches, a light breeze blows. Look fascinates the incredible beauty of the local landscape. The best way to get to this heavenly place is to purchase excursions to the islands of Racha in travel agencies.


Lost Paradise

Phuket Caves Tours

Another interesting excursion. Its program includes a visit. caves hidden in the lands of the Railay peninsula and the islands of Mo, Hong, Tub and Chicken Islands. In the course of exploring the islands of Thailand tourists can enjoy a barbecue and look at the speakers of fakirs. An unusual activity is the night launch lanterns in the sky. Improvised lighting fixtures are made from rice paper. When lifted into the air, it melts from its temperature. To do Snorkeling and diving allow the neighborhood of the island of Mosquito. Possible rest and paradise Bounty. Little tourists age 4 – 12 years make this excursion for free, and it costs for adults at 6,500 baht.


Individual Moto Tour of Phuket

Individual Phuket MotoTour

A unique author’s tour of the most picturesque places. Phuket for active people of all ages who want fun spend time in excellent company and besides popular attractions discover the most beautiful and unusual corners of a paradise island, where they do not carry ordinary tourists.

On a bike with a personal driver guide for 1 day you will drive beautiful beaches, observation platforms, you will see monkeys in the wild nature, elephants, all the major attractions of the island, swim in the waterfall, take a photo with flying over the ground by plane and get a lot of unforgettable impressions!

If you are new to Phuket and want to see the most interesting on the island, not bothering with the rental of personal transport, then this excursion for you!

Excursion is designed for the number of people from 1 and more. For companies from 3 or more people the possibility of renting car.

Read the program Moto Tour “Order Moto Tour”

Contacts: +66958253228 WhatsApp / Telegram vk.com/PhuketMotoTour

How and where to buy excursions in Phuket?

Buy any favorite Phuket excursion is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. On the streets of the island full full of local travel agency offices that are not found will be difficult, and you can clarify their location at the reception your hotel. But if you do not want to spend your time searching offices, you can use the popular in Thailand service booking excursion programs – Sputnik8.com, an overview of which we cited in this article. Below we have posted a few offers of this site:

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