Seafood in Phuket: markets and restaurants

Phuket Island is known for its rich culinary traditions. This is where you will find stunning seafood dishes. Fishing is widely developed, and therefore seafood can be bought in any corner of the island. Fish markets, shops, ordinary cafes, elite restaurants – everywhere there are plenty of unusual dishes from seafood in Phuket. And the prices of all these delicacies are quite low, the cheapest seafood in Thailand are located exactly on the island of Phuket.

Fish restaurants in Phuket

Fish restaurants can be found on almost all beaches on the island. Phuket On the shelves along the roads are beautifully laid out king prawns, various fish, crabs, squids and octopuses. All products decorated with fresh flowers. All fish restaurants on the island Phuket is simply impossible to list. You can go to absolutely anyone and will be satisfied with the range. Just select dish from the menu and enjoy the freshest seafood. Price for they are calculated by weight or availability at a certain season. AT on average you can spend about 200 baht per dish. In the restaurant on Patong Beach, making an order, in the presence of a waiter, make a curtain seafood and write down the numbers on the leaf. So you will not pay a triple price.

Fish restaurant “Kan Eang @pier”, located on the pier Chalong beach
Fish restaurant Fish restaurant
Fish restaurant Fish restaurant

Fish restaurant “Kan Eang @pier” on the map

Calculate the routeOpen offline map in full screen modeFish restaurant ‘Kan Eang @pier’. Phuket

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Fish restaurant “Kan Eang @pier” Fish restaurant

(Calculate route) Fish restaurant \ ‘Kan Eang @pier \’. Phuket 7.820017, 98.344202 Fish Restaurant \ “Kan Eang @pier \” (Calculate route)

Come to Phuket in August (“When is it best to go to Thailand?”), if you are a fan of seafood delicacies. It is at this time you can have a great time at Seafood Fiesta – Seafood Festival. Restaurants in August provide great discounts.

If you want to taste seafood dishes performed by best Thai masters, it is not necessary to look for expensive restaurant. Phuket’s Ordinary Fish Cafe represent the range is not worse, but the products in them are the same quality. Even the Thais themselves prefer to eat in such cafes. Moreover, it is advantageous for baht.

Phuket Fish Markets

In the seafood markets of Phuket you will find the freshest seafood One of the popular markets is located by the beach. Rawai Sea Gypsies settled on it – the people of Chao Le, who are already For many years engaged in fishing. Gypsies catch fish from lunch to late at night to put only fresh produce on the shelves. The seafood caught the same day is covered with ice or flooded water

Rawai Beach Fish Market
Phuket Fish Market Phuket Fish Market
Phuket Fish Market Phuket Fish Market

Rawai Fish Market on the map

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Rawai Beach Fish Market Fish Market on Rawai Beach

(Calculate route) Rawai Fish Market. Phuket 7.775490, 98.328516 Fish market on Rawai beach (Calculate route)

Trading in Thai markets has its unusual features Here you can bargain (by the way, and you know How to bargain in the Thai markets?) I try the goods for freshness. Merchants can clean you fish on the spot, so that when you come to your home or room, you can immediately prepare from her a delicious dish. English speaking vendors may even show you how to cook this or that fish in the best culinary traditions Thailand

Types of seafood in Phuket

In fish restaurants located along the pier, you just for 100 baht prepare a dish of products purchased on the market. Buy Thai beer and relax while waiting for the culinary masterpiece.If you get lost among such gorgeous assortment, we suggest you try the following delicious seafood:

  • Large shrimp. They can be bought at fish markets. They gray color. Cooking large shrimps is easy – boil and season with sauce.
  • Crabs. There are black and sea. Large blue crabs You can simply boil and serve with sauce.
  • Young squids. No less tasty than giant individuals.
  • Okuni, snapper, barracuda. The choice of fish is varied. Неbuy coral fish, their meat is very specific, on lover.
  • Mussels, shells and scallops. Cheap and very easy getting ready.

When buying seafood in Phuket, remember that in hot conditions they are stored not long. Therefore, check the color of the gills and the smell of the goods.

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