Phuket’s best clubs in general and Patong in particular!

On the island of Phuket life is in full swing around the clock. You can even say that in the afternoon it is less eventful than in the evening and night hours For most tourists, beaches and pools are a place relaxation, where you can recover after a stormy night parties. Some of them are held at open food courts, where the roof for bar counters and tables is a starry sky. But the main passions boil in closed establishments – bars, restaurants and clubs, where the guests are served not only food and drinks, but also entertainment varying degrees of shamelessness – from striptease to blowjob under the tables, what usually happens in institutions like Go-Go. The best clubs in Phuketan inferior in terms of service and drive received from such places holiday in Europe. Therefore, the fact that they are not visited by such individuals as Karl Cox or Richie Hawtin, can only be considered a misunderstanding.

Today we will tell you about the nightlife of Phuket, which is worth to visit. They are not only on the famous Patong, but also in others. corners of the island.

Clubs on Patong Beach

Phuketapo nightclubs are mostly concentrated there. And Bangla Road is the place where “people for debauchery gathered. “With the coming of twilight, it becomes a pedestrian about half a kilometer in length, which is blinding by many neon signs and stuns music from every open door – bars and restaurants go there almost completely. You can just walk with a bottle beer or something stronger, chat, go to the shops and Choose Patongan’s taste clubs.



Club Illuzion on Patong

Club Illuzion on Patong– most popular and roomy place for night rest. He can accept up to four five 00 guests at the same time. The owners did not stint on audio system and a huge LED screen for demonstration video installations. The project they got a grand and in maximum degree Europeanized. Even the most sophisticated night party-goer does not find something to complain about. Preferred at the club music format – House electronic music of all genres.

The dance floor is one, but it is very roomy and combined with the stage, where the corps de ballet in which dancers from Russia are participating and Ukraine. For tired of loud music and wanting intimate communication there is a chill-out – a separate balcony, where there is a bar stand, as well as sofas and tables.



Club Seduction on Patong

Seduction Club in Phuket that foreign DJs, including legendary ones, play in it. For example, Goldie from the UK or Morales from the USA. He enters The composition of the entertainment complex Seduction Complex, in which he allotted second floor. According to many – this is the best club Patong where you can enjoy the most incendiary dance music tracks. The dance floor is one, but almost endless. Several chill-out areas, including an open terrace, from which overlooks the night-drenched Patong.


White room

White Room Club in Patong

White Room Club in Phuket unusual for night entertainment style interior. AT white color prevails there – walls, tables, sofas. As far as it is glamorous, of course you decide. The music program is composed of танцевальных ремиксов, а также хитов в стиле R&B иcommercial house.


Tiger disco

Club Tiger Disco on Patong

All clubs Patongaustupayu this institution in size. This is a separate building with a height of three floors. Tiger Club on Patong is the main place to pick up the night butterflies that hang out on the first floor where the bar is located zone. Each of its racks has its own staff of girls (not transgender), ready to brighten up the loneliness of any of visitors. They do not suffer modesty, but will not be imposed. Their main task is to motivate the client so that he can stayed longer in the institution and spent money. With any of the girls you can negotiate a closer acquaintance outside the club.


VIP Room

VIP Room Club in Patong

Club VIP ROOM in Phuket love those who likes to alternate intercourse at tables with a small dance warm up to not too loud music. The long room is divided in two parts – a hall for guests and a VIP-zone. The first is a bar stand and a small free area in front of her. In the second – DJ section. Tables, chairs and sofas are enough for everyone visitors for a comfortable pastime. Preferred music format – EDM, less often the tracks of electronic music House.



Hollywood Club in Patong

Classic disco. Hollywood Club on Patong is a long hall with many tables. There is no dance floor as such, there are two small venues where you can dance to music of different styles. DJs are usually local, but the club now and then invites foreign artists.

The chip of this institution are numerous games and competitions. In this case, the main prizes are quite expensive things. For example, motorcycles. You can win a TV, travel voucher …



Club Baya on Patong

Club Baya in Phuketoedin of the oldest. It has already formed its own get-together. She is few since the room is much smaller than other night ones clubs of the island. To find it, you need to go to Rat-U-Thit Rd. To the right of Tai pan you will see cute smiling taekas with advertising posters that play the role of touts.


Tai Pan

Club Tai Pan on Patong

Neighboring with Baya. Tai Pan Club on Patong is more of a bar. There is own dance floor Music until midnight is live. Local speakers Labuhi Then they are replaced by DJs. Admission fee – usually one cocktail – not practiced. This is a place where not only dance, but also get acquainted. Want to rent a prostitute in Phuket? That way. But not be mean: visiting a Thai club prefer rich farang, hard dachshund does not exist.

Beyond Patong

Nightly entertainment can be found not only in Patong. Practically in all tourist centers of the island – on the beaches of Kata, Karon, Rawai and others, you can find such places.

  1. The Rawai discotheque THE LAGUNA is open on the beach. Up to two Overnight night visitors served on the open veranda. Besides drinks, there you can play a couple of pools in the pool. And also remove vending secretly. From two o’clock in the morning the fun moves under roof and lasts until 4am.
  2. On Nai Harn Beach, the ICON Club is open on weekends. Posh interior and three DJs with their own stereos. there is a pool table. The pub serves from liver pies and hamburgers to steaks. There is free Wi-Fi.

ClubsPhuket Town

If you want to feel the local exotic, then visit night clubs Phuket Town. There rest local, drop in and expats (foreigners permanently residing and working in Thailand). From the pros – the music is always alive, but local groups, thai

One of them is KOR TOR MOR CLUB. It is located near shopping center Robinson (Chana-Charoen Road). This place youth parties, on Fridays there is usually not crowded. The dance floor is small, the main movement occurs at the tables and bar racks.

Top clubs on Phuket map

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Illuzion Club in Phuket: 7.893595, 98.297414 Seduction Club at Phuket: 7.893107, 98.297784 White Room Club in Phuket: 7.893875, 98.296213 Tiger Disco Club in Phuket: 7.893224, 98.297457 VIP Club Room in Phuket: 7.893851, 98.296051 Hollywood Club in Phuket: 7.893745, 98.296115 Tai Pan Club in Phuket: 7.893182, 98.298444 Club The Laguna in Phuket: 7.779568, 98.329288 Icon Club in Phuket: 7.794611, 98.315330 Kor Tor Mor Club in Phuket: 7.879727, 98.397975

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