Phuket Weather May 2020

Weather in Phuket in May 2020

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Thailand?

Do you want to have fun on May holidays and at the same time do not spend a lot of money on a ticket?

Go to Phuket!

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the weather in May in Phuket, the temperature of water and air.
  • What are the most interesting places on the island to travel.
  • How much will your trip cost in May 2020
  • What to look for, going to this resort.

The content of the article

  1. What weather is waiting for you at this time?
  2. Phuket in May: is it worth it to go?
    1. What to do on the island at this time?
    2. What to see?
    3. Prices for holidays in Phuket in May 2020
  3. Phuket holidays at the end of spring: what to look for?

What weather is waiting for you at this time?

Despite the fact that the temperature of air and water in May is enough high, this month is not the most favorable for a holiday in Phuket. After all, the rainy season is in full swing. That is why the price of vouchers during the May holidays do not take off, and the tourists in the resorts Little.

In reality, the rainy season is not as bad as it used to be. think.

Monsoon winds under the action of constantly replacing each other cyclones and anticyclones are completely unpredictable, so in Weather forecast, the probability of precipitation is high every day.

The main problem is not that it rains often, but that he can go at any moment, suddenly, even if the sky is up this was clear and cloudless.

Phuket Weather May 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 29… 30 ° C + 27 … 29 ° C + 31 ° C
In the end of May + 29… 30 ° C + 27 … 29 ° C + 31 ° C

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But this does not mean that you can not relax and Get to know the culture of Thailand. The rains last no longer. half an hour, then stop, and the weather becomes clear again. Also, most of the precipitation falls at night, when tourists sleep or are in clubs and discos.

At this time, a beach holiday is not too comfortable – the sea restless and muddy after the rains, and a sudden downpour will not please wishing to tan. However, sometimes calm is established, and the resort turns into a sunny tale.

The main thing is to be mentally prepared for the fact that at any moment go rain

By the way, the rains and temperatures are very warm, so you don’t freeze and dry quickly. During a tropical rain, an umbrella for you It does not help – the flow of water is too strong. Best to get durable raincoat. Also take care of the rain covers for your phone and photo equipment.

Want to know where the cheapest tours are?

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Phuket in May: is it worth it to go?

Phuket in May

Where in May you will find the most comfortable and interesting holiday?

What attractions must visit?

More details below.

By topic: Where to relax in Thailand in May 2020 of the year

What to do on the island at this time?

Despite the fact that in May the rainy season is in full swing, in Phuket everything there is still something to do and what to see.

Weather in Phuket in May - evening

At this time, the sea in Phuket is a paradise for lovers of fishing. the waves.

Kite and surf fans come here from all over. of the world.

At this time, tourists are invited to interesting excursions to sights that sometimes break due to bad weather, but work as usual.

During the rain, you can update your wardrobe by spending time shopping, or go to a local SPA-salon.

The island has many cinemas, bars, clubs and discos, working in any weather.

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Patong – the golden beach and the center of the island’s nightlife, attracts many young tourists;
  • Phuket Zoo – a great place for a fun holiday with children. There are many shows: with elephants, with monkeys and even with crocodiles;
  • Phuket Trickeye Museum is a place for those who love everything. unexpected and funny. Large 3-D Museum with the most interesting exhibits;
  • Phuket philatelic Museum – a small museum store, will be It is interesting not only to a narrow circle of philatelists, but also to all tourists, wishing to buy interesting brands and send as a gift to your loved ones. The post office, by the way, is in the nearby building;
  • Phuket-Fantasy – a large and vibrant amusement park, enjoy both adults and children. Daily animal shows are held as well. tourists are invited to look at interesting singing fountains;
  • Wat Chalong is one of the many Buddhist temples, very beautiful and atmospheric.

Phuket Phuket Trickeye MuseumPhuket Trickeye Museum

Phuket Phuket Philatelic MuseumPhuket PhilatelicMuseum

Phuket Phuket-FantasyPhuket-Fantasy

Phuket Phuket ZooPhuket Zoo

Phuket Wat ChalongWat chalong

Prices for holidays in Phuket in May 2020

May is the height of the rainy season in Phuket. Therefore there are very few tourists there, and prices for tours are low even during May holidays.

If the rains do not scare you – this is a great chance to get to know beautiful exotic Thailand.

Prices for tours and holidays in Phuket in May 2020
Tour price for two (7 nights) Return ticket price Hotel price (1 night) Price of apartments

From 75 000 rub. during the May holidays;

From 75 000 rub. in the second half of the month.

About 40,000 rubles. per person during the May holidays;

From 30 000 rub. in the second half of the month.

from 400 rub. for a double room

from 600 rub. per room

Phuket holidays at the end of spring: what to look for?

  • Phuket Island is small in appearance. However, it will not get around so simple: the relief terrain makes it unsuitable for long walking tours. To inspect all its corners, you will need transportation is a lot of it. The most convenient way to travel to buses – they are pink and are converted trucks with benches for passengers installed inside.
  • You can move around the island and on a rented transport. It is very undesirable to rent bicycles – special tracks for them there, and the other road users are not inferior cyclists road. In addition, relief terrain turns a trip even for a short distance to a real marathon.
  • At this resort you can rent a moped cheaply enough. it A very popular means of transportation, however, is to stop at Your choice is worth it only if you drive very good and not inclined to drink alcohol. The fact is that in the country has left-hand traffic, and the number of accidents with the participation of tourists is huge. You may be seriously hurt, but even if you get off with light bruises, the police will most likely do the cause of the accident is you.
  • Renting a car is a convenient solution if you come. have a great family rest and have a great driving experience. But be attentive – in the country there are very large fines for parking in wrong place. In addition, numerous moped drivers Often “foxes”, leaving the oncoming lanes and exceeding the allowed movement speed.
  • Phuket, like all resorts in Thailand, is famous for its desserts and sweets It’s almost impossible to remember their long names, but try your best at the weekly sunday fair in the center Phuket Town
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