Phuket Weather March 2020

Weather in Phuket in March 2020

Do you dream to leave winter as soon as possible and find yourself in hot summer?

Go to Phuket in March!

The weather is great at this time of year – especially she will be delighted. lovers of the scorching sun and warm water.

In this article:

  • What is the weather in Phuket in March, water temperature and of air.
  • What can you do island at this time?
  • What is the price of a holiday in March 2020?

The content of the article

  1. March weather: water and air temperature
  2. Phuket in March: is it worth it to go?
    1. What to do on the island at this time?
    2. What is worth seeing?
    3. Prices for holidays in Phuket in March 2020
  3. 6 tips for those who go to Phuket in March

March weather: water and air temperature

Phuket Weather March 2020
Phuket In the afternoon At night Water temperature
At the beginning of the month +28 … 29 ° C +23 … 25 ° C + 30 ° C
In the end of the month +28 … 29 ° C +24 … 26 ° C + 30 ° C

In March, the island receives 384 millimeters of precipitation, which is 11% of the annual norm. Relative humidity – 75%. For the entire month, only 3 days of clear and 16 overcast. March opens the low season, but the rest itself here in the very first days Spring will be enjoyable. Livni is not as frequent as in the summer months, and go in most cases in the evening or at night. Their periodicity increases closer to April. But not worth it to be afraid of tropical storms – in the morning puddles are already drying up, in the sky there is a bright burning sun – from the night weather does not remain and trace. Due to humidity even at low temperatures all day may be very hot. On some days the thermometer in The shadow rises to +40 degrees.

If you prefer the summer heat, you will be interested read the weather in june about the weather in July in August.

Locals and tourists coming here joking that the best a way to get a tan in Phuket is not to go to beach. You can tan and just lying under an umbrella. But the long sunbathing can be dangerous and cause burns.

In any case, there is an option to escape from the sweltering heat – in Many shopping centers and hotels have air conditioning.

March is one of the coolest months of the year at this resort. Wind speed is only 3.7 meters per second.

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Phuket in March: is it worth it to go?

Phuket in March

We can answer this question unequivocally – it’s worth it! Shopping festivals and celebrations, beautiful beaches and water sports – everything This can be found here in early spring.

What to do on the island at this time?

  • On March 13, the three-day celebration of the victory over begins. Burmese invaders. Tourists can watch sports competitions, attend dance and music shows, participate in the festival.
  • Periodically – depending on the lunar calendar – another passes holiday – Makha Bucha . At this time, the locals are engaged meditation and prayers. Celebrate a religious festival in the temples cities.
  • In Phuket, we recommend shopping. At the resort you You will find many markets and shopping centers. So, recently here built a floating market. There is an opportunity for new entertainment – rides along the lake on a boat or on a catamaran, performances local dancers and musicians.
  • Be sure to try the Thai massage! Salons located on Phuket and Samui resorts are among the best. In addition, some types of massage will be remembered for a long time. It’s about big swimming pools in which small fishes.
  • Among the major shopping centers worth noting Central Festival, Jung Ceylon, Robinsons, Ocean Plaza (shops with the same name three), Tesco Lotus, Big C.
  • Sea excursions – the choice is huge! Thanks to them, guests of the resort have the opportunity to contemplate all the beauty of the Andaman coast. We advise you to go to Tachai and Similan Islands – in late spring they are closing. Of interest are the James Bond Islands Phi Phi Bay Phang Nga. The nature here is gorgeous!
  • Snorkeling and diving are also interesting – the warm sea is full plankton, to which many fish swim. Popular Places for diving – Similan and Phi Phi. In the sea live turtles, rays, whale shark, various exotic fish.

Weather in Phuket in March - Phang Nga BayPhang Bay Nga

Things to do in Phuket in March, Makha BuchaMakhaBucha

Things to do in Phuket in March, Thai massageThai massage

What is worth seeing?

  • In Khao Sok National Park there is a magnificent lake Cheo Lan. Tourists love to come here and enjoy the beautiful view.
  • If you are interested in Thai culture, go see evening shows – FantaSea, Siam Niramit and transvestite shows.
  • We also recommend visiting Maya Bay.

What to see in Phuket in March, Lake Cheo LanLake Cheo Lan

What to see in Phuket in March, Maya BayBay Maya bay

What to see in Phuket in March, Simon transvestite show in PhuketShow transvestite simon on phuket

Prices for holidays in Phuket in March 2020

Prices for the tour in March 2020 (for two).

Prices for Phuket tours in March 2020
Number of stars in the hotel 7 days 10 days
3 * from 81 000 rub. from 86 000 rub.
Prices for independent vacation in Phuket in March 2020
Airfare (one way) Prices for a hotel room (1 night) Prices for renting an apartment (1 day)
from 33 100 rub. from 450 rub. from 600 rub.

6 tips for those who go to Phuket in March

  • Airfare to Phuket in the first month of spring is cheaper than in winter, but the cost of hotel rooms is the same as during high season.
  • Tourists coming here say that they move around the resort. not so easy. Renting a bike can be dangerous – many vacationers have an accident in the first weeks, because the feeling the dangers they have somewhat dulled due to the change of the situation.
  • Renting a car is a good idea, but it will cost a lot. expensive – about 1000 baht per day. The movement here is left-sided, which It can be inconvenient for many tourists from Russia. The cost of a trip to Taxi is also high. The buses are not air-conditioned, in routes are very easy to get confused.
  • If you want to eat, your choice is large selection of local cafes and restaurants. Phuket Kitchen predominantly marine. There is one feature that can attract some, but scare off other tourists – in the dishes here They add a lot of spices – in the end they are sharp. If a you do not like it, and you do not burn with desire the rest of the day remember the time spent at dinner in a restaurant without parting with a bottle of water, it is better to ask the waiter in advance overdo with condiments.
  • This resort is ideal for families with children. The tourist infrastructure is well developed, there are many hotels, they are provide everything that is necessary for the child. Also on the island a lot of entertainment that will be interesting and useful for small travelers – a lot of rides, playgrounds. Most entertainment venues can be found near tourist areas.
  • Returning to the issue of food – the price of food in Phuket is several higher than on the mainland. Fortunately, it pays off her quality and availability. For one lunch you will give from 200 to 600 baht if you decide to go to a restaurant. In the macaroni the cost of meals below – from 30 baht.

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