Phuket Weather April 2020

Weather in Phuket in April 2020

In the middle of spring you really want warmth, because during the winter cold already much fed up. It’s time to plunge into the warm water of phuket

This article will help you to find out:

  • What is the weather in Phuket in April, water temperature and of air.
  • What to do and what to see on the island?
  • What should be considered, going to the island in the spring?
  • The cost of the tour and independent recreation in April 2020 of the year.

The content of the article

  1. April weather, water and air temperature
  2. Phuket in April: is it worth it to go?
    1. What should you do on the island at this time?
    2. What to see?
    3. Prices for holidays in Phuket in April 2020
  3. What to consider, going to April Phuket?

April weather, water and air temperature

In April, the sky over Phuket gradually begin to appear clouds and not without reason, because the feature of these places is that in this month comes the southeast monsoon, which provokes tropical rain. But the beginning of the wet season still does not start. before May. Atmospheric precipitation is increasing, but it is not yet critical, besides, the clouds over your head do not stay long, so resort guests can safely sunbathe or enjoy sightseeing tours.

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In April, this resort will have the following climatic conditions:

Phuket Weather April 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
In the beginning of April + 29… 30 ° C + 27 … 29 ° C + 30 ° C
In the end of April + 29… 30 ° C + 28 … 30 ° C + 31 ° C

As for precipitation, it rains mostly for more than an hour, and puddles underfoot quickly dry under the influence of bright solar rays.

When buying a tour this month, you should be prepared to 10 days of it will be rainy. By the end of April the monsoons come into your rights are even greater and the weather is getting enough changeable.

As can be seen, despite frequent precipitations, the air temperature remains quite high and the sea breezes summer heat is not very reduce.

Want to know where the cheapest tours are?

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Phuket in April: is it worth it to go?

Phuket in April

When spring is still awkwardly coming into our homeland right, we already want so much heat. Of course, you can wait until summer, but it’s best to wave to Phuket.

By topic: Weather in Phuket in April 2020 of the year

April is the month when the wet season is about to it will start, but a comfortable rest is still quite possible.

Therefore, if you are ready to wait a few rainy days and not experiencing particular discomfort from high temperatures – good to the resort!

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What should you do on the island at this time?

  1. Visit the small islands. And there are many islands here, by the way. Particularly noteworthy are such as Phi Phi, Racha Island and Similan Islands.
  2. Go diving on one of the many local islands the underwater world of Phuket is truly impressive.
  3. Go to Bangla Road – the resort’s most rave street. Even if you are not a fan of noisy parties, you should still be at least once as an excursion to go there.
  4. Try the dishes of national cuisine. Thai cuisine though specific, but deserves the attention of gourmets. Therefore, boldly Eat something that does not even have a very appetizing look. How to know, and suddenly you will discover something new in gastronomic the world. The main thing is to choose a good institution.
  5. Make a trip on elephants. Such walks are usually carried through the jungle. It may not be as exciting as I would like to, but you can brag to your friends at home.
  6. Visit the evening show with elephants. On the island at the moment There are two similar shows: Siam Niramit and Fantasy Show.
  7. Go shopping. And there will be something to buy here: cheap textiles, leather goods, sea pearls, etc.
  8. How to relax during a Thai massage. Not take some money and enjoy the atmosphere of the healing procedure worth it.

What to see?

They say that it’s impossible to see everything in one vacation Phuket attractions. However, you can ask aim and visit the most interesting places.

What to see at the resort:

  • Phuket Aquarium – will delight you with a huge amount variety of exotic fish.
  • Big Buddha – a huge statue that can be seen from all over. resort.
  • Thai Village – a place where you can plunge into culture and traditions of Thailand. Here you can not only find out the mass useful and interesting information, but also look at the combat sword fights, dance shows and Thai boxing.
  • Wat Chong Temple – among the 30 temples this is considered the most popular, so his visit is a must.
  • Botanical garden – according to tourists, this place is the most impressive.
  • Nakha Pearl Farm – a place where you can admire for a long time on pearls grown right there.
  • Snake farm – another place that is to their liking lovers of the exotic.
  • Sirinat National Park – the favorite vacation spot of all tourists who rest in Phuket. And not without reason, because vast territory has everything for a comfortable stay.

Weather in Phuket in April - Phuket Thaihua Museum PhuketThaihua Museum

Phuket, PatongPatong Beach

Phuket, Cape Prom ThepCape Prom Thep

Phuket, Phuket Big BuddhaBig buddha

Prices for holidays in Phuket in April 2020

Still, decided to go on vacation in April on this island? Then it’s time to find out the cost of tours.

Prices for Phuket tours in April 2020
Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Price
7 days 10 days
In the beginning of April 3 * from 35 671 rub. from 40 014 rub.
In the end of April 3 * from 36 283 rub. from 47 314 rub.

For those who prefer to relax on their own, it’s worth knowing what prices they are waiting for rest in April.

The prices for independent rest on Phuket in April 2020 of the year
Resort Airfare (one way) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
Kemer from 58 840 rubles. from 1 070 rub. from 907 rub.

What to consider, going to April Phuket?

  • Despite the fact that it often rains at this time, the temperature is high and the sun can be unsafe, so you should take care of protection from ultraviolet rays.
  • In the last weeks of April, the weather promises to be unstable, therefore, it is best to plan your vacation before the 20th.
  • Due to frequent rains and high temperatures in Phuket quite stuffy, so if you can’t stand the heat, then your April vacation can be spoiled.
  • Long walks are best done after sunset, when everything around you gradually begins to cool.
  • As a rule, the heat is best transported by water, but it is worth take into account that in April the water temperature is maintained quite tall.

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