Phuket Town – a city with “wild” architecture for tropical island

Phuket Island is a separate province of Thailand. He has his own the capital is Phuket Town. It is located on Southeast coast – a place where since time immemorial all merchant ships that sailed from India to China and back. The impetus to the rapid development of the city served first the discovery on the island of rich deposits of tin, and later – rubber production. That is why most of the plains The territories of the island are occupied by hevea plantations.


Phuket Town may be interesting to tourists as a mix of European (mainly Portuguese) and Chinese architecture. This city was the least Thai since the main contingent migrant workers to work at tin mines came from Celestial It is the center of an island civilization where there is no only shops and night markets, but also cheap hotels, beautiful parks and viewing platforms. It has a well-developed logistic infrastructure. From his bus station you can go almost to any province of Thailand.

Phuket Phuket

The most attractive old city for tourists Phuket Town is located west of the bus station, it is conditional border not marked by any pointers.

Old city

The very place where the owners of tin mines settled and their workers. At one time it was a very colorful rayonchik, abounding in dens and other establishments of dubious character It is bounded by the streets of Ratsada, Ranong, Thalang, Krabi and Dibuk Road. Homes in these quarters are over a hundred. years old.

Old Town Phuket Town
Old Town Phuket Town Old Town Phuket Town

Things to do in Phuket Town academic in nature, there are no ancient Thai temples and objects of the so-called cultural heritage. Tourists can be It is interesting to feel the aura of the port city of Southeast Asia. Him architecture is quite unusual (it can be said that wild for tropical island) a mixture of European-Chinese culture. Building they were not built higher than four floors. Each one was the abode of the family clan.

Old Town Phuket TownOld Town Phuket Town

The first floor was given under the shops, shops and dens. On top the owners lived on the floors, the servants were given a courtyard and adjacent to it outhouses. The general rule was that the houses had a very narrow facade – not more than five meters wide, but in the depth of the quarter they stretched for 50 meters. So socially realized in a peculiar way. justice – everyone could get a place to do business. European features are noticeable in the arches and colonnades, and Asian – in shaped windows, doors, mirrors in the walls and hanging outside amulets and figures of the idols.

Phuket Town Cultural Program

What to see and do in Phuket Town? The insignificance of the size of the city and its relative youth may give rise to the wrong impression of what to do there, in general, there is nothing. On its street you can still hear the echoes of the passions, boiled until the middle of the XX century. There are many restaurants and small cafes, they are cozy, friendly people and there you can have a good time. Still alive in restaurants music, and this is a very good bonus.

Phuket Town Night Market

Night market

If you are not particularly seduced by the reckless beach party, then It is worth going to where the Thais themselves prefer to relax. For example, in pubSofa, located on Dibuk street. There you will see for yourself that tourist madness for Thailand – it’s just business. Aboriginal real life is much stricter and patriarchal.

Pub Sofa in Phuket Town

Pub Sofa

Hiking lovers can go to Soi Romanee Street, which at the end of the XIX century was the abode of all port prostitutes Phuket Now everything is decorous and calm, many souvenir works shops, cafes, there are cheap hostels.

Soi Romanee Street in Phuket Town

Soi Romanee Street

On Rassada Road there is a city museum where you can see a lot of wonders and learn about the history of the island. Most paradoxical – philatelic museum located on Montri Road in the old post office building. Marks you will not see there. In one of halls represented telegraph equipment of different times, starting from samples of the late XIX century.

Phuket Museum on Rassada Road

Phuket Museum

Philatelic Museum in Phuket Town

Philatelic Museum

The best viewing platform in Phuket Town – This is the Grade Hill Park, starting at the intersection of Ratipap and Mae Luan. In addition to the opportunity to admire the panorama of Phuket, there You can visit the restaurant and go to one of the souvenir shops. And also there are many monkeys who often behave like inveterate racketeers. The best time to stay is at sunset. Just then Thais are drawn there.

Rang Hill is an observation deck in Phuket Town

Observation Deck Grade Hill

If you like authenticity, visit Saphan Hin Park, where local people like to spend time with. He is on coast, and is dedicated to Edward Thomas, the captain who delivered to The island is the first dredge for marine tin mining. Read more about The parks and gardens of Phuket are here.

Saphan Hin Park in Phuket Town

Park Saphan Hin Park


Hotels in Phuket Town are the cheapest on the island since tourists in the city do not settle too often. Most The famous one of them is He-He (read more about how you can book on the website or By for the reason that room 37 became the setting for the movie “The Beach”. For tourists, it can become a kind of extreme entertainment, because the building is one of the oldest on the island. Normal price format in guest houses are 400 baht per day and 5 thousand per month accommodation. Pampered comfort lovers can find rooms and 2 thousand baht per night.

How to get to Phuket Town

Taxi in Phuket Town is the easiest, but also the most expensive way to get to the city. For a half-hour trip with the northern part of the island in the capital will take about 600 baht. Also try to find an available transfer through a popular service

The bus to Phuket Town is sent, for example, from the administration building at Kata Beach on Pak Bang Road. The ticket costs 25 baht. From Patong Beach to go further, so the trip will cost from 50 baht.

Bus Station in Phuket Town

Phuket Town on island map

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Phuket Town: 7.882642, 98.390353

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