Phuket Shopping Malls supermarkets, shops and markets

Phuket shopping is not so dizzying fascinating, as in Bangkok, but a variety of shopping formats Outlets, among which there are not only hypermarkets and boutiques with global brands, but also private shops, as well as traditional Thai street bazaars where you can buy all sorts of exotic makes it a very good way to spend time. Since all the outlets of the island simply do not list, in this The article includes only the most popular. If we missed something interesting, be sure to tell us.;)

Phuket Shopping Centers

Phuket’s shopping centers are the first turn attracts European tourist, there is more familiar to shopaholic setting. Phuket shopping usually starts with visits to the biggest ones.

Phuket central festival

The largest mall in Phuket, where they lead their Activity constellation stores: under the same roof 250 marketplaces, including both the traditional 7-Eleven and boutiques under the signs of famous world brands.

Phuket Central Festival Shopping Center Phuket

Jungceylon phuket

Those who are concerned with the question “what can I buy for Phuket “, love to visit this shopping Patong Beach, as not only acquire “royal clothes”, but also to have fun. To services visitors Big c hypermarket, Robinson’s shopping center, cinema, bowling, beauty salons, with a dozen restaurants and cafes. Small shops more than two hundred.

Shopping at Jungceylon Phuket in Phuket

The plaza surin

Three-storey shopping center near Surin Beach. Not out which is the most exquisite shopping on the island. There you can buy the hottest new items from world fashion houses. there is several jewelry stores, antiques offered, dear furniture.

Shopping at The Plaza Surin Phuket Mall

Ocean Plaza

This is a trade center for native goods. There are three of them on the island: one in the heart of the capital, Phuket Town, the second in the south Part of Patong Beach, the third is Bangla Road (by our data is already closed forever). In addition to Thai souvenirs (which you can bring with you from Thailand) and exotic trinkets there You can buy “skin” for the rest: shirts, shorts, hats and other small change. Sales are regularly held.

Shopping at Ocean Plaza Phuket

Home Pro Village

Shopping at retail sitesHome Pro Villagesekreee will interest those who decide to become an expat and stay in Thailand for a long time. They sell goods for home and garden, and also office furniture. Interior items allocated a huge department SB Design Square, whose assortment is so wide that something will be a discovery for you. Buyers advises the designer, him helps your computer with a 3D monitor.

Shopping at Home Pro Village in Phuket

Turtle village

If you were looking for quality Thai silk Jim Thompson, then you are shopping center Turtle Village. In addition, an area of 3 thousand square meters. meters selling clothes and shoes, traditional Thai souvenirs. In order not to break away from shopping, you can look into the cafeteria or a restaurant.

Shopping at Turtle Village in Phuket

Supermarkets and hypermarkets Phuket

Tesco lotus

Tesco Lotus supermarkets can be found throughout Thailand. Shopping in Phuket Town often begins and ends exactly in it. Just because everything is there: household items such as needles and toothpaste and appliances from toasters to washing machines. There are souvenir shops. Tired of walking between the counters, you can look into the cafeteria, buy pizza or other fast food takeaway.

Shopping in Tesco Lotus hypermarket in Phuket

Big C

Another network trading institution like our “Auchan”. Traditional three floors and secure parking at the entrance. Ground floor allotted to diners, electronics store. You can also leave your spinogryz in the playing area under the supervision of the Thai Mary Poppins On the second hypermarket, restaurant. The third is bowling and souvenir shops.

Shopping in Phuket Big C hypermarket

Super cheap

Something similar to our “Cherkizon”, although the format refers to hypermarket. Daily sales and promotions with discounts. there is almost everything – and what to put on a tooth, and what to wear. To find this marketplace, go on the way to the airport to the shopping center “Premium Outlet”, then turn right.

Shopping at Super Cheap Phuket Supermarket

Phuket Shops

Mr Singh Fashion Gallery

You can buy clothes in Phuket in many places. But, if you need an exclusive and quality, then look at this shop. In addition to the finished women’s and men’s dresses, you can order individual tailoring on the patterns of world brands. Customers serve the best Shanghai tailors. Business suits are sewn, evening and wedding dresses, separate trousers and skirts, blouses, shorts. The order will be executed for two or three days.

Buy clothes at the Mr Singh Fashion Gallery in Phuket

Pornthip (Sea Store)

Pornthip is a gourmet haven where they sell delicious souvenirs. Everything is produced by a local factory under the same name. name – Pornthip. Certified by local and global standards fish and seafood delicacies, canned fruit and nut mixes.

Pornthip Shop Phuket

R. K. Fashions

The best shopping on the Phuket Island Karon for those who want sew or buy exclusive clothes. This is a family business. operating since 1994. The range is quite wide. If not found ready-made suit or wedding dress can be ordered.

Clothing store R. K. Fashions in Phuket

Phuthai Souvenir Market

If you want to buy Thai cosmetics on Phuket, this shop will be for you to discover the cave Ali Baba. After all, except for odorous ointments, spices and ointments, there sell authentic Thai souvenirs from all over the country. AT among them are ceramics, leather products (bags made of snakeskin or crocodile skin), crafts made of wood, stone. There is a department that sells silk jewelry.

Souvenir shop Phuthai Souvenir Market in Phuket


Shopping in Patong cannot be imagined without visiting it. store, whose name is known not only in Thailand, but also in Japan, Holland. It is possible that you saw his sign in Russia. Specializes in elegant and sexy lingerie. You can not take with you, and buy a swimsuit on Phuket is there. Exclusive and hit the trend provided.

AnneBra lingerie store in Phuket

Villa Market

Did you miss the traditional Russian products? Then do some shopping in this store. In assortment black and white bread, mayonnaise, sausages, including sausages and wieners, butter, cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise. There is even sauerkraut. Herring and pickled cucumbers for vodka and imported alcohol. Buy tea on Phuket is also better there. In a special department sell dishes and various household trifles. There are items for recreation like traditional rubber slippers. The store is located near road leading from PhuketTauna to Phuket Airport.

Villa Market in Phuket

Phuket Markets

If civilized European shopping has bored you, then welcome to Phuket’s markets. Indescribable coloring of Asian market, a mixture of smells and aromas, expression and extreme Hold your pockets, tear off by chance. Large markets open all days of the week. And on weekends people are going to trade in the squares. This is a century-old tradition, from which they made bait for tourists. Rawai’s seafood market is described here.

Tip! Before visiting the Thai markets, it is important to know how to bargain properly in these outlets. Most baryg specifically overcharge for the upcoming auction, after which you buy goods at its normal cost or slightly lower.

Downtown Market

The best fruit market in Phuket, and one of the oldest on the island. Located on Ranong Road. Most the assortment is made up of fruits that are brought straight from the fields. In bulk, they are purchased by the owners of restaurants and hotels. what remains – local housewives. In addition to tropical fruits, Local delicacies are also offered. On weekends passions increases with the breadth of the range – merchants appear economic trifle and clothing counterfeit. Trade is conducted around the clock.

Downtown Market Market in Phuket

Weekend Market

One name is clear that shopping in this market can to do only on weekends from four to ten in the evening. it Phuket’s most popular night market. Bargain all – clothes, shoes, souvenirs, spices, Thai cosmetics and pets. Everything is relatively cheap, but for the most part parts, “with small Arnautskaya.” The special charm of the trading floor Give Thai fast food dishes prepared on the spot. Between the counters almost the whole of the World International. In addition to the Chinese and Japanese, a lot of Europeans. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, but not really relax worth it. Located on Wai-Rat-Hung Yuk Road, western suburbs PhuketTauna.

Weekend Market in Phuket

Chatuchak market

As elsewhere in the province, people want to do “as in the capital.” WITH in the Bangkok market, Chatuchak is related only to its name, since the market is flea market. Works on weekends.

Chatuchak Market in Phuket

Market Expo

Clothing market in Phuket. And the best place to buy inexpensive clothing on the island is not found. Assortment – from the bottom linen to business suits. Works daily. Located on Tilok Uthit 2 Road, landmark – Thavorn Grand Hotel.

Market Market Expo in Phuket

Banzaan Fresh Market

Phuket’s most civilized market. It is indoor, high-rise. Escalators are working. Fresh produce is offered – meat, fish, vegetables fruits. There is a place where they sell flowers, sweets. Separately – children’s goods, souvenirs, accessories, clothes. Top floor given under the food court and self-service canteen, where a check for a dinner of three dishes no more than 100 baht. Located in Patong, on Sai Kor Road, near the Jungceylon shopping center.

Banzaan Fresh Market in Phuket

Talad Sod Satarana

The central city market PhuketTauna. Four-story white and beige building built in 2009. Thais claim that there you can buy “everything and even more.” Indeed, on this The site presents a real mix of seafood, souvenirs, clothes, fruit, etc.

Talad Sod Satarana Market in Phuket

Phuket Indy Market

Want authenticity? Arrange a shopping on the market, which almost not visited by tourists. This is a purely Asian street market, occurring from thursday to friday inclusive on the sidewalks of the street Limelight Avenue. Smuggled and counterfeit goods – pendants, shoes, clothes, at suspiciously low prices. Color added street makashnitsy, mobile benches craftsmen, concerts of stray artists.

Phuket Indy Market in Phuket

Shopping centers, shops and markets on Phuket map

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Phuket Central Festival Phuket Shopping Center: 7.891929, 98.368232 Jungceylon Phuket Shopping Center in Phuket: 7.891047, 98.299543 The Plaza Surin shopping center in Phuket: 7.976424, 98.284092 Ocean Plaza Phuket Shopping Center: 7.887936, 98.291997 Ocean Shopping Mall Phuket: 7.879433, 98.394345 Home Pro Village Phuket Shopping Center: 7.824864, 98.339138 Home Pro Village Phuket Shopping Center: 7.903541, 98.369629 Turtle Village Shopping Center in Phuket: 8.169503, 98.296415 Big C hypermarket in Phuket: 7.895938, 98.367405 Big C hypermarket in Phuket: 7.890092, 98.299659 Big C hypermarket in Phuket: 7.947640, 98.280320 Hypermarket Super Cheap in Phuket: 7.921427, 98.394703 Supermarket Tesco Lotus in Phuket: 7.822390, 98.341381 Supermarket Tesco Lotus in Phuket: 7.839788, 98.333542 Supermarket Tesco Lotus in Phuket: 7.880811, 98.369705 Supermarket Tesco Lotus in Phuket: 7.986008, 98.301225Shop Mr Singh Fashion Gallery in Phuket: 7.903792, 98.300787 Pornthip Shop in Phuket: 7.923568, 98.371246. RK Shop Phashket Fashions: 7.891289, 98.295370Shop Phuthai Souvenir Market in Phuket: 7.861985, 98.345673 AnneBra shop in Phuket: 7.894513, 98.295359 AnneBra Shop in Phuket: 7.872346, 98.362084 AnneBra Shop in Phuket: 7.852966, 98.334653 Shop Villa Market in Phuket: 7.824519, 98.339487 Downtown Market in Phuket: 7.883477, 98.385769 Weekend Market in Phuket: 7.880896, 98.365928 Chatuchak Market in Phuket: 7.884446, 98.398662 Market Expo Phuket: 7.880450, 98.396001 Market Banzaan Fresh Market in Phuket: 7.891243, 98.301867 Talad Sod Market Satarana in Phuket: 7.883457, 98.384311 Phuket Indy Market at Phuket: 7.886271, 98.391662

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