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The ambiguous glory of Patong Beach is forcing couples to planning to spend holidays in Thailand with a small child, makes one wonder: “Is it worth it to go on Phuket with kids? “In fact, this island is nothing worse than the rest of the resorts of Thailand. Today we will tell you about volume, next to which beach is it worth settling for traveling with children, about some of the most interesting places in which your child It will be interesting, as well as about the pros and possible disadvantages of rest on Phuket

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  • Direct flight

    For those traveling with children, logistics is one of the defining criteria. Upcoming family vacation at Phuketene will be overshadowed by transplants and waiting For example, from Moscow Sheremetyevo to the island daily Flight SU27 4 departs (you can search and book tickets on this page).

  • Sea

    The sea in Phuket is much cleaner than in Pattaya (the sea on the central Pattaya beach is very muddy). Even if you compare the remote Jomtien with noisy Patong. By the way, choose hotels in Phuket with Children recommend away from Bangla Road.

  • Infrastructure

    Holiday in Phuket with children is burdensome and safe because right on the island you can find everything necessary children’s accessories, including baby food and toys. If necessary, you can buy medicines or turn to professional doctor – there is a pharmacy near every beach kiosks and clinics. Add to this a well-developed road. network and a large selection of transport.

  • Ecology

    Industrial activity on the island stopped in the middle last century. Nature has fully recovered both at sea and drier Lots of greenery, clean air. Several parks with paved paths. They are convenient for walking with strollers. Most noise and cars in Phuket Town. But to be there completely not necessary.

  • Entertainment

    You will have no problem choosing where to spend your time. Can go to the water park and zoo, go boating, watch life of underwater inhabitants in the aquarium. Or take part in various shows. For example, visiting the amusement park Phuket FantaSea.


  • Prices

    At the peak of the tourist season, prices for Phuket bite (read what prices, weather and beaches in Phuket in winter). They are taller than in Bangkok or Pattaya. But much lower than on winter days holidays in both capitals of Russia – St. Petersburg and in Moscow.

  • Swimming season

    From May to November, the swimming season in Phuket is practically is terminated. It’s all about the frequent storms, accelerating the high wave. On all beaches, there are notices that prohibit entry into the water. Naturally, that different water rides – jet skis, “bananas” and other Beach activities are excluded from the program.

Phuket’s best beaches for families with children

Only the west coast of Phuket is available for recreation, but also on there are quite a few places where the rocks approach the water itself. Between they are located strips of sand with convenient entry into the sea, around which concentrates the entire tourist infrastructure. Now we briefly describe the most famous of them, and you decide yourself which fit under the definition of “the best beaches of Phuket for a holiday with children “, based on their own preferences.


Patong Beach

The best beaches for families with children in Phuket - Patong

Patong is the main tourist area of ​​Phuket. Very lively and noisy. As a result – the most dirty sea. Well developed infrastructure. You can buy everything in the supermarket Jung Ceylon Necessary – baby food, diapers, toys and strollers. Great transport variety. Easy to go anywhere islands.


Beaches Kata Noi, Kata, Karon

The best beaches for families with children in Phuket - Kata Noi, Kata, Karon

Kata Noi, Kata, Karon– perhaps the best beaches of Phuket for families with children. Located south of Patong. Next to them there are no large supermarkets and entertainment facilities for adults. Therefore, there is relatively calmly Karon has a great length, find a deserted place very simple. Many cafes and restaurants. Well developed transport infrastructure. Near the city hall bus station is located.


Nai Harn Beach

The best beaches for families with children in Phuket - Nai Harn

Nai Harn – a small (700 meters) beach on the southern tip islands. Semi-closed cove, small excitement, entrance to the sea gentle and even. Infrastructure and public transport only in the village of the same name, which is about 10 minutes walk. On Shore several restaurants and souvenir shops. The place is quiet and solitary. Next to it is a Buddhist temple and a large lake.


Surin and Kamala Beaches

The best beaches for families with children in Phuket - Surin and Kamala

Surin and Kamala – elite secluded beaches north of Patong. The rich people from all over the world prefer to live there. Most expensive hotels The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. The water is very clear and clean, the beaches are constantly cleaned. Many good restaurants with Thai and European cuisine. The most beautiful and safe beach for children in Phuket.


BeachBang Tao

The best beaches for families with children in Phuket - Bang Tao

Bang Tao is a long (6 kilometers) beach north of Surin. Quiet quiet place. Many restaurants where good food. Among Coastal hotels are both expensive and affordable. Sea clean, entry into it is flat and long – 15-20 meters. Municipal transport is absent.



The best beaches for families with children in Phuket - Knighton

Knighton is a small beach in the north, near the airport Phuket Lonely place, coming to life only in high season. Enters into the hell of the National Marine Reserve, therefore active entertainment is not offered there. In the coastal strip is a lot of greenery. A good option if you are looking for a quiet beach for children Phuket


Beach May Kao

The best beaches for families with children in Phuket - Mai Kao

Mai Kao is the northernmost beach of Phuket. Planes are landing right above it. But he is so long that You can easily find a quiet place there. There are few shopping centers, but Nearby is the only water park on the island – Splash Jungle. The proximity of the airport does not particularly interfere with the rest. In addition, the beach enters the line of the national park Sirinat, so there is very clean, you can meet sea turtles.

Phuket hotels for families with children

On the island of such hotels is full. Their infrastructure includes shallow pools, children’s rooms. The room has a child bed. The staff must have a doctor. Child can leave to the care of a nanny if you want to leave the adult excursion. The hotel’s menu includes children’s meals. Read more about the best hotels in Phuket for families with children.


Phuket Children’s Activities

Entertainment for children in Phuketesti for every taste and wallet, here are some of them:

Splash Jungle Waterpark is the answer to a popular question: “Where go with children in Phuket? “Divided into five thematic areas – Asia, America, Antarctica, Africa, the Ancient World. On the area of ​​22 thousand square meters meters located more than fifteen rides of different extremes

Dinosaur Park Dino Park – that’s what else Take a look at the kids in Phuket. Best to visit in the evening, when all the figures of dinosaurs and fake volcano spectacularly are highlighted.

Phuket Aquarium is also an ideal place to go. You can go with a small child in Phuket. small, and most of its inhabitants are large and bright coloring. Therefore, an excursion with a child will be stressless and interesting.

Show Phuket FantaSea – an amusement park, a tour in which calculated for the whole day. There are attractions for the little ones, and for teenagers. You can chat with the inhabitants of the contact the zoo. Of particular interest are the Tiger Show and the Elephant Palace, where everyone day shows with the participation of trained animals.

Elephant Riding – organized by most travel agencies Phuket But this is an entertainment for an amateur. Not like children, but some adults are afraid to be on the back of these giants, since these cute animals can be very unpredictable in mating season or in case of cruelty to them by the drover.

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