Phuket Apartment Overview

When I rented a house in Phuket (like this, but then I switched to apartments, as they are visually better and more modern.

My home booking instructions can be found at the link: How to book a house in Thailand – 5 ways.

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  • 1 About Phuket Apartments
  • 2 Budget Apartments Overview
    • 2.1 General Map
    • 2.2 Patra mansion
    • 2.3 Sodsri Apartment
    • 2.4 Ekkamon Mansion
    • 2.5 Khao Rang View Mansion
    • 2.6 P.K.Residense
    • 2.7 Thai apartments
    • 2.8 Chalong apartment
    • 2.9 The best mansion

About Phuket Apartments

Apartments (condo) in Phuket are, but not very much in comparison with houses. Budget apartments are located mainly in Phuket Town, near him and in the Kathu area. Closer to the beach prices are higher.

Apartment prices are comparable to the cost of renting a house. But- Budget simple houses are much more than apartments. And I’m not sure that budget homes will suit many, they are very much to the amateur (villas are not take into account). The price for a very simple studio, such as hotel rooms, about 7-10 thousand baht per month. One bedroom apartment (one bedroom) costs from 15 thousand baht per month and will be located far from the beach.

If you need an apartment in the beach area, you should count somewhere in the 20-30 thousand baht and above. On average, apartment season costs 35 thousand baht. Last time I lived in Phuket in Bang Tao area “Zcape2 Condo” for 20 thousand baht per month.

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I also wrote about renting a house here – Rent a house in Phuket – tips. And about renting apartments here – Rent apartments in Thailand – tips.

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Overview of budget apartments

All cheap apartments that I managed to get around once to write of this post are in Phuket Town, and a couple of them along the way to the south of Phuket (Chalong Bay). Someday you will need to write and about non-budget apartments.

General Map

Patra mansion

Price: 4800 baht with a fan, 6800 baht with air conditioning. Water 20 baht / unit, electricity 5 baht / unit. Deposit 6000 baht Internet: 400 baht, wifi, 3 Mbps, divisible at all (the apartment is large). Terribly braking, I could not go in your mail. Residents said that when it works, but more often So. Household appliances: TV, refrigerator, air conditioning (if over 6800), water heater. Furniture and Setting: There is enough furniture, although it is too old and battered. In general, the atmosphere makes a pleasant impression. there is bath and balcony. The room is spacious. Description: Located in the center of Phuket Town, but around is quite quiet. Outside it looks very decent. Outside there is a large swimming pool. AT the lobby costs two computers with the Internet. Despite the fact that the site written about the minimum rental period of 3 months, we do not talked about. Rooms with a fan are occupied for six months ahead. there is parking. Contact and location: 116/23 Soi Noppakoon, Patipath Road, Muang, Phuket Thailand 83000 e-mail: [email protected], tel: 66 (76) 258103-7

Patra Mansion Patra Mansion

Patra Mansion

Sodsri Apartment

Cost: 5000 baht per month. Internet: no. Appliances: TV, refrigerator, air conditioning. Furniture and Setting: Small room, compact, but at the same time very nice The furniture is simple but not old. Its enough. There is a table and two chairs. A small balcony overlooking the mountain, if the other side, it is sunny and overlooks the city. Description: One of the most attractive condos, if not for the Internet. Half of the building has a view of the picturesque mountain. Quiet and calmly English is not spoken. Reception open from 8.00 to 17.00 Contacts and location: tel (076) 235-250-1, 084-845-2264, 081-271-0746 24/66 Soi Thepnarong, Maeluan Rd, A.Muang Phuket 83000

Sodsri Apartment Sodsri Apartment

Sodsri Apartment

Sodsri Apartment Sodsri Apartment

Sodsri Apartment

Ekkamon Mansion

Price: 4500 baht with a fan, 6500 baht with air conditioning, if removed for 2-3 months, then take off a little. A deposit of 10,000 baht. 600 baht per day. Internet: wifi 400 baht, 5mbit, divided into the whole house (36 apartments). Household Equipment: TV, refrigerator, air conditioner (if for 6500), water heater. Furniture and furnishings: The room is small, 25 sq.m. Everything is quite simple. Work places almost two (table and two chairs). Everything is not very new. Description: Located 5-10 minutes walk from bus station. Despite the center, the jay is quiet and noise is practically not. There is a parking lot, entrance to the building by code. Contacts and Location: 47 Phang Nga Road Soi 2, T. Taladyai, Muang District, Phuket 83000 Thailand E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +6676 230074

Khao Rang View Mansion

Cost: 6000 baht. The Internet: wifi, adsl. According to reviews, the quality is normal. Household Equipment: TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater. Furniture and furnishings: Rooms small, furniture is not very much. Description: Yes parking, laundry, cafe. If the windows overlook the street, it can be noise. In general, makes a pleasant impression. Near 7/11. Detailed overview of the apartments. Contacts and Location: 39 / 1.6 Maeluan Road, Aumphur Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand Email: [email protected], +66 (0) 89 727 5540, +66 (0) 76 356 077-80 Ext 0


Cost: ground floor 9700/9200/8700 baht for 1/2/3 months, other floors 8200/7200/6700 baht for 1/2/3 months. Twice a month cleaning included. Water 200 baht, electricity 8 baht / unit Internet: wifi, did not check. Household appliances: TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, water heater. Furniture and furnishings: Modern angular furniture, beautiful, but not practical. Normal there is no workplace. Everything is quite new. The rooms are small. Description: From the roadway, blocked by houses, so quiet enough. What distinguishes the first floor from the rest not I know, we were shown a room only on other floors Contact & Location: 46/14 Maeluan Rd., Taladnuer Phuket District. Tel 076-223099, mob 089-195-0195

P.K.Residense P.K.Residense


P.K.Residense P.K.Residense


Thai apartments

Cost: depends on the owner. Internet: 3mbit wifi, common to all, and apartments there lots of. Perhaps you can connect your own channel. Description: Large building, visible from afar. Inside apartments did not go. The apartment is for sale and rent. Contacts and location: indicated on the map.

Chalong apartment

Cost: from 10,500 baht for 1 month, if removed for a longer period then cheaper. Description: There on in fact, two buildings located close to each other, but not beside. And in one of these buildings is slightly cheaper than in the other. Inside They were not, because at 18 o’clock at the reception there was already no one. By they only talked on the phone – and the stories are fine, but photos are generally gorgeous. The rooms are large and all with kitchen. with corners. There is a small pool on the roof and there and there. Buildings both new ones. Contacts and location: Chaofa West Suites: 46/44 Moo 10, Soi Yodsane 1, Chalong, Phuket 83130 Phompassorn Apartment & Spa Pool: 38/13 Moo 10, Soi Yodsane 1, Chalong, Phuket 83130 Tel 086 2826221

Chalong apartment Chalong apartment

Chalong apartment

The best mansion

Cost: 12,000 baht per month. Water and cleaning included Electricity 5 baht / unit. Internet: LAN, is free. Home appliances: TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, fan. Furniture and furnishings: Furniture a bit, and she shabby. There is no workplace. There is a kitchen nook, partially in the open air, there are no tiles initially, but they promised to give them. Description: This is not exactly an apartment, rather single-storey houses located under the same roof and located around the pool. Looks nice, but very closely. Contact & Location: 12/42 Soi Boonnada, Moo 2 Tambon, Chalong Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel 076-282-628-9

The best mansion The Best Mansion

The Best Mansion

The Best Mansion The Best Mansion

The Best Mansion

Here is a link to condominiums: – about 25 apartments collected on the site

P.S. If you lived in a condo in Phuket and described it, then throw a reference in the comment, it can help others also.

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