Nai Yang Beach – the most calm and authentic beach Phuket

Beach Nai Yang Beach at Phuketena is quite close to the island’s air harbor, about a kilometer away. Near It is home to the Mai Kao (north) and Knighton beaches. Exact bound the beach is neither administrative nor natural. Just a strip of sand about 2 km long, which is called Nai Yang Beach. Despite its proximity to Phuket Airport, this place is one of the most calm and authentic on the island and least affected civilization. In addition to excellent ecology, there is nothing more – no night clubs, no large supermarkets, no noisy markets and even bars with available girls. Got on It is surrounded by tropical greenery, under the feet of soft warm sand, and ahead – the endless Andaman Sea with clear azure waters. Life on the beach completely stops immediately after sunset, almost the entire coast sinks into darkness, dissipated only where a dozen is located отелей.

North side of the beach

North side of New Yang Beach Phuket Tourists Visit quite rare. This place is chosen by the natives and is revered by them. as a family vacation spot. Baby bathing is very conducive very gentle entrance to the sea – a few tens of meters all by knee. In the evening and on weekends, they spend the whole family relaxing there. clans. The strip of sand is not wide – no more than ten meters. Immediately after it begins lawn-green grass and a small tropical forest, where you can find the desired shadow. Sun beds and umbrellas in this part Beach missing completely.

The northern part of the beach Nai Yang Beach in Phuket

There are hotels in this part of the beach, but they are behind the road, before which is about a hundred meters from the coast. They are all so-called bungalow type. Happy beach visitors serves a few peddlers offering with stew chicken with rice and fruit.

The northern part of the beach Nai Yang Beach in Phuket

Immediately after sunset, it becomes completely dark, no street lighting does not exist here. If you want to go for a walk at night, then without fail take a flashlight. And mainly for scaring snakes that go hunting at night. With the same purpose throw off good manners and scrape your feet as loud as you can.

The northern part of the beach Nai Yang Beach in Phuket

Beach Center

In the center Nai Young Beach is well established. Exactly Most of the hotels are built here, there are several small shops, restaurants, bars and tour desk. Well traditional massage parlors, of course. By the way, there you will find and taxi stand, from where you can go not only to the airport, but also to any part of the island, including the best beaches of Phuket.

The central part of the beach Nai Young Beach in Phuket

It also offers guided tours (read more about marine excursions Phuket) on the main attractions of the island – to Waterfalls Ban Pe, Wat Chalonga or Big Buddha. And also to the Night Phuket market. If you agree with the bombilam, then you can go outside the island – in Krabi Town, to the ferry to the islands of Khao Lak or lanta. But it will be more expensive than from the island’s main bus station, from where minivans are sent along the indicated routes. For example, before Lanta The Officials will deliver you for about 250 baht, and before Krabi – for 150

The central part of the beach Nai Young Beach in Phuket

The center of the beach is not much different from other tourist places on Phuket coast. The road passes from him only fifty meters away Sun loungers are provided (free), which here stand in four rows. There are offers of water entertainment, among which I would like to particularly note the rental of boat-kayaks. This you you will not find even in Patong, where everything seems to be appeased whims of tourists.

The central part of the beach Nai Young Beach in Phuket

There are not too many idle people in this part of the beach even in high season, and with the onset of calendar summer and rain almost deserted. Coastal highway all day almost empty, passing motorbikes occasionally. At night this part the beach is also almost deserted.

South side of the beach

Phuket’s Nai Yang Beach is really sparsely inhabited. part of the coast, which is especially noticeable in its southern part. Before the place is still not paved asphalt. Access road – normal crushed stone primer, as in our province. Externally, the southern part indistinguishable from the north, only Thais do not attend it. All day there is no one there at all, you can feel like a Robinson and Friday.

South Beach Nai Yang Beach Phuket

At the same time the landscape is really beautiful – a lot of tropical trees and some nameless stream that flows into the sea. Although the place it is slowly being mastered. On the other side of the river, about two hundred meters from her, built hotel Imperial Adamas Beach. But there are holidaymakers still very little. So if you rented a bike on Phuket and you are looking for solitude, Nai Yang’s tagging is the best choice!

South Beach Nai Yang Beach Phuket

Things to do

What is Nai Yang Beach? In itself place New Yang on Phuket is pretty boring and not creative. Therefore, if you want to have access to a set of interesting places (and not too far from them), you better have transport. At least a bike in the lease. Then you will be available most of the island’s natural attractions, of which especially worth mentioning Bangpe – the largest waterfall on it (read more about the most beautiful waterfalls in Phuket). And couple of interesting temple complexes – Wat Phra Nang Sang and Wat Prathong. And, of course, the Splash Jungle water park, located next to By the airport, on Mai Kao beach.

Shopaholics will be able to satisfy their passion on Surin Beach, until which take 20 minutes by taxi. There is the greatest concentration large stores of different directions. Hold there until the evening and you can go to nightclubs. The largest mall Phuket Center Festival – located in Phuket Town, go to which is just under an hour.

Nai Yang Beach Beach in Phuket

Right on the spot you can go to the school of kiting or surfing. On the beach canoes are available for rent. On the north side there is the opportunity to visit the coral reef, you will need a mask with snorkel and flippers. Lovers of care, we advise you to go to Thai massage or in the spa. The Slate Hotel offers a full program. lovers of healthy lifestyles: yoga, aqua aerobics, tennis. There is even the Thai boxing and karate sections. Well, the most active can walk or cycle around the area.

Nai Yang Beach Beach in Phuket

Three days a week – Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday – between the temple Mongra Vararan and Dewa Phuket hotel operates a spontaneous market. It opens in the afternoon and runs until sunset. There Fruits, souvenirs and every little thing are offered. Satisfy hunger Physical can be in macarons, where rice and chicken are the most common dish.


Hotels on Nai Yang Beach are mainly in the middle part of it. Among the ten offers I would like to Note: The Slate, Nai Yang Beach Resort, Dewa Phuket. Are located they are on the opposite side of the coastal highway from the water’s edge, which most of the day is deserted. The guests two beach mattress and an umbrella are offered free of charge, and guests – for 200 baht in day.Choose the most suitable hotel on sites or And the best ones you can see in selection below.

This stretch of Phuket coast during the rainy season is the least dangerous. There are no high waves and breaking currents. All because it covered from the elements by a coral reef from him on half a kilometer away. The gentlest entrance to the water in the north is south depth is more. There are places where during low tide lay bare the stones. Such a site, for example, is near the Hotel Imperial Adamas Beach Resort.

How to get there

So, how to get to Nai Yang Beach? From airport Phuket is the only way – by taxi, neither buses nor minivans in that direction do not go. The average cost of a trip is 300 baht.

From the island capital in the direction of Nai Yang buses run (flight to airport). Departure from the old bus station, fare about 100 baht. Exit at the Nai Yang pointer, and then catch knock Knock. Prepare to wait, they rarely go. Best transfer option – stop at the Tesco Lotus Market in the village Thalang, which is located halfway between Nai Yang and the Monument Heroines. Next to it is the parking of the Songteo.

If you are coming from the south on your own, choose Thep Krasattri, with which it is necessary to turn on the 14th kilometer in the direction Highway 4026. It will bring you to the goal.

Nai Yang Beach on Phuket Map

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Nai Yang Beach

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