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Nai Harn Beach – this is one of the best beaches in Phuket, is located he is on the southwest coast of the island. Ao’s beaches are adjacent to it. Sein and Yanuy. The English term “longstey”, which in the last time is increasingly being used by Russian tourists and meaning long stay in a beautiful, serene and relatively inexpensive places to fully describe it. Indeed it charming place surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. In addition, it is the only beach on the island, along which not passes the highway. Having settled there, you can forget about the majority will take man-made civilization. None smoked by the exhaust gases of self-contained strollers near him not!

General characteristics of the beach

Nai Harn beach is a strip of sand about seven hundred in length. meters and a width of just over fifty. Most of it all day free, sun beds are quite compact, only near hotels. It occupies the entire northeastern coast rather extensive. the coves, and the north and east are wooded hills. Sign in from the south-west it is covered by a large wooded island. In general, the view from Hotel windows may well inspire some filmmaker. On south, a strip of sand is interrupted by a wide channel from the lake, around which is broken park. They love spending their weekend there. aborigines.

Beach Nai Harn Beach in Phuket

The Nai Harn district in Phuketera has a fairly well developed tourist infrastructure. There are several restaurants and cafes, bars, places where you can exchange currency and immediately spend it in souvenir shops. For lovers of active recreation there is sports grounds. But motor boats and jet skis, violating the idyll of the waves and the rumble of motors in the waters of the bay is not so much.

Beach Nai Harn Beach in Phuket

If you prefer active and noisy parties, toplja Nai Harn Beach in Phuket can disappoint you. But for lovers spend their days and evenings in a serene rest on the veranda restaurant or bar is not a better place to find.

Depths and waves entering the water

The place is great for families with children in Phuket (except for the low season due to frequent waves). The depth increases very smoothly, and with the beginning of the high season in the bay Nai Harn calm prevails. Therefore, the water is clear and has azure shade. The sand is light beige, fine. Walking on it is nice. WITH the beginning of summer and late autumn, the picture changes to within on the contrary: the bay resembles a boiling cauldron, and the bottom relief contributes the occurrence of reverse currents. All low season the coast is covered red flags and lined with warning signs.

Beach Nai Harn Beach in Phuket


Entertainment at Nai Harn Bicheste, but their choice is small. You can offer a standard set of water sports work Thai massage salons and shops. Shopaholic goods are not particularly inspire. Most of the range consists of what can useful for relaxing on the beach – swimming trunks, swimsuits, slippers and Sunglasses. There are also souvenirs. If you really absolutely sadly, you can go to one of the two racks of travel agencies and book a tour of Phuket, as well as in Krabi or Phi Phi.

Beach Nai Harn Beach in Phuket

Somewhat greater traffic and the ability to shop offers located in a kilometer from the coast of the village of Nai Harn. Especially this outing may appeal to gourmets: restaurants on Nai Harn Beach is their authentic Thai the kitchen. True, here you will not find hypermarkets or shopping and entertainment centers.


The sights on the Nai Harn Beach are absent. Conditionally they can be considered a lake near the coast and broken around it has a park with a small Buddhist temple in traditional Thai style.

Nai Harn Beach Phuket Beach

On the north shore of the bay attracts the attention of tourists wind generator – the only one in Phuket. Next to it is the observation deck “Windmill”, which can be reached on foot, climbing the side of a hill. The journey will take no more than half an hour. Bonus will be the view of the bay. On the ground there is a gazebo, where you can relax in the shade. Two more viewing platforms are on south coast. One closer to the beach, the other at Cape Promteph (Phromthep Cape). There is a coastal highway. There is a tiny one between them beach.

Nai Harn Beach Phuket Beach

Three kilometers east of the beach, near the village of Rawai, there is center of folk tourism. This settlement is the so-called marine Roma. There is a fish market, you can buy unique souvenirs.

Best hotels near Nai Harn Beach Phuket

Nai Harn Beach hotels are not cheap. They are on the north the shore of the bay. Closest to the shore are the All Seasons and The Royal Phuket Yacht Club. But if the first has immediate access to the beach, the second is located above the coastal cliff, hillside. Sunsuri Phuket is located a little further from the coast. having the largest pool. If you are interested budget accommodation, then immediately after the pond begins the village of Nai Harn (there from the sea to go about 15 minutes). There you can find cheap Guesthouse. And the distance from the beach will compensate for a considerable amount bars and restaurants, shops and massage parlors. Locality this is quiet, dominated by one- and two-story buildings, there are few cars and there is no crowding on the streets.

Nai Harn Beach Phuket Beach

Tip! Search and book the most You can choose a hotel suitable for you on the sites of or These are two large aggregators that collaborate with many booking systems (Booking, Agoda, Ostrovok, etc.) and directly with the hotel owners.


How to get to Nai Harn Beach

To get to the beach Nai Harn Beach is possible by several in ways. We will cover only three main points of departure – this Phuket Town, airport and other beaches.

From the island capital – Phuket Town

The beach is located twenty kilometers southwest of Phuket. Town Municipalities are organized between the village and the metropolis. bus routes. The bus station is on Ranong Street. The car stops under each palm tree, picking up passing passengers. Therefore, such a short trip can take hours one and a half. Take you to the coast.

If you have previously rented a bike in Phuket or car, then follow the road Chao Fan Tawan Tok (far from coast) or Chao Fan Tawan Aok (it is shorter) to the village of Chalong. Next you need to follow the road signs. Must go first along Wiset Street, and then turn onto Sai Yuan and move in general direction to the southwest, ensuring that the lake was on the left. You arrive to the hotel Sunsuri Phuket, from it to the sea about kilometers

From Phuket Airport

Taxi or transfer to Nai Harn Beach is the best way delivery from Phuket airport, because the way is not long, about fifty kilometers The trip will cost 900 baht, so it’s best to find yourself travel companions and share the cost at all. Drivers of minivans, who travel to Kata Beach, usually refuse such flights. But your personal charm and a few dozen baht on top can solve question. Just do not overpay, because from Kata to Nai Harn to go all about fifteen minutes.

Try to book a transfer to the beach through the website. The essence of this service is such that after committing order, at the appointed time the driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign in your hand on which your name will be written in large letters. Its main advantages are help with luggage, comfort, speed, safety, provision of a child seat. Minus – expensive for one person.

From other beaches – Kata, Patong, Karon …

Municipal transport between the beaches does not run. therefore look for it yourself. You can find a taxi, songteo. Coastal the highway will lead you to the desired point. From the village of Kata in the right for you direction is Kata Sai Yuan Road.

Nai Harn Beach on Phuket Map

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Nai Harn Beach

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