My home in Phuket near Nai Beach Harn

Well, the dream has come true! One more – I am their one by one I implement. At first I wanted to travel often – ready, then overwinter in warm countries – done. Now, here, I live in the house dreams 10 minutes from the sea.

Honestly, I was not sure at first that I wanted to go to Phuket and live in the house. Because costs immediately increase as housing and food. However, as soon as I brought things in rented house, laid them out on the shelves and sat down to rest, I I realized – there it is, what I always wanted. And to hell with them, I can not afford a couple of months to live as I dreamed.

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The house is not an apartment

You have only 2 options, how to rent a house / apartment in Thailand: through a realtor or independently on the spot. Last thing very much to the amateur. Believe, combing the streets for several days in a row in 30-degree heat, not for everyone, you can rest are driving.

I recommend to book accommodation in advance through a realtor. You avoid unnecessary trouble in an unfamiliar country. Than before refer, the better option will get. Send me a request, I have her I will send to a proven person whom I trust myself. And then in The last time scam has become a lot.

Make an application →

I can not say exactly why, but live in an apartment and live in the house – two big differences. There are, of course, obvious things Why is it better to rent a house, not an apartment, for example: – more the area, and as a rule, more furniture – clean air and silence, if the house is not in the city – there are no neighbors behind the wall – you can work / rest / drink tea not only in the house, but also next to it – you can hold your own internet

But it’s not for that that day that euphoria is overwhelming me, and I want to run around the house, jump and laugh silly :) Probably the main reason that you feel at home in the house, the apartment more like a hotel room — It may well be that it’s your the green space around creates such an impression. Outside the window I I see now not a city, but green trees and flowers, I have wide open all the windows and the door are open and the wind brings pleasant aromas, and after taking a few steps, I find myself on a terrace surrounded by palm trees

Here I got the feeling that at the moment I have all i ever wanted. I, of course, have long felt, that Thailand is a place where you can live very comfortably and without plow like abnormal at work and stand idle in traffic jams for hours on the way to her. But it was in the house that awareness formed fully and now I can say – to me more in material terms do not need anything.

Straight ode turned out for renting a house in Phuket. Okay I will not agitate anyone, but just tell you what I took off.

Hotel for a short period (while looking for a house) is best Book through RoomGuru, it shows all the discounts on hotels in different booking systems. And also I have personally compiled review of the best hotels in Phuket.

Discounts for Phuket hotels →

My home in Phuket

I found the house in just two days of sluggish searches, looking at the whole about 8 options. I thought it would be harder and more expensive when read the blogs of other travelers. The first 7 houses I found riding on the bike, the 8th, which was rented, through an ad in the electronic the newspaper. So do not neglect this option.

As a result, for 9,500 baht / month I rented a house in Phuket not far from Rawai beach, and I will live in it for two beautiful months. Water electricity is free (as a result, I paid 370 baht for month). I have Internet access – free wifi 10 megabit both ways, which is very cool for Thailand. True, with stability he has so everything is bad, as in the whole country. I also rented from the owner bike with a box machine for 3000 baht / month, although they usually surrender for 3500 baht (how to rent a scooter in Thailand).

Phuket House - Entrance Phuket House - Entrance

Phuket House – Entrance

View from glass doors View from glass doors

View from glass doors

Living room Living room

Living room

Toilet and shower standard Toilet and shower standard

Toilet and shower standard

Sleeping is also ordinary Sleeping is also ordinary

Sleeping is also normal

Since now I have a stove, I try to cook Thai food by myself. Pad Tai, though outwardly turned out to be unlike, but but no less tasty than the original in Thai cafes.

The first cooked dish - Pad Thai The first cooked dish - Pad Thai

First cooked dish – Pad Thai

And I was very lucky. Not far from me lives a master of yoga, who came to Phuket to conduct classes. And now every morning at 6 am I sit in all sorts of asanas to the sound of the surf or rustle pine forest.

Morning Yoga Morning Yoga

Morning yoga

Area around

We have 6 houses with a common protected area surrounded by common fence. I was just looking for this, so calmer. House practically immersed in greenery, I live here, as in the forest. And in the appendage I got a pool. So it’s great that between work, you can swim a little. Especially in the rain, or even more correctly to say in the downpour, which is already the second day, and because of which I left without internet for a while.

Common Pool Common Pool

Common pool

Around full of living creatures Around full of living creatures

Around full of living creatures

About animals, by the way, wrote a separate article – dangerous insects of Thailand to have less questions. And yes, everything usually ask about the proximity to the sea. I answer, even though I did not have this criterion when looking for a house in Phuket, but it turned out that beach, where you can swim, about 10 minutes on a bike, to another, where it is impossible – 5 minutes.

Rawai Beach Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach

Nai Harn Beach Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach

Some beach near Nai Harn Some beach near Nai Harn

Some beach near Nai Harn

Phuket Island Phuket Island

Phuket Island

Crabs here Nemer

And I also have a crematorium nearby! And the smoke of the burnt bodies at night envelops the whole area (Homeric laughter behind the scenes) – Scary? Kidding in fact, it looks very cute, like an ordinary temple, only a pipe sticks out and the monks sing periodically. I would not say, attention is not even would pay.

Crematorium on Phuket Crematorium on Phuket

Crematorium in Phuket

Life hacking 1 – how to buy a good insurance

Choosing insurance is now unrealistically difficult, therefore, to help everyone travelers, I make a rating. To do this, constantly monitor forums, I study insurance contracts and use insurance by myself.

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Life hacking 2 – how to find a hotel 20% cheaper

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