Kuala Lumpur Airport and how to get to cities

Kuala Lumpur International Airport consists of two terminals: KLIA and KLIA 2. They are located near, two kilometers from each a friend. Flights of all low-cost airlines depart and arrive at the new terminal KLIA 2 (terminal LCCT, which previously served the budget airlines, passenger traffic is no longer engaged). AT KLIA 2 flies Asia’s most famous low-cost airline, AirAsia, and Other low cost airlines: Malindo Airways, Lion Air, Tiger Airways and Cebu Pacific Airways. Now KLIA2 is the largest in world low-cost terminal and a large hub, modern and comfortable.

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    • 2.4 Transfer to order online
    • 2.5 Road to the city

Kuala Lumpur Airport

Terminals KLIA and KLIA2 are connected by railway, which runs the train KLIA Express and KLIA Transit. Get out one terminal to another is possible in 3-5 minutes and 2 ringit.

Arrival and departure from KL Airport

If you arrive by a regular international flight, most likely it will be the KLIA terminal, which has a main building and a satellite terminal A, to which the aircraft dock; connected these two train facilities – Aerotrain. KLIA main terminal building consists of five levels. Arrival Hall – Level Three, Hall departure – on the fifth.

Low cost airlines arrive at KLIA 2 terminal. Third the terminal level is the Departure Hall, the second level is the Hall arrival (Arrival) and railway express trains, the first level – bus Station and ordering official taxis.

How to get from Kuala Lumpur airport to the city

A train

On the KLIA Express and KLIA Transit trains from both terminals get to the city center, station KL Sentral. Railway line starts in KLIA 2, goes to KLIA and on to the city.

In KLIA 2, trains depart from Level 2 (Level 2). KLIA train Express leaves every 15-20 minutes, non-stop coming from airport terminals to KL Sentral, 33 minutes (3 minutes) between terminals). There are trains from 5 am to 1 am.

The KLIA transit train departs every 20-30 minutes. First train from KLIA 2 at 6 am, the last at 1 am, on the way about 40 minutes, goes to the station KL Sentral. Along the way, makes three stops: Bandar Tasik Selatan, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya and Salak Tinggi.

Train timetables, ticket prices and other information can be look at the official website of the terminal KLIA 2.

The trains are quite expensive, more expensive than the bus – 55 ringit. But trains go faster.


In Kuala Lumpur (and other destinations) from KLIA and KLIA 2 you can get on the bus.

From the second terminal, buses leave every 15 minutes from first level (Level 1). It is a ticket from 10 ringit. Buses go to city to stations KL Sentral and Puduraya. You can leave not only center of Kuala Lumpur, but also in other cities of Malaysia: Malacca, Johor Baru, Ipoh and others.

Star Shuttle – goes to Padu Sentral station via both terminals airport. On the way about an hour. The ticket costs 9 ringit;

SkyBus – goes to KL Sentral. On the way about 50 minutes. Ticket costs 8 ringit. If you fly AirAsia and buy a ticket from them on site, you can immediately order a bus ticket, then it will be cost 7 ringit. The bus will just have to show e-ticket with reservation number.

Aerobus also goes to KL Sentral, 50 minutes on the road, costs 8 ringit.

Full up-to-date information on buses can be viewed at official site of KLIA terminal 2.

Skybus at KL SentralSkybus at KL Sentral

It looked like Skybus

Aerobus at KL SentralAerobus at KL Sentral

It looks like Aerobus

Taxi at the airport

If you arrive at night or need to quickly and comfortably get to city, you can take a taxi. Uber is working in Kuala Lumpur. Can also take the official taxi – Airport Limo taxi. Cost of travel is fixed, the order must be done on racks, pay there same

Transfer to order online

Anyone who wants a minimum of gestures, can advance through Internet order transfer to Kiwitaxi. You will be met in the arrival hall, take the luggage, put him in the car and take him to the right place. Way good because there are no problems at all, but it’s worth the same as ordinary taxi. Recommend!

Transfer from the airport →

Road to town

The road is very picturesque and picturesque – you go, you stare at parties, rest from the flight. Palms grow everywhere and are built cottage villages. Although sometimes hovels are found, apparently since a time when Malaysia was not such a developed country.

Views from the window to Malaysia on the way to Kuala LumpurViews from the window to Malaysia on the way to Kuala Lumpur

Views from the window to Malaysia on the way to Kuala Lumpur

Views from the window to Malaysia on the way to Kuala LumpurViews from the window to Malaysia on the way to Kuala Lumpur

Views from the window to Malaysia on the way to Kuala Lumpur

Skybus insideSkybus inside

Skybus inside

We are approaching KL SentralWe are approaching KL Sentral

We drive to the KL Sentral

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